Do you know what Shopee international platform is? Shopee International Platform or SIP is newly launched features by Shopee which help sellers to expand their business overseas. The top categories of Shopee International Platforms are Home & Living, Food & Beverages and also  Beauty and Personal care.

Shopee international platform how to join? Not all sellers can join this programme, it is only available for selected sellers only. Do you want to know more about Shopee International Platform and shipping, plus how it works in Malaysia? Read this article for more information needed.

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What Is Shopee International Platform (SIP)?

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Is it possible for Shopee Malaysia sell to Singapore? Now you don’t need to worry if you are planning on growing your business abroad to expand your customer base, you can use Shopee international platform Malaysia. What is Shopee International Platform? Shopee International Platform or also known as SIP is a feature which allows sellers to sell across different countries or regions through the support given by Shopee Malaysia.

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Shopee International Platform (SIP) will help you to expand your business internationally at no additional cost or effort at all. How to join Shopee international platform? Not all sellers are able to join the Shopee international platform. It is limited for the one who is qualified. For those who are invited to join Shopee International Platform will be able to:

  • Expand current operations and consumer outreach to potentially sell to 6 different countries using the localized Shopee platform in each country.
  • Enjoy value-added cross border services by Shopee which include logistics support, payment, and customer service arrangements at no additional cost.
  • You will also be engaged with local selling experience without the need of setting up an overseas business office, etc.

How can I know whether I am selected to join Shopee International Platform or not? Here is how to know that you are selected to join the SIP programme.

  • Eligible sellers will receive a pop up terms of services with the title sell globally on Shopee International Platform vis Shopee Seller Centre.
  • Sellers can click any of the 3 buttons available there such as “accept” if you agree to participate, “reject” if you don’t have intention to join the programme and “learn more” if you need additional details on the SIP programme. For those who click “Accept” or “Reject” in this pop up Terms of service (TOS), will no need to take further action.
  • If the sellers clicked “Learn More”, they will be redirected to a Landing Page with additional details on the Shopee International Platform Programme. After you read all the additional information given, there will be a “Accept” and “Reject” option you need to choose.
  • For sellers who agreed to join Shopee International Platform, Shopee will proceed to onboard sellers who have accepted the Terms of Service of Shopee International Platform Programme which takes 2 to 3 weeks to process.
  • Once the shop has been set up and is live on the Shopee overseas platform, sellers will receive a confirmation message from my Shopee international platform.
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How Does Shopee International Platform Work in Malaysia?

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As mentioned above, Shopee SIP is a newly launched feature that will allow sellers to sell on overseas Shopee platforms and be able to promote your business products on an international level. Shopee international platform SG will serves as the pilot market then Shopee international platform will target other markets after Singapore such as Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and also the Philippines.

Here are how does Shopee international platform works in Malaysia:

  • The seller will be informed and will need to send the item to Shopee Malaysia Warehouse when an overseas buyer places an order.
  • Sellers will need to treat such orders similar to other orders so they could be shipped in time to buyers. You do not need to change any addresses as this process will be done by the Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Once the parcel arrives at Shopee Malaysia Warehouse, the parcel will be processed by Shopee to be sent overseas to the buyer’s location.
  • Should there be any return/refund cases, Shopee will liaise with buyers directly via the local Customer Service Support.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Shopee International Platform?

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When you join the Shopee International Platform, you will be able to sell through Shopee regional platform to other regions as per below: 

  • Once overseas buyers place an order, the seller will be informed and will need to send the item to Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Once parcel arrives at Shopee Malaysia Warehouse, the parcel will be processed by Shopee using Shopee international shipping to be sent overseas to the buyer’s location.
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What benefits will I get if I join Shopee International Platform? Actually you will get many benefits which help you to increase your sales and business. Here are the benefits you might get when joining Shopee International Platform:

  • Localised selling experience is maintained.
  • Cross-border logistics, customer service, and payment solutions are supported by Shopee.
  • Increased and expanded the customer base, which translates to higher orders.
  • Diversify your business to international markets and improve cash flow while minimising business risks.
  • Amplify your brand through campaign & flash sale exposure.

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For the successful expansion on Shopee International Platform, here are tips you need to remember

  • Accept Shopee’s terms and conditions.
  • Ensure accurate products weight is updated.
  • Provide product name and description in english.
  • Do not block Shopee customer service email or chat and SIP buyer account.
  • Make sure the day to ship is less than 10 days.
  • Ensure pictures of your business products are not labelled with any prices.


Shopee International Platform is the new feature launched by Shopee to help you expand your business to other countries and regions. You will get many benefits when joining this programme, not only expand your business, your order will also increase surprisingly. You will also enjoy free cross border logistics, customer services and payment solutions.  

The SIP programme actually works the same as selling things in Shopee, you need to pack and ship the order and when the buyer receives the products, the payment will go directly to your seller’s wallet. Once you are selected to join the programme, click the accept button and see how much it will affect your business.

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