Most of us ever do online shopping. Doing online shopping is really convenient because you can shop at any time and anywhere you want. So what is the difference between shopping in Amazon vs Shopee? Do you want to know more about Shopee vs ezbuy? Let’s check this out!

What is Amazon?

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Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses on ecommerce as one  of its business units. Amazon is one of the big five companies in the United States of America. Amazon focused on ecommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and also artificial intelligence. Amazon has become one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.

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What is Shopee?

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Most people in the world are doing online shopping in Shopee and Lazada nowadays. Both of them are famous e-commerce platforms. People also asked why join Shopee? Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries.

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Comparison Between Amazon And Shopee 

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You might already know about the difference between Shopee vs Lazada. Now we will talk about Amazon and Shopee. Amazon was founded in 1994 and has more complete in integration such as Unicommerce, Vin Reco, Vin Eretail, Ahrefs, Airwallex, Amazon Advertising, Berexia, Commvault HyperScale X and also Etail solutions while Shopee was founded in 2015 which only has 4 integrations such as Unicommerce, Vin Reco, Vin Eretail and DoorPage.

Both Amazon and Shopee can be used in the platforms of Saas, iPhone, iPad and also android. You can also work in Amazon and Shopee. The title change for software engineers in Shopee is 16% and Amazon is only 7%. For you additional information, Amazon has an average Glassdoor rating of 3.9% which is higher that Shopee that only 3.7%.

Tips To Do Online Business In Shopee And Amazon

Before you become a seller in Shopee and Amazon, you have to find out about Shopee work culture which help you to make preparation. You can try to search about selling on Shopee vs Lazada on Google or you can also search the benefits to sell in Shopee vs qoo10. Here are the tips to do an online business.

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Choose And Create Your Username

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You have to choose your shop username. Create a name that will describe your business products so that the buyer will remember your shop name easily. For your information, you only can make your username once and are not allowed to change it later. So, find the right username for your business account.

Pay Attention To Your Shop Appearance 

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Shop appearance is also important to attract the buyers. Most buyers often judge ecommerce shops on how their online Lazada and Shopee stores look. The things that you need to do to make your shop’s look great and attractive is to post an attractive and high quality of your products’ photos or videos to create an attractive appearance. Give what the buyers are looking at.

There are 4 factors that are based on the consumer’s buying decision such as who you are and the image that you present as a brand, the product and the images of the product, the description of the product, review from other buyers. 

From these factors, we can know that an imagery and appearance on your online store is one of the most important factors. It is one of the factors in the decision making process. So, you have to decorate your shop’s appearance to attract buyers so you can increase your sales. Don’t forget Appearance is everything.

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Knows Your Badge

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Your badge can help you to boost up your sales because buyers usually will compare the products and buy from the shop with a good badge. They will feel safer when buying a product from a well – known shop. 

Run Campaigns 

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How is Lazada vs Shopee market share? Both of these ecommerce companies have a big market share because they keep doing the campaigns. Campaigns will help sellers put their certain products into portions of the website that is most visited by buyers. 

Sellers can join these campaigns for free. You can try to find the campaigns of Lazada vs Shopee philippines too and for your information, It is important to note that product nominations need to be based on some criteria or your appeal to join the campaign might be declined. Those criteria you need fulfill are:

  • Product descriptions and images need to be decent and accurate
  • The seller should have a willingness to provide 10%-20% discount if the seller is approved
  • Attractive prices

Hold A Flash Sale 

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Flash sale became the e-commerce booster package Shopee. Your online won’t be complete if not held a flash sale. All people are really enthusiastic when hearing about a flash sale. Flash sales usually appear on the Shopee homepage. Holding a flash sale will increase your sales directly because most buyers visit when they are looking for discounted items. 

Give A Voucher 

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You can attract your buyers to purchase more products by giving them a voucher. You can customize your voucher depending on your needs. You can create discounts and coin cashbacks vouchers for the buyer with a limit per transaction. You can also set a limit to your vouchers. This means you will decide how many times a person can apply his voucher to a transaction. 

Promote Your Shop And Products 

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The last step you have to do is promote your shop and products. Many online shops are promoting their Carousell vs Shopee business. You can use Discount Promotions features which is helpful for sellers who want to increase profit for a single product without having to drop the price. Your price will still be competitive in comparison to other sellers through the use of these discounts. So do your Shopee platform fee.

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Most people do online shopping nowadays. There are many ecommerce platforms where you can buy your needs such as Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Amazon, Carrousel and many more. Become a seller in ecommerce platform is not easy, you need to prepare your Shopee fba properly.

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