How to use Shopee coins? pushcart Coins (also called Shopee Coins) are Shopee’s virtual currency that will be accustomed to apply discounts to any orders placed on the location.

This can be earned whenever a successful purchase is completed on Shopee with the utilisation of a Cashback coupon code. Remember that to earn Shopee Coins, orders must have a Cashback ticket applied to them at the time of purchase.

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Can I Use Shopee Coins to Pay?

How to use Shopee coins to buy? Shopping Cart Coins (also referred to as Shopee Coins) are Shopee’s virtual currency which will be wont to apply discounts to any orders placed on the location. This may be earned whenever a successful purchase is completed on Shopee with the utilisation of a Cashback coupon code.

Please confine mind that so as to earn Shopee Coins, orders must have a Cashback ticket applied to them at the time of purchase.

When using Shopee Coins to form offsetting purchases, the most amount which will be spent is 25 percent of the complete value of the acquisition. Daily limits are set at 200 coins, with the limit resetting every 24 hours following the buyer’s most up-to-date purchase.

It is possible to spend up to 600 coins in an exceedingly seven-day period, with the count beginning on the day the client used coins to offset a buying deal (for example, if the customer spent coins to offset on a Tuesday, the buyer’s seven-day limit will refresh on Tuesday midnight).

Shopee Coins may be redeemed for coupons within the Coins Rewards section of the web site. Users may redeem as many vouchers on the page as their coin balance will allow them to try to do so at only once. On the merchandise page, you’ll see what proportion of Shopee Coins you may earn supports your purchase.

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How to use Shopee coins to pay? Both the checkout confirmation page and therefore the order details page display the whole amount of Shopee Coins earned for every transaction. The user’s account are credited with Shopee Coins as soon as the order has been completed.

If, on the opposite hand, an order is returned/refunded, partially refunded, or cancelled, you may not receive Shopee Coins in exchange.

Following the hit of the ‘Order Received’ button, Shopee Coins are released into your account. Occasionally, the Order Received button is going to be greyed out, indicating that the shipment information status has not been changed yet. to confirm that your order status is updated as soon as possible, please allow 24 to 48 hours.

How Do You Buy with Shopee Coins?

How to redeem coins in Shopee? You may use Shopee Coins to redeem vouchers on the Coins Rewards page, otherwise you can send Shopee Coins to your friends through the Chat feature.

Please mind that you just may redeem as many vouchers from the web site as your coin balance will allow. A refund for Shopee Coins that are accustomed to redeem coupons on the Coins Reward page, on the other hand, isn’t permitted.

Shopee Coins can even be wont to receive a reduction on all of your purchases on the Shopee website. 1 Shopee Coin is the same United dollar. ensure that the toggle at the underside of the handcart page is turned on so as to spend your Shopee Coins.

When using Shopee Coins to form offsetting purchases, follow these steps:

  • The maximum quantity of Shopee Coins that may be spent is 25 percent of the whole value of the acquisition.
  • Every day, the customer is prescribed 200 coins, with the restriction resetting every 24 hours from the time of his or her last purchase.
  • There is a weekly limit of 600 coins, with the count beginning on the primary day the client used coins to offset a sale (for example, if the client used coins to offset on a Tuesday, the buyer’s weekly limit will renew on Tuesday midnight).

Only orders that are fully returned/refunded or cancelled will have their Shopee Coins immediately credited back to their respective accounts. If your order is partially refunded, you’ll be ready to still get pleasure from the Shopee Coins discount because they’ll not be returned.

Do Shopee Coins Expire?

Shopee coins spending limit in the Philippines? You have the power to transfer a maximum of 20 transactions day after day. However, you’re only permitted to send and receive a complete of 1,000 coins per day, and this includes only coins that have a minimum of one month of validity remaining before they expire.

Shopee Coins can’t be redeemed for cash at this point. you’ll check your Coin Balance and expiration date by visiting your Me page and selecting My Shopee Coins from the menu.

Check out our articles on “How do you earn Shopee Coins?” and “How do you exploit my Shopee Coins?” for more information on the way to make the foremost of the coins and savings that Shopee Coins may provide you.

Visit Shopee’s Daily Coins Reward for an opportunity to win prizes like games, promotions, and even vouchers that may be redeemed with Shopee Coins.

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Why Shopee Coins Cannot be Redeemed?

Shopee Coins are often redeemed for coupons on the Coins Rewards page, which is accessible through the Coins tab.

Simply click on the “Redeem” button located on the voucher to finish the redemption process. Following that, click on the “Copy” button to possess the voucher’s discount code copied to your clipboard automatically. To use the code, simply copy and paste it into the “Promo Code” area during the Checkout process.

In the event that you just lose track of the coupon code, a Push Notification is delivered to you with the voucher code attached. On your Notifications page, you’ll find it listed under the heading “Promotions”

Despite the actual fact that vouchers are redeemed, they’re still subject to their unique terms and conditions, like minimum spend requirements, discount caps, and redemption expiration dates. Please take care to read the terms and conditions before redeeming any vouchers, because the following rules apply to all or any of them:

Each voucher can only be used once per person and per voucher. Vouchers that are used are strictly non-refundable. If your redeemed voucher expires, you may not receive a reimbursement for your Shopee coins.

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How Do I Earn Shopee Coins?

Free Shopee coins? The Shopee Coins gifting feature allows users to send Shopee Coins to other Shopee users through the chat feature. so as to use this service, users must have already registered their telephone number with their account. Follow these procedures to send Shopee Coins to someone else:

  • Open your Chat window, locate your friend, then click on the Coins icon to begin the sport. it’s only possible to look within the conversation for persons with whom you have recently interacted (through chat, ShopeePay transfer, or Shopee games). Play Shopee Candy or Shopee Farm together with your pals so as to begin a conversation thread.
  • Choose the amount of Shopee Coins that you simply wish to send as a present and supply a private message along with your gift selection.
  • Only coins having a validity period of over one month are going to be reflected in your transferable balance and can be ready to be transmitted to an exponent. The Coins that are sent are the Coins that have the longest validity, allowing your buddy to enjoy your present for a longer length of your time than you intended.

Select Send and so look forward to your buddy to assert their gift from you. the subsequent are the actions to require so as to say Shopee Coins:

  • Using the highest right corner of your screen, pick your friend’s message thread within the Chat window that appears.
  • To claim the reward, tap the Shopee Coins on the screen. the quantity you get are going to be shown in your Shopee Coins account balance immediately.
  • Please be aware that unclaimed Shopee Coins that haven’t been claimed within 24 hours are going to be returned to the sender.


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