When you ship out the orders of your customers, you can track the journey of your products in Lazada Philippines. Tracking your deliveries help you know where exactly your items are and will also allow you to gauge whether or not the parcels will arrive on time. This will give you the chance to answer customers when they ask about the status of their parcels.

Tracking your delivery is a responsible thing to do when you are a seller because you are monitoring the progress of your items. This will lead you to having good feedback due to the accuracy of your expected arrival dates that the customers will look into. Read more below to know more about tracking your Lazada deliveries.

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What are the Benefits of Tracking Parcels?

There are many benefits that come with tracking your parcels. Read more below to know more about a few of them.

Peace of Mind

There’s no doubting that being able to track your package at any time can provide you with additional peace of mind. And it’s not just you who’s doing it. The ability to monitor your package will make both you and the courier feel a little more at ease knowing where your package is at any point in time. 

Now, your package will no longer be in danger of disappearing into thin air! You won’t find out about it until after you’ve found out about it. By monitoring your packages, you can be certain that your package is where it should be and that it is on its way. In most circumstances, you won’t even need to contact the courier company to find out where your package is because most businesses now provide some form of online tracking.

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Customer Service

Tracking your package represents a completely new level of customer service. Your knowledge of where your parcel is, what the status of your delivery is, and whether or not there are any problems will provide both you and the courier with a more solid foundation from which to work. 

As a result, both you and they will have more information about your package, as well as more information about the service they are giving – whether it is on time or behind schedule. Using a tracking number for a package can provide you and the person on the other end of the phone with all the information you and they could possibly need if you call them up, making customer service more efficient and far more convenient.


The ability to track your parcel provides you with greater visibility into the location of your parcel and the approximate time you can expect to receive it. In the case of time-sensitive or expensive deliveries, this is very beneficial! Gone are the days when you had to wonder where your parcel was when it was labelled as ‘delivered’ but you hadn’t gotten it, or when it didn’t arrive on the day that it was supposed to. 

With tracking, you no longer have to be concerned about anything. You may get a lot of information about your package’s location and when it was dispatched for delivery from several tracking software solutions.


Due to the hectic nature of today’s world, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to afford to stay at home all day. Knowing where your parcel is and when it is likely to be delivered can provide you with peace of mind that it is on its way, as well as the ability to adjust your schedule accordingly or instruct your courier to leave the parcel with a neighbour or in a safe location.

When you provide a courier with confirmation of an alternate delivery location, your parcel can still be placed somewhere for you to pick up, but you will not be required to go to a depot to pick it up yourself. Some couriers may even allow you to reschedule the delivery if you give them enough notice, which can save you both time and money by allowing you to avoid the delivery altogether.

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What Information Can You See When Tracking Parcels?

As soon as your Lazada order is complete and ready for shipping, the parcel is delivered to the courier or postal service and is given a tracking number. The tracking number for your Lazada order can be found on its order page, which is where you should go to track your package.

It is dependent on your delivery attire, as well as the size and weight of your gift. If the seller is located in a different country than the buyer, the delivery charge may differ. You may see your delivery fee on the Product Page as well as in the Order Summary box during the Checkout process.

LBC Express Tracking in the Philippines

LBC is the market leader in the Philippines in the areas of payments and remittances, documents and mail, parcels and boxes, and cargo and logistics. In over 30 countries, LBC’s growing network of over 6,400 outlets, partners, and agents is dedicated to transporting people, businesses, and communities while also providing smiles around the world.

Enter your LBC Express tracking number into the search field above and you’ll receive updates in just a few seconds. ParcelsApp will compile all of your tracking information into a single convenient location. Without having to navigate through a slew of monitoring websites, ParcelsApp lets you track your courier details from any location at any time.

As the premier cargo firm in the Philippines, LBC’s significant logistics knowledge enables LBC Express to import and export local and international goods – whether it is a full container shipment or a shipment that is less than a container shipment – to gateway ports across the world.

LEX Tracking

LEL Express is Lazada’s internal B2C last mile delivery capabilities, which include everything from pick-up to sorting to delivery and everything in between. In addition to being the logistics arm of the Lazada Group, LeL is organized into four operational Business Units.

Lazada Philippines can deliver to any location that is operable. There are, however, some geographical limits that remain in place. If our couriers are unable to deliver to your location, we will contact you immediately after you place your order to tell you of the situation.

Orders within Metro Manila would be delivered within 7 business days of receiving the complete payment, according to the company. Except for some isolated places, orders placed outside of Metro Manila will be delivered within 12 business days, unless otherwise specified.

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