Selling digital goods on eBay like information, software, templates, recordings, art, and also the like is an understandable business opportunity. But, before you sell digital goods on eBay, there are some essential things you must know. 

For instance, sales of things like software or photos are treated differently than sales of physical items, and eBay has specific rules that sellers must adhere to. 

Trends of Selling Digital Goods on Marketplaces

eBay considers any content that may be downloaded via a web site or received via email as a “digital good.” To sell digital goods on eBay or sell digital downloads on Amazon, you want to list digital items under the data Products header within the “Everything Else” category. 

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Your listing must even be in an exceedingly newspaper advertisement format. Within your listing, you need to state clearly that you just are the legal owner of the content or holding, or that you simply are authorised to sell it on the owner’s behalf. 

The rules could appear strict, but they’re in situ permanently. eBay’s stated goal with these guidelines is twofold: protecting belongings owners’ rights and protecting buyers from purchasing pirated (use/reproduction of somebody else’s work without permission) or unauthorised items. 

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The Requirements of Selling Digital Goods on eBay

Sizable digital goods retailers that have already got a thriving business outside of eBay can apply for an exception to the rule for a way digital goods must be listed. Sellers must apply for this status, and adjust to eBay’s requests for added information and documentation if needed.

But be warned: Unless you already do significant volume on your web store in digital goods, there’s little hope of you being granted an exception.

Please take care to stay in mind that eBay also has prohibited products when it involves selling within the digital space, and selling any of those products can result in your listing being removed or suspended.

First and foremost, pornographic content isn’t allowed neither is software that might be wont to damage someone’s computer or infect it with spyware. you furthermore mght cannot sell digital content that violates other’s copyrights (i.e., selling a song to procure from a streaming service).

Sellers of digital content even have to be verified by PayPal to substantiate their identity, in contrast, if you created the digital content yourself and it doesn’t comprise one in all the prohibited categories, you’ll sell it on eBay.

Whether you’re an existing or new eBay seller brooding about entering into information products, you’ll want to contemplate expanding your focus to incorporate other alternatives additionally to eBay. Overall, digital sales aren’t likely to be a lucrative option on eBay, especially if you’re just getting started.

There are many other online retail platforms that are more user-friendly than eBay to sell digital goods; for instance, Amazon for eBooks and Fiverr for songwriters and composers. But the rules that eBay has in situ are a superb example to follow.

You need to use caution about selling digital content that does not belong to you. this is often easily a recipe for disaster irrespective of what platform you’re using.

The main policy that you just must follow when selling digital goods on eBay is that the digital goods you’re selling must be legally acquired by you or be your own holding.

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This means that you simply must have legally purchased the merchandise and have ownership rights or hold the copyright to the item. 

Otherwise selling the item is classed as infringement; this is often prohibited by eBay and may, of course, get you into legal trouble with the copyright owner. Thanks to piracy issues within the past, eBay prohibits digital copies of flicks or codes that were included as a part of purchasing the physical disk.

There are exceptions depending on the character of the content you’re listing. the foremost strictly-enforced rule here is that the character of the digital product can not be pornographic in any way attempting to sell explicit photos or videos via eBay will likely end in a removed listing and account suspension.

You also cannot sell anything that carries the danger of infecting the buyer’s computer with any harmful viruses or malware, like bootleg software or third-party programs which can contain spyware. Put simply, if anything about your digital product could damage the buyer’s computer in any way, you can’t list it on eBay.

If your item falls into any of the above categories, it’s worth connecting with eBay support to clarify their rules or find a more fitting platform for the sale of those products.

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Digital Products That Are Allowed to Sell on eBay

Can you sell digital cards on eBay? First, it’s important to familiarise yourself with what constitutes a ‘digital product’ on eBay. Anything which is ‘delivered’ to the client via the net whether this can be sent on to them by email or downloaded via a non-public link is digital goods. this may include:

  • Domain names.
  • Music.
  • Software.
  • Digital textbooks.
  • Digital trading cards.

How to sell electronic tickets on eBay or how to sell digital products on eBay? Software keys the seller is not authorised to sell. Digital copies or codes of movies that were included as part of purchasing a physical movie item. The seller needs to include the physical disk with the sale of the digital copy or code.

Things to Consider When Doing So

If you’ve got familiarised yourself with the rules for digital goods (such as selling PDFs on eBay or any digital goods) and have made sure that your item is eligible purchasable on eBay, then you’re able to post your listing.

  • Make sure you recognize exactly how you’re visiting and deliver your item to the client. For some, it’s going to add up to ship physically, as you may avoid fraud risk.
  • Make sure that you just state this method of delivery within the description of your item.
  • While using the ‘classified’ ad format, you can’t use the ‘fixed price’ or ‘auction’ selling format when selling digital goods on eBay or selling digital codes on eBay.
  • In the description for your item, clearly state that you simply are the owner or intellectual owner of the item that you simply.

If you have got proof of this that you simply can show in your listing without giving out any personal details, then it might not hurt to incorporate this in your listing eBay might bump into the item and question whether you actually do have the authority to sell it, so including evidence of this may protect you from having your item wrongfully removed. This also helps you in acquiring eBay seller protection digital goods as well.

Overall, you want to be clear in your description to potential buyers. make sure that you clearly state the character of the item, the strategy of delivery which you own the content you’re selling. Being direct and clear in your description will protect you from being flagged for investigation by eBay.


While it’s true that there are plenty of guidelines and things to contemplate when selling digital products on eBay, there’s a market that exists and is growing.

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