How to win eBay bids? Or what is eBay bids? In this article, you will know everything about eBay bids. So, let’s start with theories. There are two theories for successful bidding on eBay:

  • Enter your maximum bid at any time during the auction and allow proxy bidding to manage your bids. If you are willing to spend more than all the other bidders, then you’ll win that eBay auction.
  • Snipe it! “Auction Sniping” is the term used to describe swooping in at the last possible moment and making your first and only bid just as the auction is ending.

Both of these bid methods will work if you are the maximum bidder, but only one of them will get you the item at the best possible price.

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Bid Early, Pay More

How to win eBay bids reddit? If you decide to use proxy bidding to manage your eBay bids, you will generally wind up paying more for the item if there is anyone else interested in winning that item. The reason why is that most people bid incrementally, gradually increasing their bids as they sit there and figure out just how badly they want the item.

Sometimes someone will put in a bid slightly higher than your current visible bid just to test how badly you want an item. For example, if that comes along during an auction and sees that someone already has a bid on something they want, that will normally bid a dollar more than what they have showing just to see if that person is using proxy bidding.

Early bidding always encourages nibblers: people who don’t generally care one way or the other if they want that item, but if they can get it at a good price, they’ll take it, so they’ll bid just to see how serious you are. 

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If they see that you are, then they may wander off and never come back to that auction at all but they’ve just driven up your bid and, therefore, the final cost of your item. Sometimes someone will place a bid just to have one in there because they liked the item when they saw it, but they won’t follow up on it. They’ve just driven up your bid.

Bidding early basically tips your hand by indicating your interest in an item. By bidding early, you indicate to other browsers that an item has value. Simply due to human psychology, showing interest in an item can spark interest in other bidders who might otherwise have remained neutral over the particular item’s desirability and therefore passed it by.

Snipe and Win for the Best Price

So what is snipe? Here is what you should know!

What Is a Snipe Bid?

A “snipe” is a winning bid that takes place in the last minute or so of an eBay auction Indonesia. The bidder’s intention is to leave no time for reactionary bids from other bidders. The only way to snipe effectively is to do it manually. That is the only way I do them.

Is Snipe Bidding Ethical?

Generally, eBay sellers hate sniping, and some like to go so far as to call it unethical, a patently ridiculous notion since the eBay buy system is designed to encourage sniping. 

It is a savvy eBay bidding app process for bargain buyers, but sellers hate it because they might have gotten more money for their item if other bidders had had time to respond. In this way, the eBay system favors the buyer over the seller. The system also protects buyers from unscrupulous sellers who use shill bidding (fake bids) to drive up their prices.

A sniper’s goal is to win the auction at the lowest possible price. A seller’s goal is to sell the item at the highest possible price. Naturally, these two goals are mutually exclusive, but this does not make my goal to pay less unfair or unethical.

When Sniping Doesn’t Work

How to bid on eBay reddit? Related to MY eBay bids? However, the current eBay bidding system is no disadvantage to a serious early bidder who has entered a maximum bid that’s more than any other bidders. If his maximum beats mine, even if I swoop in at the last minute, he will still win the auction.

How to Snipe on eBay and Win an Bid on eBay?

How to win a bid on eBay at the last second? Here the tips:

Never Place an Early Bid

If you cannot be around for the auction’s close and you don’t want to use 3rd-party services to snipe for you (I never use them), then at least wait until the final day of the auction before placing your proxy bid. Leave it as late as possible. Ideally, your first bid will be during the last minute of the auction.

Put the Item into Your Watchlist and Make Sure You Actually Watch It

Think about this, if I really want something on eBay, I don’t just rely on email notices to remind me that there’s an auction I need to keep an eye on. I’ll actually set an alarm on my cell phone to remind me to get my mind back to eBay.

Choose Your Maximum Bid Wisely

If you’re going to snipe, it’s usually a good idea to just bid the maximum price you are really willing to pay for it. This will ensure that you win the bid as long as no one else is willing to pay more, but you can also win eBay auction but don’t pay for your information.

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Be Logged Into eBay

Make sure you are logged into your eBay account. Have the auction open on your browser.

Refresh the Page

At about two minutes before the auction ends, start refreshing the page to ensure the data is up-to-date.

Bid During the Last Minute

This gives my fingers enough time to fumble around on the keyboard. I’m a touch typist, but sometimes those number keys are tricky. If you place your maximum bid up front, it should be unnecessary to place another one. Even if another sniper comes in, you’ll take it if your bid is higher.

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One observation that would make on the ethics of sniping is that it would be entirely within eBay’s power to put a stop to sniping in the same way that online procurement tools work in the corporate world. 

If you engage in a ‘reverse auction’ (one in which multiple suppliers bid against each other, in the hope that the buyer will end up with the cheapest price) it is pretty much standard practice for the bidding window to be automatically extended if a bid is made in (say) the last five minutes. 

You have engaged in many reverse auctions where the window is extended multiple times, thus driving the price even lower.

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