How to sell live plants online? If you’ve got a passion for plants, you’ve got the ability to show your hobby into a business. The net provides a platform to connect with other plant fanatics, advanced botanists, and curious homeowners who want to enliven their living areas. Please scroll down to this article to find out live selling plant and plant selling app in here!

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Is It Profitable to Sell Plants Online?

Maybe you have question like do i need license to sell plants online? Houseplants have infiltrated every room in my house. The foliage hoarding started long before the pandemic, but just like the legions of housebound plant parents everywhere, doubled down.

Of the pandemic-borne hobbies, raising plants has it all: physical health benefits, mental state benefits, and a really low barrier to entry. In an exceedingly time that felt stagnant, nurturing growth was the antidote.

Unsurprisingly, searches for “buy plants online” surged within the middle of March 2020, even as retail businesses and greenhouses everywhere were shutting their doors against COVID’s first wave. Unspent going-out funds collided with our collective need for reception joy. Cause of that right now you can make how to market plants. This opportunity can make you increase sell with plant sell online.

More online plant stores sprung up from garages and garden sheds to answer the demand that doesn’t show signs of slowing. Your forte may well be worth over you think that. If you’ve ever thought of selling plants online, now could be the time.

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Can You Sell Plants From Home?

Do you need a licence to sell plants online? Before you’ll start selling, you initially must have plants to sell. Unlike traditional businesses where you get materials and assemble them to sell a finished product, you’re selling a physical object that might be still within the early stages of growth, which suggests it’ll take time (often several weeks) before it’s ready for the customer.

There are multiple ways to source the plants you sell online. The primary is to grow your own plants in an exceedingly backyard nursery. This might be an honest option if you intend to sell plants on a small scale (typically as a hobby) and have both the time and also the land to show tiny seedlings into viable plants.

The next option is to shop for your plants wholesale. You’ll be able to find a neighbourhood nursery to partner with, which might then unencumbered some time to promote and resell them in unique pottery or under your own branding.

How to sell plants online from home? Many nurseries are going to be upfront about your ability to resell plants; some even specialise in growing for online resellers. The Tennessee Wholesale Nursery allows resellers to use their images and descriptions. This may prevent plenty of your time and facilitate your growth in your business quickly.

Another viable nursery is Gro ‘n Sell, which prides itself on its high-quality starter plants. it’s an outsized line of merchandise, and you’ll place orders prior to a reduction.

These are just two examples to give you a thought of what a plant wholesaler seems like. There are others to decide on from, so go searching for plant variety, price, and shipping costs to make sure your vendor costs don’t dig your bottom line.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll work with multiple wholesale nurseries throughout the year. Some nurseries are seasonal and addicted to the climate in their area. If you sell plants throughout the year, you’ll have to change distributors seasonally.

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How Can I Sell My Plants Online on Shopee?

Best place to sell plants online? Growing and tending to plants is one amongst life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you like adding a vibrant background to your elbow room, or tending to the flowerbeds in your garden, plants have the ability to take away our stress, and supply us with many hours of therapeutic relaxation.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own plants to sell may be a great option if you would like to keep up a high level of control over your supply. It also allows you to grow what you recognize your customers want to shop for, and limit the additional cost and confusion of working with multiple suppliers to fulfil demand.

Building Your Own Ecommerce Store

The most established way to sell anything online is by putting in place your store on trusted and easy-to-use platforms like Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce. Utilising these platforms allows you to take care of a decent level of control over your brand and sales.

The ongoing fees related to making sales are often lower on these platforms than with other options, like online marketplaces. However, it’s important to recollect that building your own ecommerce store often requires an upfront cost to line the web site up, and ongoing marketing to stay driving traffic thereto.

Product Photos

Your product photos are crucial to grabbing your audience’s attention. This can be very true with items that are colourful and aesthetically pleasing, like plants!

Your main photos should specialise in showing off your plants with no distractions. This implies using good lighting, photographing the total plant, and employing a white background. you’ll also use other photos or settings to point out how your plants might look once the customer has taken them home.

Price Your Plants Fairly

Pricing could be a crucial part of marketing. Price your plants too high, and you’ll struggle to sell them. Price them too low, and you won’t make a profit! And also you can put discount at Shopee and maximize your sell. 

Learn from Mistakes

The tools for getting started with selling plants online are easy to return by but actually applying everything you would like to run a successful online shop takes plenty of dedication. You’ll inevitably run into plenty of challenges along the way, and make some decisions that won’t pay off.

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Why Should I Choose Shopee to Sell Plants Online?

As an initial C2C company, it became a B2C platform, becoming one amongst the foremost prominent mobile e-commerce systems in Southeast Asia. Originally founded in Singapore in 2015, it then extended to seven key regions, comprising Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more.

Shopee Philippines has everything from smart phones, household goods, makeup, apparel, and sports gear, and so on. For those unfamiliar to Shopee, the accessibility it provides to people will enable them to be better sellers and buyers.

Shopee PH solves a number of the standard difficulties, like theft, transactional concerns, and also the difficulty of reaching someone head to head. The Shopee Guarantee billing system provides clients with the peace of mind that their merchandise is going to be shipped safely to their homes.


Along with sourcing variety, you furthermore may have different choices when it involves selling your plants. The foremost notable options are to sell them on your own e-commerce site or through a third-party vendor.

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