Have you ever heard about repeat business ideas? If not, you might be curious about it. Let’s read this article to get more information about it.

What Is Recurring Revenue?

Are you looking for recurring business ideas? Before we discuss recurring revenue model example, it is better to know better about what recurring revenue is. So, recurring revenue is the monthly or yearly income that is generated from the business you run. A top recurring revenue businesses has to be stable. 

For your information, recurring income comes from your business recurring sales. When you use these recurring revenue models, it will help you to predict the recurring business examples and also help to predict your lost percentage and also the subscription that you might get each month.

Recurring income also needs a skill to set up and also good management. When you do the recurring revenue businesses for sale repeat business, it will help to give more business opportunities that include the following below, such as:

  • Help to more focus on providing the best service to your customer.
  • Help to minimize the marketing and sales cost.
  • Help to increase your business brand and product visibility.
  • Help to improve the customers’ experience.
  • Help to get more customers.

Recurring Revenue Ideas for Your Business

Are you looking for recurring revenue business ideas? Here are the recurring revenue business examples  for your business that you need to know.

Build a Business Membership Program 

The first recurring revenue business idea is by making a business membership program. With this business membership program, customers will need to sign up when they want to look at the product or service that you offer. Membership is one way where you can build your business community, deliver content and also let you offer a monthly consultation to your customer.

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When you create the membership program, the customer will need to pay a membership fee to participate Which will help to increase your customer base, help to manage your business sales funnel and also create your business recurring revenue. But remember to prepare all things regarding the membership program such as packaging form, community form, resources and coaching form.

Produce Physical Product Subscriptions

You can also produce physical product subscriptions for recurring revenue. By producing a physical product subscription, it can help you to range your business in the complexity terms which will depend on your plan to ship your product every month.

Develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) Product Offering

Software as a Service or also known as SaaS is a software that has been purchased on a subscription basis. These SaaS programs really help to improve customer service and increase your service quality.

Become an Affiliate for Other SaaS Products

Another way for recurring revenue is by becoming an affiliate for other SaaS products. When you become the SaaS product affiliate, you will help your business to run better because you will be able to direct the customers toward the products they are looking at. Beside that, you will receive an income once your referral buys a SaaS program license. 

Create Service or Retainer Plans

One of the recurring revenue business ideas is by creating a service or retainer plan. Rather than offer a one off package, it is better to offer a retainer plan like things that need a regular renewal or monthly basis program so when the package reaches the time limit, the customer might make a renewal. 

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In the other word, you will get more recurring revenue income in your business and you don’t need to pressure and ask customers to buy your products and services. You can also offer a promotion to attract the customers so that they will continue to buy your product and services.

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5 Tips to Generate Repeat Business

A good business to start with little money but before that, you need to find about business idea that suit you. That’s why you need to make your business plan and do some research so that your business will run well.

As we know that to generate a new customer, you will need around six to eight times the regular business cost while business profit will be received in the third or forth purchase. So what should you do to minimize the cost to generate customers, market your business and also do a business promotion? To solve these problems, you can try to create and generate a repeat business. Here are the key for it, such as:

Be Smart with Your Database

Your business database is really important because it is the biggest and the most important asset for business that helps your business to run well. That’s why you need to check regularly, protect and communicate with it regularly.

Make Your Communication Personable

You also have to create a good message to your customers whether it is through email, buyer card or your business brochure. Remember to make your communication personable  that reflects your culture and your personality.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Buy and Keep Buying

To attract your customer to keep purchasing things in your shop, you need to make sure that your product is easy to buy. You can act as a buyer and try to buy the things in your shop, is it easy to buy or not.

Decide What You Can Promise Your Customers

Make a promise to your customer but remember to give a promise that you can deliver like a discount if they have purchased for 5 times or others.

Test and Measure Everything

The other way to have repeat business is to try out your business loyalty program, you need to make sure that your business works to every level. Besides that, you need to make sure that you offer good services to the customer.

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Rather than offer a one Package business, it is better to offer a repeat business. By offering a repeat business, you will get great benefits for your business as well as your company but remember to make sure that your business works to every level. Besides that, you also need to make sure that you offer good services to the customer.

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