Shopee scan QR code? Regional eCommerce giant Shopee is expanding its ShopeePay service to offline stores nationwide, the initial list of which include offline retail stores and essential outlets.

The now number-one online shopping destination within the Philippines and geographic region has announced that it’ll offer its store-exclusive ShopeePay service so its users may also use the money wallet service for offline payments in groceries, gadgets, clothes and even gasoline.

How Do I Use the Shopee Scan QR Code?

Shopee QR code Philippines? Shopee is an internet marketplace that connects sellers with switch buyers who can buy products in several categories, including electronics or fashion.

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Shopee makes money via marketplace commissions, transaction fees, CPC advertising on its platform, fulfillment services, payment fees, in addition as commission paid by restaurants. Shopee operates on a marketplace business model.

If you’re a shopper or the sort of person who just hates to depart home, or simply simply the final word online shopper, here are four features from Shopee that’ll cause you to enjoy more of your online shopping experience.

Shopee provides consumers a simple, secure, fast, and enjoyable online shopping experience that’s enjoyed by tens of numerous consumers daily. It offers a good product assortment, supported by integrated payments and seamless fulfillment.

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Shopee commits to helping brands and sellers reach e-commerce, and is extremely tailored for every market within which it operates.

You can use the QR/Barcode scanner in Shopee App to log in to your Shopee account on your computer by scanning the QR code on the Shopee Website or get hold of an item by scanning a ShopeePay Merchant’s QR code generator.

To do so, simply select the QR or Barcode scanner on the Shopee App homepage or select Scan in your ShopeePay wallet.

How Do I Log In to My Shopee Account?

How to use ShopeePay? You may log in to your registered Shopee account through 4 different ways:

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Using Phone Number or Email Address or Shopee Username with Account Password 

Go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Login > Enter Phone, Email Address, or Shopee Username and Password > Login.

Using SMS

Go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Login > Log In with SMS > Enter number > Enter captcha Code > Enter Verification Code sent to your registered number > Next.

Using Facebook, Google or Apple Account

Simply select the third-party account you want to log in with and follow the instructions for verification.

Using QR Code on Shopee Website (Scan with Your Shopee App)

You may log in to your account via Shopee Website using the three ways above, likewise as by scanning the QR code on the Login page. To do so, select Login on Shopee Website > Login with QR > Scan QR code with Shopee App.

To scan the QR code with Shopee App, select the Scan QR Code function > Scan QR code > Confirm Login.

How Do I Scan to Pay in Store?

How to put money in ShopeePay? Scan to Pay with ShopeePay may be a feature where you’ll use ShopeePay to procure your purchases at available ShopeePay partner merchant stores. Betting on the payment method available at the ShopeePay partner merchant store, you have got two ways to pay:

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Scan the ShopeePay merchant’s QR code with the Shopee App homepage QR code scanner, Scan on ShopeePay page and Another digital wallet app’s QR code scanner. After you’ve scanned the QR code, enter the payment amount and outline (optional) > Next > Pay Now > Enter ShopeePay PIN > OK.

Get ShopeePay Merchants to scan your QR code from Pay on the ShopeePay page

On the ShopeePay page, select Pay > Enter ShopeePay PIN > show QR code to the ShopeePay merchant. You’ll receive a notification in your Wallet Updates folder once payment is successful.

Using other digital wallet apps to scan ShopeePay merchant scan QR codes is currently not supported.

If your ShopeePay balance is insufficient for the payment, you will be prompted to Top Up your balance. Alternatively, you’ll ask the ShopeePay merchant if they will accept partial payments made manually between ShopeePay and another payment method.

Please note that using other payment methods isn’t allowed if there’s an applied discount or cashback voucher on the transaction. If your ShopeePay balance gets deducted over once during payment within the partner merchant store, you must request a refund from the merchant. Contact Shopee Customer Service if the merchant is unable to try and do so.

What Are QR Payments?

How to make QR code free? QR Payments may be a new payment channel in ShopeePay where users pay by scanning the fast Response (QR) code of the merchants or stores.

Shopee hopes it expands to more outlets this 2021 by bolstering its efforts to expand more outlets for ShopeePay service offline, likewise as offering more options for its customers like its newest microloan service ShopeePay Later a credit service that permits customers to buy anything through a predetermined credit line.

There are 3 ways to share your Shop QR Code. Start by visiting your profile page on the app, then scroll down and choose “My QR Code.” From here you’ll be able to share by doing any of the following:

  • Let others scan your code directly on the app.
  • Tap “Share” at the underside of the page to share it through FB, Twitter, Messages and/or Copy Link.
  • Click “Save to Phone” and share your Shop QR code by accessing your album and sharing as you would like.


Shopee voucher code 2021, commonly called promotion codes, are a string of letters and numbers that you simply can use to induce a reduction on various Shopee promotions transactions. As each voucher code is linked to a voucher, you won’t have to remember the voucher code if you’re claiming the voucher within the Shopee platform.

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