Are you curious on how to use cashback in Lazada? The way to use cashback in Lazada is the same as how you use the cashback you earned before to buy things again in other markets. Do you want to know more? Let’s check this out!

How to Earn Cash Back Lazada?

Most of the Philippines must ever shop in Lazada. As one of the most popular ecommerce sites in the Philippines, Lazada offers many product categories. This means you can find all your needs here. The benefits of shopping in Lazada is you can shop at any time and anywhere. Besides that, there are also Lazada cashback bills.

Do you know what Lazada cashback is? The Lazada cashback is one of the Lazada promotions that used to attract more sales. This cashback is really advantageous for Lazada buyers because they will get their money back based on the cashback percentage offer.

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How does the cashback work? The cashback works based on the percentage offered in the cashback voucher. So if you buy products in Lazada, you can get the money back which is calculated based on the voucher percentage and your total amount.

How to use Lazada cashback Singapore? The way to use Lazada cashback in Singapore and the Philippines are the same. First thing you need to do before using the cashback voucher is to get the Lazada cashback voucher through the Lazada purchasing select product which is offering cashback.

Once you get the cashback voucher, you need to apply the voucher to your bills before checking out your order. Then the cashback will automatically credited to your Lazada wallet once you have received your order. You can use the cashback that you received in your Lazada wallet for another order.

You need to note that cashback promotion is not applied and available for all the products offered in Lazada. Actually it is only available for selected products. When you check a voucher but you don’t get any Lazada wallet cashback promo, this means you can’t use any cashback voucher to your order. Please remember that Lazada cashback is offered on a special day only.

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How to Know If the Product Offers Cashback?

How to get cash back from Lazada? You can get the cashback voucher by going to the Lazada purchasing select product which is offering cashback. Another question that appears is how to know if the product offers cashback? 

For your information, you can know whether there is a Lazada cashback or not by looking at the banner. You can see the cashback terms and conditions there. You just need to go to your Lazada app and search from the product pages. If you see the product banners, this means you can get the cashback vouchers and use it to order in Lazada.

How Much Cash Back Lazada Can Be Earned in an Order?

How much cash back can I earn in Lazada? It varies because it depends on how much cash back percentage is offered in the voucher. But approximately you might get 10% cashback for each product with the cap of Php 200 for each item, Php 300 in a day, Php 400 in a week or Php 1,200 in a month.

But remember, the cashback you earn will be expired in 45 days since you receive it in your Lazada wallet. So make sure to shopback Lazada as soon as possible before it expires.

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Here is an example for you. Let’s say you are buying products in Lazada with an amount of Php 200 and you get a 10% cashback voucher. When you apply the voucher to your order, you will get the cashback of Php 20 which will be credited to your Lazada wallet automatically. But remember you will receive it when the order has been received.

For your information, there is a limit to earn cashback. You can get the cashback of Php 200 for each item, Php 300 in a day, Php 400 in a week. You will get this cash back if you check out during 12 Am to 11.59 pm. You might get the weekly cashback of Php 400 if you keep shopping in Lazada from Sunday to Saturday. So as the monthly cashback, you might get it when you keep buying things in Lazada from the first to last day of the month.

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How to Use the Cashback in the Next Order?

If you know how to use cashback in shopee, you must know how to use the cashback in the next order in Lazada because it works the same. When you have received the Lazada cash back in your Lazada wallet, you might be confused on how to use shopback in Lazada. Actually it is the same as how to use cashback in zalora. 

To use your cashback, you can go to your Lazada app directly and find the product you want to buy as usual like how you buy things in Lazada. Then you have to choose the Lazada wallet as your payment method before checking out. The cashback you earned will count as rebated and will be used upon placing a new order in Lazada. You will just need to pay the price left once the cashback is used.

For your information, you can use the cashback that you earned before to buy other cashback products in Lazada. You can get a new cashback again from that purchase that will be sent to your Lazada wallet automatically.  Besides that, there is no minimum spend to use the cashback you earned before in your Lazada wallet. But make sure your Lazada wallet is active already.  


You can use the cashback you receive from your previous purchase to buy things in Lazada. But not all product categories accept Lazada wallet rebates as payment. So, you need to check the cashback banner and look whether your wishlist products are included there and use the cashback you got before to buy it. 

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