Sellers are not permitted to open several storefronts with the same or comparable product offerings. Customers may be confused or have difficulty identifying a seller if a vendor’s shop decoration, products, or content is deliberately imitated by another seller, which can cause confusion or difficulty in identifying the seller.

Alternatively, are you now solely selling on marketplaces and intend to launch your own eCommerce site on Shopify in the near future? Once you’ve done that, you can quickly import your products from Lazada or Shopee and sync them with Shopify in minutes. Our customer success team is standing by to assist you with your onboarding process

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What is the Major Difference Between Lazada and Shopify?

Here are the major differences between Lazada and Shopify:


Shopify is an all-in-one solution that provides you with a plethora of options to assist you in the creation and management of your online business. In the e-commerce world, it helps you stand out from the crowd by providing everything from inventory management to SEO effectiveness and support for a variety of payment gateway options. It also assists you in the following ways:

Do You Want to Manage Multiple Marketplace Just by Single Person?

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Organize and Categorize Your Products

With Shopify’s inventory management system, you can categorize and classify products by kind, category, sale, and so on. You can also manage product variations by varying the size, color, and materials used, among other things.  Each variation of a single product has its own price, stock keeping unit (SKU), and inventory number, and you can offer an unlimited number of variations for a single product.

Track Your Inventory

Shopify also allows you to keep track of your inventory, which prevents your customers from placing orders for items that are out of stock. It utilizes automated reminders to notify you when your inventory is running low on supplies. 

Additionally, if a new shipment is received, the inventory number is automatically updated. Better Organic Search: It aids in the improvement of your store’s organic search visibility through the use of customisable titles and ALT tags; meta descriptions; and sitemap.xml files.

Set Your Shipping Costs

Once your shipping zone (destination) has been determined, Shopify will allow you to determine your shipping rates. You may also choose the delivery option that will be used to deliver the orders to your clients. 

It enables you to set up charges for regular postage services based on the price or the weight of the package. With the Advanced Shopify plan, you can, on the other hand, employ carriers like FedEx and USPS to get real-time delivery rates.


Here are things you need to know about Lazada:

Lazada’s Forgery Protection

As previously said, Lazada offers a diverse range of products for purchase through their own website or through third-party retailers. This situation typically offers a favorable environment for counterfeiters and grey marketers to establish a presence in a given market. However, it appears that Lazada is not interested in any of that.

Earlier this year, Lazada established an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Team with the goal of developing and maintaining an effective policy against the sale of counterfeit goods on its platform.

Payment Solutions That are Cutting-Edge

Aside from having a largely successful intellectual property rights scheme, Lazada’s key competitive edge is the extremely flexible payment methods it offers. Because Lazada has achieved a unique balance between physical and online payments, they have been able to expand their reach into Southeast Asian markets where online payments are not yet commonly recognized. 

Customers can pay using a credit card or debit card, Lazada wallet, cash on delivery, BDO installments, GCash, and they have also begun accepting payments at 7/11 stores in some regions. Customers can learn more about payment options here.

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Does Lazada Use Shopify?

As an e-commerce platform for both consumers and businesses, the Project Shopify Official Store serves Project Shopify. As a result, they are aiming to provide Filipinos with exceptional service and an exceptional experience. Using an online store allows customers to access a large variety of products quickly and easily, resulting in greater consumer convenience. 

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A vast number of retail sites are also boasted by the seller, with the most of them located in Quezon City. For clients from all over the world, the vendor has even developed relationships with well-known online shopping sites in the Philippines so that they may continue to provide the best service possible.

It is the goal of the Project Shopify Online Store to set new standards in the Philippines’ online marketplace. Perfumes, gadgets, apparel, electronics, and other goods can be purchased at the online store, which offers a wide variety of products. It’s also possible to pay for goods at the e-commerce site using a variety of methods, depending on the user’s location and preferences. 

You can save time and effort by searching for the best possible options through the seller’s online store. With its extensive history and collaborations with major online shopping platforms in the Philippines, this vendor says that it can provide its customers with a high level of service.

There are a lot of people competing in the internet shopping arena, and it’s a big one. A few of the tournaments turn into partnerships that are mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Because of the present cooperation between Project Shopify and LazMall, customers will be able to enjoy the most convenient shopping experience possible between the two parties. 

At LazMall, customers can now take advantage of items under the Project Shopify brand at the best prices and with a wide variety of bargains available. In the Philippines, you may shop through Project Shopify’s official store, which offers the best of online shopping.

How Do I Import Items From Shopify to Lazada? 

Follow the steps outlined below to import products from Lazada:

  • First and foremost, ensure that Importify has been installed and that you have subscribed to one of our plans.
  • Make sure you’re using the Chrome browser and that you’ve downloaded and installed our Free Chrome Extension.
  • Visit the Lazada website for more information.
  • Find a product that you’d like to import and go to the product’s page on the website.
  • To add a new bookmark, click the “ADD” button in the top left corner of your browser.
  • Scroll down and select “add product” to import the item into your store after editing the product details (such as the title, description, price, and so on).

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