If there are some popular and widely used goods on the market that a large number of people use, it is almost certain that developing services related to these goods will pay off. Similarly, if there are societal problems, needs, or phenomena that affect a large number of people, it is almost certain that selling services related to solving these problems will pay off. Here are the best online services to sell. 

What Are Types of Services?

Business services, social services, and personal services are the three types of services.

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Business services are the services that businesses use to conduct their operations. This could include banking, insurance, and transportation. Businesses rely on specialized business services more than ever before.

Social services are critical government services. They are made available by the government or other non-profit organizations. These services aim to achieve social equality in society by providing assistance to the underprivileged. The service is provided for a social cause rather than for profit. Social services include education, sanitation, medical care, and housing, among other things.

Personal services are services where each customer has a unique need. Tourism, recreational services, and restaurants are examples of personal services.

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12 Best Online Services to Sell

In addition to sell products online, you can also offer services. Below is a list of online services you can sell.

Vouchers and Gift Certificates

Customers can use digital vouchers to pay for your services. Vouchers can function similarly to online gift cards without the hassle of offering physical credit-card-like gift cards. Here are some online business services examples to get you started:

  • Vouchers are used by digital agencies and publishers to offer turnkey service offerings such as Pinterest marketing services.
  • Special vouchers for discounted meal packages can be created by a restaurant.


If you have a skill that can be demonstrated, chances are that someone else somewhere in the world wants to learn it as well. People can now earn money on YouTube. You can make original videos and monetize them with ads, which YouTube splits with the creator.

However, advertising revenue is not the only way to monetize videos. You could set up an ongoing subscription that allows you to watch monthly videos. Create a pay-per-view model, for example of online business ideas.

Themes and Templates

Website themes and templates built on popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal are in high demand. To sell templates, however, you do not need to be a Web designer or developer. Business templates, for example, can be sold by a management consultant. Here are some online services list for business of templates that service providers sell to generate additional revenue:

  • ThemeForest.net provides website templates.
  • Inkpower resume templates
  • Vertex’s employee vacation tracker template
  • Event preparation in a box


You can sell your knowledge as packaged training courses. Training can be the best services to sell. Training platforms like Udemy and Skillshare make it simple to sell training in a variety of subjects ranging from Six Sigma principles to information technology to marketing. 

Digital Goods

Digital goods are another way to package and sell what you know or do best. Software, ebooks, and designs are all service selling examples of digital goods. When any digital file is creatively packaged, you can sell your products online. Consider the following online products types:

  • Whitepapers.
  • Photographs.
  • Fonts.
  • Craft and clothing patterns.
  • Clip art for special occasions.
  • Recipes.

Coaching Meetings

Making your coaching services available online in 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute increments allows you to reach many more potential students. Include an appointment booking application and a shopping cart on your website so that students can schedule a session right away. The coaching session can then be delivered using a video service such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

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A tiered approach, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, works well. Students can aim to complete tiers sequentially, giving you repeat business. Alternatively, offer coaching on a monthly or biweekly basis.


Assessments begin with questionnaires and progress to customized evaluations. While short initial assessments are frequently provided for free as part of service providers’ marketing, you can structure it so that more in-depth assessments are charged. 

In that case, the evaluation becomes a product offering rather than a marketing technique. Simply outline what is and is not included in the assessment and set a flat fee for it.

Reports on Research

If your company collects aggregated data or conducts research in your industry, you may be able to monetize it by selling research reports online. These can be online business examples. Organizations and individuals making business decisions place a high value on research reports.

emarketer.com is an example of online selling website that sells research as a subscription. You don’t even have to create the data. Simply providing in-depth analysis of, say, government statistics or industry trends can add value.

Your Service Subscriptions

If you convert your offering into a subscription service, you can earn money every month and ensure a consistent revenue stream.

Think outside the box to turn your services into a subscription. Instead of providing one-on-one consulting services, you could offer a private online forum where members can ask questions. You could also create a series of subscriber-only materials. In other words, instead of providing one-on-one services, you make it a one-to-many offering.

Using Affiliate Programs to Sell Products

Through affiliate advertising arrangements, you can sell third-party digital items. You are paid a commission for each successful sale of that party’s digital goods. You can get the best way to sell services online.

Remote Medical Consultations and Advice

Everyone can afford to pay a high price for their health. Patients frequently ask doctors simple questions, such as how frequently to take a drug or how to treat a disease. Some of these suggestions are easily available on the internet. Doing remote medical consultations and advice might be the best service online. 

Virtual Assistant Service

One of the best services to sell online is virtual assistance. There are numerous types of assistance available – depending on your knowledge and interests, you can provide virtual organizing, virtual accounting, virtual problem solving, and many other services.

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What about your online service business now? Can you think of any other service businesses that you could package and sell online? Choose what you like the most, so you can enjoy your business.

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