With platforms like Lazada Philippines making online businesses more accessible to the proper customers, there isn’t much of a reason not to consider joining their platform for prospective online business owners or those who just want to scale their existing operations, according to the company.

Due to the evolution of mobile phones into mini-computers, Filipinos now have even greater access to internet shopping. There has been a steady increase in traffic to online shopping sites from mobile phone users, with at least 19 percent growth in traffic every quarter between the third quarter of 2016 and the second quarter of 2017, according to the report. This is a clear sign that eCommerce will continue to be the engine of future business growth.

Before you get into online selling headfirst, familiarize yourself with the requirements you must meet and the terms and conditions you must agree to. 

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What is the Lazada Marketplace Program?

A privately held eCommerce company, Lazada is an online shopping website that sells a wide range of products from small and large businesses as well as individual sellers. For online shoppers in the Philippines, Lazada is the most convenient and hassle-free online shopping site available. They provide the best prices, discounts, free shipping, rapid delivery, and the option to pay with cash on delivery.

Since anyone who has a phone, a computer, and a good internet connection can easily browse through a vast list of items accessible within the top online shopping site in the country, shopping online has become one of the most convenient tasks to perform in today’s world. Almost anyone may purchase an item by clicking on it, have it delivered, and pay for it with cash upon delivery in a short period of time. 

The essence of stress-free shopping can be summed up like this: You should consider selling your products through the reputable Lazada Marketplace Program if you wish to build your business through online shopping.

Many clients place their trust in the online brand with their orders, and they have experienced the best of uncomplicated shopping. People can only anticipate this group to be more broad with their offers, designate more for both vendors and customers, and simply be better than they have been in the past due to years of providing exceptional service to both new and long-term customers.

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How to be a Lazada Seller in the Philippines?

You should now find out how to sell products in Lazada Philippines. Lazada has removed the barrier by making the application available to private sellers as well. As a result, anyone can apply to be a Lazada seller as long as they are a resident of the country and have a bank account.


  • Register with Lazada by filling out the online registration form.
  • Upload the following documents: BIR 2303/COR, Mayor’s permit, DTI permit, and any other relevant documentation.
  • The seller agreement must be read and accepted by the buyer
  • Provide your bank account information.

On-boarding Training Program

  • Fill out the online training and survey
  • Verify your seller center account.

Post Your Products and Start Selling

  • Your items should be uploaded to your seller center account.
  • Confirm the orders you’ve placed.
  • In the seller center, you can get real-time chat assistance.

Lazada has virtually anything you could ever want, from clothing and fashion products to the most weird items you could possibly imagine. Instead, the question is: what products can’t you sell on Lazada? In contrast to the list of products that can be sold on their platform, we can basically count them.

Lazada Onboard Training Schedule

The New Lazada Seller Onboarding program is divided into five sessions. Everything you need to know about running an ecommerce business with Lazada for the first three months will be covered in this training session. 

With Lazada’s new and simplified sign-up process, your account will automatically be verified once you’ve completed the sign-up form. Now, it only takes less than 30 minutes to launch your Lazada online shop.

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What is the Lazada Seller Center? 

Wondering how to use the Lazada Seller Center? It serves as the command center for all of your sales and marketing operations across all of your Lazada stores, and it is accessible from any computer connected to the internet. You can visit the Lazada seller center through the company’s website or mobile application.

The e-commerce site that doesn’t need to be introduced. Lazada is the most popular online shopping platform in the Philippines, and it is the third most popular in all of Southeast Asia. This platform, which has over 300 million Stock Keep Units (SKU) across all purchasing categories, serves as a one-stop shop for the vast majority of online shoppers’ demands. Lazada receives an average of 25.6 million visitors each month on a monthly basis.

What makes Lazada so tempting to Filipinos is the fact that the majority of the merchants on the platform accept Cash on Delivery (CoD) as a method of payment. Due to a low bank penetration rate in the Philippines, it should come as no surprise that the market favours this means of payment over the alternatives. 

Furthermore, given the fact that Filipinos are still getting accustomed with internet purchasing, cash on delivery (CoD) is unquestionably the most effective method of establishing their trust in the system.

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