Everyone needs money to go on with their lives. It’s just fair to say that the greatest gift someone wishes to receive is money. And, what could be better than having the chance of winning up to two million pesos every week day? All you need is to learn how to complete the Shopee milyonaryo registration and be ready to win two million pesos in cash!

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What is Shopee Milyonaryo

Who will resist and withdraw themselves if there’s a chance to win an alluring amount of money just by collecting a raffle code on a daily basis? Well, no one is going to say no to the chance of getting money. Moreover, it’s a million peso! 

As a developing marketplace, Shopee always wants to serve the best for each of their users. Aside from giving lots of discounts, vouchers, and amazing deals from time to time, Shopee also gives everyone a chance to win real cash money and other amazing prizes through their varieties of game sections.

Shopee Milyonaryo is an interactive lucky draw contest which is being broadcasted on GMA’s Wowowin. Through this event, any Shopee user who participated stood a chance to win up to ₱2,000,000 in cash every weekday until the event was over.

All the user has to do is just collect as much raffle code as they can and wait for the lucky goddess to side with them. Shopee Milyonaryo winners will be announced every weekday during GMA’s Wowowin and would be asked to pick one out of six boxes wherein one of them has a grand prize of ₱1,000,000 in cash for two drawing times. Interesting, doesn’t it? 

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2 Benefit That You Can Get From Shopee Milyonaro

Anyone who hasn’t downloaded the Shopee App and joined this delightful event, we encourage you to buckle up and start registering yourself to try your luck winning a life changing amount of prizes. Why should you have a Shopee App and join this Shopee Milyonaryo event?

Here’s some benefits you won’t have gotten from any other marketplace but Shopee:

Raffle Code are Easy to Collect

We have already said that Shopee Milyonaryo is a lucky draw event. To stand more chances of winning, participants should collect as much raffle code as possible. The good news is, this raffle code can be claimed for free by any user everyday! So it’s really a game where everyone can have a chance of winning!

A Lot of Prize Awaiting

Aside from the grand prize of  benefit ₱1,000,000 each draw in cash, there’s a daily draw where users can get Shopee Pay vouchers worth ₱5,000. Aside from that, during the grand prize drawing date, users with winning codes will be called on air via Shopee Live to choose their prize among six boxes.

Previously, there’s an option to choose among nine bags which four of the bags will contain ₱10,000, two bags with ₱20,000, one with ₱30,000, one with ₱50,000, and one last with a grand prize amount of ₱1,000,000. Aside from that the called user will also receive a Shopee Pay voucher worth ₱5,000.

Before each Grand Draw, users can play “Guess-the-Box” on Shopee App where they can guess which box contains the ₱1,000,000 grand prize. They will also receive one free token which they can then use to spend on the option they want to guess. Users who manage to guess correctly, they get the chance to share a coin pool of up to ₱50,000.

However, the game rules and regulations can change over time, depending on the Shopee’s terms and conditions regarding this Shopee Milyonaryo program.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and take a look on how to join Shopee Milyonaryo 2022 and be the Shopee winner today!

How Do I Register at Shopee Milyonaryo?

To be part of this program and gain chance to win its grand prize, you only have to do this following steps:

Download the Shopee Philippines App

In order to join Shopee Milyonaryo, first of all you need to have the Shopee App since this event can only be participated through the in-app Shopee. For Android users, you can get the App officially at your device’s Play Store while iOS users can download from the App Store.

Type “Shopee” in the search bar, find the one which the developer is Shopee, then click on install. There’s no hidden charges or steps on joining this program, everyone can participate and there’s no risk behind!

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Collect Raffles Code Daily

Get your Shopee Milyonaryo claim form once the application is installed on your phone. The standard entry for every user is one free raffle code each day, you can maximize your luck by diligently collecting them every day as long as the event is still ongoing. If you want to get an additional raffle code, you can purchase for Mobile Load or Data via Shopee as each completed order entails extra raffle entry.

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Catch The TV Special Programme

After diligently collecting the raffle code since the start of the event, now all you have to do is tuning in to GMA 7 where the winner will be announced. The winner will be called on air to choose among six boxes  which one of them will contain a striking ₱1,000,000 while the rest of the boxes remain empty. 

You can’t miss the airing of the TV program since you need to be alert when they reveal the winner live on television. The game usually starts at 9:30 pm, so you might have to prepare yourself to get a call from your favorite TV Hosts. It will be better to get your alarm on set. One is set for redeeming the raffle code and the second one is set for the show’s airing time.

Now, don’t just try your luck in one game because Shopee wants you to win more and more! You can also learn about how to join Shopee Tutok to win 2022, or participating in Shopee Shake, Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, and many more games which all come with amazing prizes! Only in Shopee, a platform where you can play hard and gain harder!

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