Refunds and returns can’t always be avoided, even on sites like Shopee. Selling online has its challenges, and you’ll soon learn that not all transactions go as well as you’d hoped. This means that if you want to stay on top of your game, you’ll need to manage Shopee customer complaints well. Reduce the number of returns and refunds on your store and you’ll find selling on Shopee Philippines a lot easier.

Important aspects that you deal with in your store require constant vigilance on your part. Simple things like following Shopee Packaging Guidelines are essential for Shopee Sellers who want to avoid Returns and Refunds at all costs. The better you handle these tiny hiccups, the less likely it is that Shopee will penalize you.

Even if you’re not a Shopee vendor, you’ll get something out of this article. Shopee refund seller not responding? What does the seller offer for return and refund? And how do I return an item in a Shopee self-arrangement? These are all topics that will be covered in the guide.

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What is Return in Shopee?

When your order meets the following criteria, a refund will be instantly initiated: Shopee has agreed to honor a refund request (in the event of a dispute) Order was automatically canceled by the system as a result of the seller’s failure to ship the order(s) The vendor failed to register a dispute in response to the buyer’s return/refund request within a stipulated time period.

Shopee offers a 15-day return policy for products purchased from the Shopee Mall in order to ensure that you are entirely happy with your acquisition. From the time that the first attempted delivery is made, a 15-day return period is in effect. Unless otherwise specified, this return policy will be null and invalid after the order has been fulfilled.

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How Can I Request for Return in Shopee?

The only way to request a return or refund is if the conditions listed above are met, and if the “Order Received” button has not been pressed yet. We ask that you please allow 24 hours for the couriers to update your order status if you have received your purchase but the status has not yet been updated and the Return/Refund option has not yet been activated.

In the event that the Buyer has already clicked on the “Order Received” button and wishes to request a return or refund, the Buyer must contact the vendor immediately.

It is possible that the return/refund process will differ based on the seller or product category you purchased from; however, the period for submitting Return/Refund requests is as follows:

Please keep in mind that you can only request a return or refund during the Shopee Guarantee period.

There are two different refund options available based on the cause for your return/refund request; for more information, please see this link.

Utilize the App to submit your return/refund request.

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Step 1: Go to Me, then select the “To Ship/To Receive” button under My Purchases, then tap on the order for which you wish to request a return or refund. Step 2: Go to Me, then select the “To Ship/To Receive” button under My Purchases, then tap on the order for which you wish to request a return or refund. Returns and refunds can be requested at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Select the items you wish to return or refund and complete the appropriate sections before clicking Submit. Make certain to supply thorough and precise information; doing so will be quite beneficial to the investigators in their investigation.

If you are having difficulties submitting the evidence required for a return or refund, you can try our simple troubleshooting guide. Reason: Select the most relevant Return/Refund reason from the drop-down menu. Include a photograph of the product you got, clearly demonstrating the damaged / incorrect / faulty product (if you have received the product already).

The product’s description should be brief and clarify what is wrong with the product. Step 3: Select the offered solution for the local marketplace and for international markets. Choosing the recommended Solution and selecting a shipping option for Shopee Mall are the third and fourth steps, respectively. Step 4: Enter your current email address and press the Submit button.Step 5: For both domestic and international products,

It will take the seller at least two business days to react to your initial request in order to avoid automatic acceptance of the return request. Once your return request has been authorized, you’ll receive a push message as well as an email informing you if your request has been approved or rejected, depending on your device.

When it comes to Shopee Mall items, during the Return & Refund process, you will receive a push notification in the app as well as an email with the necessary return instructions.

If the seller agrees to your request, you will receive a refund as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, the seller makes a counter-offer, you will have two days to answer back to him. You have three (3) possible responses to choose from:

Accept the Counter Dispute and forward it to Shopee. If the seller does not react to your request for a refund within 2 days, your refund request will be automatically accepted.

There are several options for returning a goods to the seller, including the following:

Make care to ship the item out within 5 days of receiving it. If you do not ship your order within 5 days, your request will be immediately cancelled by the system.

Please remember to save the original packing for any packages that you intend to return. In order to supply free pouches and packing tapes, J&T must do so at the branch. It is only at the time of pick-up that GoGo Xpress can supply free pouches. Items that are high in value, fragile, or shipped in a box must be brought in with the original box wrapping intact. 

When dropping off the item, we ask everyone to practice and observe proper social distancing as much as possible.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to send the package and upload evidence of shipment (AWB) in the app within the time frames listed below:

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