Packaging and shipping requirements vary between products. If you are a merchant, you must ensure that your products are correctly packaged to avoid any damage. You may help decrease the number of Shopee returns and refunds you receive from frequent clients by following this advice.

Customers have a larger risk of complaining if their deliveries are not properly wrapped. The reason is that in the course of the logistical procedure, products develop a stain, damage, or some other undesirable modification. This is why you need to finish reading this post to be sure you’re fully informed when it comes to preparing shipments.

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6 Types of Products to Pack

In order to know more about properly packing, you must first know and understand the different groups or categories that your products belong to. There are 6 different types of materials that are provided by Shopee, they are listed below. 

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Non-Breakable Items

Non-breakable items are those that have no tendency to become deformed, broken, or damaged while in transportation, and hence cannot be broken. T-shirts, curtains, rugs, towels, and beddings are examples of such items.

Potentially Breakable Items

Potentially breakable items are those that are neither delicate nor spillable, but which have the potential to be distorted, fractured, or otherwise damaged during travel if they are not adequately packed and secured. Shoes, bags, cell phone casings, paper products, decorations, potato chips, snacks, and candies are examples of such items.


Those items that have the potential to have their packaging/container distorted, broken, or damaged while in travel and their contents spilled while in transit if they are not packed properly can be classified as spillable. Products such as wet wipes and facial masks, food items containing liquid and grain contents and pressurized liquid and emulsions up to 50 kg are examples of what is allowed. Ex: Grains, seeds, powder, gel contents and wet wipes.

Fragile and Breakable

Fragile and breakable items are those that have a high likelihood of becoming deformed, broken, or damaged while in transit if they are not adequately packed. Candles, ceramic plates, glass jars, plastic bottle containers, electronic accessories with batteries, such as mobile devices, tablets, CDs/DVDs, fragile toys, and collectibles, are examples of what you should avoid buying.

Dangerous and Hazardous

It is possible to classify items as dangerous or hazardous if they are physically harmful or combustible, or caustic, poisonous, or explosive. Examples include the following: Knives and solid insecticides are examples of solids. Aerosol sprays and LPG are examples of liquids. If the item is liquid, it must also adhere to the standards for Spillable Items.

Heavy and Bulky

A big and heavy item is defined as one that has a large volumetric weight and has dimensions greater than 100 cm in length, width, or height and a weight greater than 10 kg in actual weight. Items that are unusually shaped, such as ring lights, camera stands, and other similar items, should be placed inside a box that is regularly shaped and can accommodate these items.

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How to Properly Pack an Order

To make packing an easy job for all sellers, they have made the acronym C.U.S.H.I.O.N. for you to remember in case you feel like you are missing an important step in the process of you packing orders. 

C for Cover

Cover each product in the proper amount of bubble wrap or another type of cushioning material. This prevents damages and breakages throughout the delivery process. This ensures that your products are secured and protected. Bubble wraps are important for an added shield on the items you send out. 

U for Use Good Quality

Make use of high-quality materials and packaging of the proper size and kind, such as pouches or boxes. Ensuring good quality on your packaging, may it be pouches or boxes, leaves a good impression on your customers. This will also reflect the feedback you receive, as well as the reputation that you may potentially gain. 

S for Secure

Fillers should be used to secure the products inside the box to prevent movement or drift during transportation. Make sure that products that are fragile will not be broken. Products that have liquid substances will not be spilled. And products that are moldable will not be dented. This will lessen the amount of returns and refunds from customers, and secure reliability for your brand and products. 

H for Hide

Hide any item identification and/or branding in order to reduce the likelihood of theft or tampering with the item. This is a way to protect your brand from dupes and other illegal distribution of your products.

I for Increase Protection

In order to provide increased protection, tape all gaps and pouches that are snug and tight, then wrap the exterior box with bubble wrap or cling wrap to ensure that it is completely sealed. In order to fully increase protection, you must know how to set packaging size in Shopee and other important rules. 

O for Over

Attach the air waybill (AWB) over the flap of the pouch or slit of the box. This is important because this is where the delivery services look at in order to make sure your products get delivered. The AWB is an important measure for proper logistics. For this as well, you can look at J & T packaging guidelines, same goes for GoGo express and Shopee Express. You can check out the delivery services accepted by SHopee.

N for Notify

By affixing caution stickers or labels to the shipment, you can alert the courier to take special care of it. Make certain that it does not include the cost of the airway. 

Pouch Packaging Reminder for Small Items

Pouch packing for little goods must be tucked and snugged repeatedly in order to keep the contents secure. This is important to know when you wonder about Shopee packaging size for clothes and the like. 

There should be as little extra space as possible, but there must be a nice room for the air waybill. Learn more about Shopee Packaging size in CM, or Shopee own packaging J&T. Make sure to adhere to the additional filler / warning sticker requirements of the Product Grouping that your item is a part of before placing your order.

Do’s and Don’ts of Packing

There are certain things that you must always keep in mind when you are packing your orders on Shopee. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of Packing in Shopee.


  • DO be sure that the packaging you use is the suitable size for your item.
  • When designing your own packaging, make sure you adhere to the pouch and box rules. It is permissible to use store-branded packaging.
  • DO NOT reveal the contents of your package to avoid the possibility of theft.
  • DO acquire Shopee-branded pouches, if possible, from only approved providers, rather than generic pouches.
  • DO NOT enclose non-corrugated boxes within robust corrugated containers (box-in-a-box).
  • Don’t forget to turn the bubble wrap so that the cushion section is facing inside, towards both the item and the outside box.


  • REMEMBER NOT to overfill pouches. They should not be overfilled to the point where they will stretch or tear when being used.
  • DO NOT ship packages without an AWB and labels attached.
  • DO NOT use packaging that is damp, damaged, or flimsy. Always make use of durable, high-quality packing materials.
  • NEVER tear apart boxes or pouches and wrap them around the thing you’re wrapping.
  • DO NOT USE ANY packing materials that are not specifically listed in the rules! Always use the proper bags and boxes for the job. It is not permitted to use only bubble wrap or cling wrap.
  • If the courier pouches do not match the courier listed on the AWB, they should not be used. It is not permitted to combine and match courier pouches.

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