Today’s delivery of goods is very much needed and important for certain shipments such as food or crops. Therefore, Shopee partnered with Grab to be able to provide same day delivery services. How to Grab Express Shopee?

Just like Lazada same day delivery, you can get the goods on the same day. Here are the explanations about Grab Express in Shopee.

What Is Grab Express In Shopee?

Grab has partnered with Shopee to enable a true form of Shopee express delivery. Shopee users located within Metro Manila can now enjoy Shopee same day delivery from selected sellers. Does Shopee deliver on holidays? Shopee provides the service for orders placed on the Shopee delivery schedule. It is between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. 

For just a delivery fee of P25.00 (limited time only), Grab and Shopee make same day delivery online shopping Philippines convenient and cost-efficient, rendering greater savings and instant gratification to the users. Consumers can now reward themselves after a long day by simply purchasing their favorite item and the Shopee delivery hours just a few hours. So you can wait for it to arrive at their doorstep.

The same day delivery starts on June 20, in collaboration with Shopee’s top sellers. In the following months, Shopee will continue to expand its coverage to include more merchants including leading brands from Shopee Mall.

Besides Grab delivery food, Grab users can also enjoy other GrabExpress features such as real-time monitoring and multiple booking for a quicker and safer parcel-sending. Shopee is constantly implementing upgrades to make the express system even better.

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How To Create A Grab Account As A Shopee Seller?

Here are the steps to create a Grab account as a Shopee seller.

Sign up

Fill up the GrabExpress Web Booking Platform Migration form.You must have an existing Grab app.


You will receive an email verification within 48hrs from Grab for Business. Note: Verification cut off is 5pm


You will be redirected to Grab Business Portal. You’ll have to input your Shopee mobile number


You will receive a 6-digit OTP via the Grab app

Account Enrollment

Once confirmed, create your password. You will then be part of the Grab account for Shopee Sellers.

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How To Arrange Order Pick Up And Track Delivery From Grab Express?

You can arrange order pick up for single delivery or bulk delivery and track delivery from Grab Express. Here are the steps.

For Single Delivery

  1. Sign in: Login to your GrabExpress registered account on (You may use the same email and password from your Grab Business Portal to log in.)
  2. Click Single Delivery, then fill out the needed information
  3. Click Book Delivery.

For Bulk Delivery

  1. Sign in: To do Grab Express web booking, first login to your GrabExpress registered account on (You may use the same email and password from your Grab Business Portal to log in.)
  2. Click Bulk Delivery, then fill out the needed information
  3. To add another delivery, click Add another delivery. Note: Please note that you can only book up to a maximum of 10 deliveries
  4. Tap Review # Deliveries to review the orders, then tap Book # Deliveries.

Tracking Deliveries

  1. After booking, tap Activity to do Grab Express tracking delivery, and fill in the details. Then, Click Download Report to get more details of the delivery
  2. Tap Track Delivery to monitor the parcel.
  3. A live tracking map will appear on screen.
  4. Make sure to ask for the pickup receipt per order once you surrender your packages to the rider.

How To Reach Grab For Issues Or Concerns?

Sellers can answer the troubleshooting form or call the Grab hotline (for urgent concerns). 

With troubleshooting form, sellers must fill up the form with the following details:

  • E-mail address
  • Sellers details
  • The error/ issue

Turnaround time for feedback is within 24 hours from time of submission.

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For urgent concerns, sellers may contact the hotline for GrabExpress concerns for drivers, for merchants, or for Shopee. 

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Mini FAQs

Q: What is the allowable weight and size of the package for Grab Express?

A: Maximum of 5kg only per delivery, volumetric weight is 25cm X 32cm X 12cm.

Q: Until when can I book an order?

A: Uploaded orders must be booked within 72 hours or cancellation will have to be done since order can’t be uploaded again.

Q: How many orders can 1 Grab booking pickup?

A: Strictly 1 order only

Q: Why did the rider check the package before receiving it?

A: Part of the SOP of Grab Express, riders must check the item before delivery. This for the safety of the seller as the driver will note what item is in the receipt for insurance purposes.

Q: How do you track and monitor delivery?

A: Tracking link should be shared with the buyer to be able to know the whereabouts of the rider.

Q: Why can’t I book or arrange pick up on the Grab Express website?

A: Verified Shopee orders will be refreshed and will be available for booking on Grab’s app every 2 hours (12:00 AM, 2:00 AM…)

Q:Can I register multiple accounts for Grab booking?

A: Yes, as long as 1 contact number is used for 1 email address only or the other way around.

Q: Can I register without the Grab app account?

A: No, the Grab app is a prerequisite for you to register in the link for booking. The Grab express contact number used in the Grab app should be the same contact number to register in the link for booking.

Q: What will happen to items that will be Return-to-seller (RTS)?

A: RTS items will be returned to Grab HQ. Shopee will schedule a pickup and deliver the item back to the seller within 7 days.


The same day delivery for orders with verified payments from 9AM – 6PM. The next day delivery for orders with verified payments outside of 9AM – 6PM. The service is available within Metro Manila.

You can do single delivery or bulk delivery via Grab Express. Just by login to your Grab Express registered account, then click on Single Delivery or Bulk Delivery, fill out the needed information, then click Book Delivery. 

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