The manufacturing industry is the economic sector that produces finished goods. This is comparable to primary industries that generate raw materials and service industries that generate intangible value. The following are some common industrial business examples.

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Types of Business Industries

The following are various types of business industries or industrial sectors.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one of the most technologically advanced and included in one type of heavy industries. The aviation industry is concerned with the production of aircraft that fly within and beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Manufacturing consists of several steps, including designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining. An aviation company also manufactures aircraft parts in order to maintain existing aircraft.

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Transport Industry

The transportation industry is one of the most significant types of business industries. This industry is concerned with the transportation of people, things, and animals via various modes of transportation. 

Air, land (road and rail), and water are the primary modes of transportation. The transportation industry accounts for the majority of a country’s economy. Aside from these modes of transportation, water transportation is one of the most prestigious ways to commute and transport goods from one location to another.

Computer Industry

Almost every other industry has been absorbed by the computer industry. Information technology (IT) industry also referred to as terms in manufacturing of computers. It includes computer hardware businesses, software development and maintenance, and computer networking. 

The service sector is one major area that has been rapidly expanding. Almost every service sector, including health, education, retail, banking, and beauty, has gone online.

Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunications industry consists of businesses that enable global communication via mobile phones, the internet, cable, or wirelessly. It enables people to communicate using words, audio, or video from any location on the planet to any location on the planet. 

Smartphones can transmit data thousands of miles away in seconds. Satellite companies, internet service providers, and wireless operators are the leaders in the telecommunications industry. Wireless internet has aided other industries in generating significant revenue.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is one of the oldest types of business industries. Agriculture is the cultivation of land, plants, and breeding animals to produce food and other survival items. This industry is vital to the economy of every country. This industry produces, distributes, sells, and exports agricultural products. Researchers, scientists, biotechnologists, veterinarians, farm laborers, and development technicians are all employed in this industry.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is involved in infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance. Heavy construction, general construction, and specialized construction are the three subcategories of the construction industry. 

Heavy construction includes the building of bridges and roads, among other things. Residential and commercial real estate are examples of general construction. Making electric and wood items required for building construction is an example of specialized construction.

Education Industry

The education industry or education system is a collection of schools, colleges, universities, and institutes that provide education, knowledge, skills, and a degree in a variety of fields. Educational institutes are broadly classified as either public or private. Government funds public institutes, whereas private institutes are run by a single person or a group of people. Private institutes can be “for profit” or “not for profit.”

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical company is a licensed company that conducts drug research, discovery, development, marketing, and sales. It is a significant industry on a global scale. It is undeniably a research and development (R&D) industry. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on ongoing research. These companies conduct research and manufacture drugs to treat human and animal diseases. Some medications also treat symptoms.

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Food Industry

Food processing, preservation, conversion, and preservation are all aspects of the food industry. The agriculture industry provides raw materials for the food industry. As a result, the food industry is reliant on agriculture. Various chemicals and colors are added to food items after processing to preserve them for a long time while maintaining their taste.

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Industrial Business Examples

There are many manufacturing companies in the Philippines. Some examples of manufacturing companies are San Miguel Food and Beverage, Nestle Philippines, and PMFTC INC. This is a list of industrial business and industry examples.


Baked goods is one of the industrial business sector examples. This could be the manufacturing business for you if you enjoy baking and creating new and interesting edible treats. If you can’t afford to open a permanent location right now, you can start your business online and deliver to your customers.

Processing of Soya Chunks

Soya chunks can be one of the most profitable food manufacturing process businesses that you can start with a small amount of money. If this sounds like the right manufacturing business for you, you’ll need to do your research before you start.

Manufacturing of Cosmetics

The third example of business industry is cosmetics manufacturing. Do you enjoy wearing make-up? Do you want to start your own cosmetics manufacturing company? Then perhaps this is the manufacturing industry for you.

Hair Extensions, Wigs, and Weaves

You can enter a growing market if you have the desire, experience, and skills to manufacture high-quality wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. There is always a demand for wigs, weaves, and hair extensions, so if you can provide a high-quality product, you will have a lot of customers in this business industry.

Manufacturing of Towels

Towels will always be in high demand because people use them all the time. For a small investment, you can mass produce plain, pretty, and personalized towels in large quantities. Towel manufacturing also can be an international business. 


There is always a high demand for handcrafted gifts, custom items. You can start your own manufacturing business if you have carpentry skills. You can make anything from furniture to decorations and containers.

Manufacturing of Jewelry

Customers want one-of-a-kind, unique items, and jewelry is no exception. Manufacturing jewelry can be a lucrative business and one of product industry examples.


Those all are industrial business examples with explanations about types in business industries. You can try one of them, and be a successful businessman. Don’t forget to do research for every business you will choose.

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