A shipping fee overcharge may be at blame if you’ve been receiving a negative balance on your Shopee orders in recent weeks. What exactly is a shipping fee overcharge, and how can you avoid being charged for this additional price in the first place? All of this will be explored in further detail as you proceed further down the page.

A shipping cost overcharge is an additional fee that is incurred during the shipping of an item, which is normally borne by the seller. But, given Shopee’s terms and conditions, what exactly is a shipping cost overcharge? Let me explain what I mean by this:

It is mandatory to indicate the weight and dimensions of a product when listing it on Shopee, but when the courier delivers your product to the consumer, there is often a disparity between the dimensions you entered and the dimensions that the courier measured. Consequently, an additional charge is added to the shipping fee to compensate for the measuring allowance.

What is Shipping Fee in Shopee?

If either the inputted weight or the computed volumetric weight is greater than a certain threshold, Shopee’s algorithm determines an estimated delivery fee. Logistics partners, on the other hand, calculate actual shipping prices based on the greater of the actual weight or the greater of the actual volumetric weight, including the external packaging, as applicable.

It is the fees payable to the company for the use of courier services provided by company’s Courier Partners. The Shipping Fee is variable and is determined by the product, its size, weight, dimension and volumetric weight as well as other shipment terms specified in the commercial term segment of this agreement.

Known as a Seller Transaction Fee, this fee is used to reimburse the costs associated with payment transactions. Shopee charges a fee of 2 percent (+VAT) of the total amount paid by the buyer for each successful transaction completed through the company’s payment services.

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How Does Shopee Charge Sellers for Shipping?

For Shopee logistics partners, shipping fees have been predetermined. Sellers must ensure that the weight and dimensions of their items are accurate, as the shipping price will be calculated based on the actual weight of the items or the volumetric weight of the package (including the external packaging), whichever is greater, when calculating the shipping fee.

Shopee will reimburse the logistics partner for the shipping fees incurred and will refund the remaining payment balance for the orders to the seller. Sellers on the Marketplace will be charged a 1 percent commission fee on all transactions completed through the site.

When an inaccurate weight or size is entered (for example, when the packaging is not taken into consideration when entering the weight or dimensions in the product listing), the shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system will be incorrect as well. As a result, the shipping fee will be overcharged as a result.

During the checkout process, the estimated shipping charge for products is determined depending on the weight of the parcel provided by the seller. Any difference between the estimated and actual parcel weight will result in the seller or buyer being responsible for the difference in cost (based on the agreement between both parties).

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How Do I Set Up Shipping at the Shopee Seller Center?

You can configure your delivery channel from the Shipping Settings page on Seller Center or from within the Shopee App, depending on your preference. Please contact our Customer Service or your respective Relationship Manager if you would like a Shipping Channel to be added to your list of available alternatives.

Use Shopee Supported Logistics to make shipping arrangements that are hassle-free. It also provides consumers with the ability to track their orders, which aids in the improvement of customer satisfaction.

If you are unable to locate the required shipping option in your account, it is possible that your location is not serviceable or that the chosen courier does not service your area. You have the option of sending by non-integrated carriers of your choosing.

To make shipping options available, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Select Start Selling or My Shop from the Me drop-down menu. 

Note: For additional information on how to begin selling, please visit this page.

  • Step 2: Select the My Shipping option.
  • Step 3: Select one of the shipping choices from the drop-down menu and press “Save.”

To make COD available, please select the Enable COD option. Couriers that you have enabled in your Shipping Settings will be automatically selected as the preferred courier for your shop.

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How to Prevent Shipping Fees Overcharged for Sellers?

On the one hand, it is possible that the mismatch happened because the vendor did not take the effort to properly measure the item. Instead, he made an educated guess about how much his item weighed in order to save time. In contrast, it’s possible that the item weighed more at the courier’s end as a result of the added weight of the bubble wrap and other packing materials.

In response to a substantial number of complaints about sellers receiving a negative balance following delivery of an order, Shopee has taken the step of temporarily flagging orders with excessively high shipping expenses from being processed.

Shopee will work with the courier to determine how much the shipping fee for the specific order is actually worth, and then update the record on the Shopee API to reflect the new information. If there is a need to change the shipping charge, Shopee will speak with both parties concerned to determine the best course of action (seller and buyer).

Due to the nature of this process, it will take three to five business days before the payout is shown in the seller’s account balance.

As a seller, it would be a good idea to carry a weight measurement device home with you so that you can correctly estimate the weight and dimensions of the item you are offering for sale. When you do this, you must make a specific allowance for the weight you are considering.

Consider whether it would be better to record your item’s weight as 1.3 kg on your product listing if it weighs about 1kg. By doing so, you can avoid paying an excessive shipping fee because the courier will not be weighing the item itself, but the complete package, including the bubble wrap and the box.

Have you ever had a shipping cost overcharge on Shopee happen to you? What kind of resolution did you come up with to handle the situation? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area.

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