Shopee free shipping voucher no minimum spend? Most people within the world do online shopping nowadays and one amongst the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee.

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As you may know, Shopee is one among the leading e-commerce platforms in geographic region and Taiwan which offers several products like consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, equipment and groceries except for those that have not done online shopping will keep questioning the way to order in shopee?

What is the Minimum Spend for a Shopee Free Shipping Voucher?

Shopee free shipping vouchers? If you haven’t already, you’ll claim Free Shipping Vouchers. Kindly visit “How to use a Free Shipping Voucher upon checkout?” for more information. If you have got issues applying Free Shipping Vouchers, it should because of one amongst the subsequent reasons:

  • Free Shipping Vouchers are fully claimed or utilised by other users.
  • You have depleted all of your Free Shipping Vouchers.
  • You did not adhere to the voucher’s Terms & Conditions.
  • System Error

How to get a Shopee voucher code? You can clear cache by concerning the essential Troubleshooting Guide. Before using Free Shipping Vouchers, you’ll have to identify Free Shipping Sellers as Free Shipping vouchers can only be applied with these sellers. to spot Free Shipping Sellers, do look out for the Free Shipping tags on the merchandise cover image.

For example, the merchandise listing below displays “Free Shipping Min. Spend P0” tag which tells us this can be a Free Shipping Seller.

Most Free Shipping Vouchers offered by Shopee require our users to finish payment via ShopeePay. to put your order with ShopeePay, kindly view our article “How do I pay using ShopeePay?”

The example above displays “P12 Min. Spend”, which implies users should accumulate a minimum spend of P12 from the identical shop before testing.

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However, this minimum amount may vary depending on the continuing campaign or voucher. Furthermore, P40 Free Shipping Vouchers are seasonal and only available during marketing campaigns. you will receive a notification regarding this voucher which is able to be automatically added to your voucher wallet.

In the example above, we are able to see that the voucher is applicable for “All Sellers”. However, certain Free Shipping Vouchers can only be used with Shopee Mall, Preferred or only Free Shipping Sellers. Kindly ask the pictures below for more examples.

Kindly observe the validity date of Free Shipping Vouchers as they will expire before you’re ready to use them.

How Do I Get Free Shipping Vouchers From Shopee?

Free shipping code? Follow these steps to grasp the way to claim Free Shipping Vouchers:

  • Tap the Free Shipping icon, then tap Claim to assert Free Shipping Vouchers or tap View to look at the Free Shipping Voucher.
  • Tap My Vouchers under Me tab, this can be where you’ll be able to view the claimed Free Shipping Vouchers.
  • Under My Vouchers you’ll be able to view all of your saved free shipping vouchers.

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Why Can’t I Use My Free Shipping Voucher in Shopee?

Free shipping voucher Shopee not working? In some conditions, your voucher code is often reused again if you cancel the order before making payment, Seller cancels the order or your entire order is being refunded. For your information, every voucher code has its own terms and conditions like the minimum spend, redemption period, for specific shops et al.

If your voucher code isn’t working, it may be because of the subsequent reasons:

  • The voucher code has expired
  • Products in your go-kart don’t seem to be eligible for the discount
  • Terms and conditions aren’t met
  • If applying a “new user only voucher” and our system detected that another account has logged in using the identical device before
  • The user’s signalling is on our fraudulent blacklist

Your voucher code will be reused under the subsequent conditions:

  • You cancel the order before making payment
  • Seller cancels the order
  • Entire order is being refunded

Every voucher code has its own terms and conditions (example with a minimum spend, redemption period and for specific shops).

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How to Create a Free Shipping Voucher in Shopee?

How to get a free shipping voucher in Shopee hack? Shipping Fee Promotion could be a tool within the Marketing Centre that allows you to create discounts for shipping fees once a buyer’s order meets the minimum spending criteria set by you. This promotion is often applied to the shipping channels of your choice.

You can prefer to cover a partial amount or the whole shipping fee, to make your listings more attractive to buyers and drive greater sales.

Negative Seller Wallet balance may end in sellers being unable to form Seller-Defined Shipping Fee (SDSF) Promotions. ensure to keep up a positive Seller Wallet balance to continue using this feature.

Where to get a free shipping voucher in Shopee? A valid Pickup Address, will enable free shipping. If the indicated pickup address is serviceable for Shopee’s Free Shipping promo. the vendor should receive a notification in-app within 7 days with instructions on a way to activate Free Shipping. Follow these steps to grasp the way to add a pickup address:

  • Tap “Account Settings” under the Me tab.
  • Tap “Add new address”.
  • Fill up the specified fill.

Sellers must enter a sound Pickup Address that’s within the serviceable areas covered by our partner couriers to qualify for the Free Shipping program. Sellers’ products must fit inside the official packaging provided by our partner couriers to qualify free Shipping.

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Shopee offers shopee vouchers free shipping within the Philippines which are distributed and renewed each month which you’ll be able to claim them monthly. The free shipping voucher will be applied once you order products on shopee Philippines. But you’ve got to fulfil all the terms and conditions before applying for this free shipping voucher in Shopee Philippines.

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