Have you marked the date for the Shopee sale schedule? Set up the reminder on your phone, Shopee has lots of awesome deals that we know you couldn’t resist. There will not only be a bunch of discount vouchers, but also the mind blowing ₱1 deals, and of course everyone’s favourite of all times; the famous free shipping without minimum spend.

So, what exactly is the limited offer that we have prepared for you at the Shopee sale schedule 2022? Here, take out your notes and jot it down.

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Payday Sale on January 30

What could’ve been the best way of healing if not giving yourself a little treat as reward for your hardworking self for the whole month? You really couldn’t miss out on the last payday celebration by the end of the month.

By the end of the month,  January 30 to be precise, Shopee sale schedule didn’t only offers you the limited time discounts but there will also be free shipping without any minimum spend needed, such a perfect combo to end the hectic month, isn’t it?

₱1 Flash Deals

Late for the payday deal? Worry not because Shopee will never let any of our loyal customers feel left out. Good news is, you only have to get your Shopee Wallet loaded with enough Peso, because there will be so many surprising flash deals with a budget as low as ₱1 that might seem unbelievable but are actually being offered to the most special you!

But since the deal will be very limited, make sure to set your Shopee calendar 2022 ready on reminders so you wouldn’t miss it out! Come and check out the “Deals Near Me” section on your Shopee apps and get ready to be surprised by how many good items you can get just by spending ₱1!

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Payday TV Special

Still can’t move on from Shopee’s TV special giveaways? Tune in to All Out Sundays by 1PM for the fun and always winning Shopee Shake segments during January 30! Or, if you want to catch an earlier chance to win a big prize, set yourself ready for It’s Showtime that will be up during January 28!

Need more? Well well, Shopee has it in store for you! Shopee TV special giveaways has been setted up to run from January 31 to February 2. As you watch the noontime TV show such as Wowowin, Sing Galing, or It’s Showtime, you will also get the chance to be the lucky one and take home the awesome prize we have prepared.

Just stay tuned until the end of the segments while playing Shopee Shake Together along with your most favourite TV hosts. You can also check out more of the amazing prize as long as you tune in to Shopee Live!

10% Off Vouchers

It wouldn’t be Shopee if we don’t spoil our best customer with lots of amazing promos. Fast claim the limited 10% off voucher that goes alongside with the big payday sale. You could still shop a lot of your wishlist while keeping your savings account on check.

Save as much as ₱1 1,000 as you apply this voucher before checking out on any of your sweetheart Shopee Mall shops. You can also get an additional 10% off voucher which can be used on non-Shopee Mall purchases, but for this one, make sure to set your reminder and come as early as you could to claim before they’re running out of pieces. On a friendly note, his offer lasts everyday up until February 2nd.

Discount Code Hunt From Partner Banks

Need a little bit more push that will get your Shopee haul on Shopee’s next big sale to the max level? We hear your wish! There will be huge online discount codes rolled out for you if you’re paying out with our partner banks.

Enrol either your credit cards or bank account on Shopee and shop as early as January 30. Worry not about big hauling, because the much you spend, the more you can save!

Category Fair

Already get your wishlist ready and are thinking about “when is the next Shopee sale” gonna take place? You don’t have to go for all the long wait! Check out Shopee special “Category Fairs” on our sale countdown. There will be lots of great deals awaiting for you and will be refreshed from January 31 to February 2.

Check out the countdown sale schedule in Shopee as it guide you to Shopee’s next sale days so you could plan your purchase ahead of time and get the fund ready for your hauls.

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Shopee Prize

Let’s ditch the annecdot of “work hard, play harder” and switch it with “play hard, shop harder”. With Shopee, all you can have is win and always win for all day, each day! While experiencing the fun by playing Shopee Claw and Shopee Farm, we ensure you are going to get free coins as well as the chance to win an even bigger prize.

Is that all? Of course it wasn’t! We have said it before “play hard, shop harder”, and get the chance to win bigger and bigger prizes following the hardship level of the game. If Shopee Claw and Shopee Farm couldn’t satisfy you enough, worry not, because you can still try Shopee Bubble and Shopee Candy.

You will get not only free coins but also many exciting freebies every time you accomplish some levels! If you need guidance, be it tips, tricks, or even hacks to escalate your chance of winning a million worthy prizes, you can always ask for our help.

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Happy Shopping, Happy Saving with Shopee

Throughout Shopee sale schedule 2021 Philippines, we have always made sure to give each and every one of you a delightful shopping experience by giving out lot and lots of promotions, sales, discounts, bonuses —you name it.

However, we’re not stopping in 2021 because our sale schedule will keep you company for the rest of this year too. Make sure you have your reminders set on for our Shopee sale schedule May, on every double date events, and also, don’t forget to mark the 10.10 as Brand Day Shopee sale schedule October 2022 to get juicy offers for any branded things you’ve been dreaming to get your hands on!

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