How to deliver in Shopee in the online retailing industry, Standard Express may be a general phrase that refers to deliveries made by one in all Shopee’s local logistics partners like Black Arrow Express, 2GO Express, or Entrego. It’s going to take up to 2 to 4 days for Shopee’s logistics partner to update the tracking status of your order.

Check with the vendor directly via Shopee Chat on the Shopee App to search out once they expect to deliver the item. it’ll be delivered to you within 9-25 working days after the vendor has made arrangements for shipment, betting on the delivery service selected and other factors beyond the seller’s control.

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What Is the Process of Delivery in Shopee?

When it involves shopping online, buyers appreciate and anticipate minimal shipping costs and quick delivery. When it involves shipping, Shopee delivery partner with major carriers to produce our buyers with the best-in-class services. However, we also encourage our sellers to ship out their products as quickly and precisely as possible.

Following our shipping best practices will facilitate your increase in sales while also providing a positive client experience. founded your delivery options, similarly because of the weight and dimensions of your products, before getting started.

More information on a way to enable shipping choices is also found within the Seller Centre under Standard Service Types. Is it possible to print out the pick-list and pack-list before scheduling a shipment?

  • Go to the vendor Centre and choose My Shipment from the menu.
  • Select “Mass Ship” from the computer menu.
  • Select “Download Shipment Documents” from the computer menu.
  • Make a listing of the items you want to cook.
  • Select the shipping documents you want to download and print from the “Mass Download” confined step 5.
  • Select Download Selected Documents from the menu.

Arrangements for shipment may be made using the vendor Centre and therefore the Shopee app. you’re urged to use Shopee Supported Logistics so as to form the method of arranging and tracking shipments easier.

The shipment is shipped to the courier or postal agency and is provided a tracking number when your Shopee purchase is prepared for shipping. The tracking number provided to your Shopee item is also found on the Shopee order page, which is where you must start your hunt for it.

What is the most effective way to track your Standard Delivery? Item sourcing may happen in an exceedingly type of location, and delivery time may range from 1-3 business days in some cases. you will simply track the progress of your order with the Shopee app, the Shopee website, or the quality Delivery tracking page.

Please be aware that any changes to the status of an order are going to be shown every 24-48 hours on our system. Orders are going to be delivered within 1-3 business days after they need been verified by our logistics partner, which we work with.

Shopee will issue advisories within the event of delays caused by federally declared holidays or severe weather. Please keep track of your orders on an everyday basis.

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How do I Deliver my Shopee Orders?

How to ship in Shopee is arranged through the vendor Centre and Shopee app. you’re encouraged to use Shopee Supported Logistics for easier arrangement and tracking of shipments.


Here some steps for you on how to pick up in Shopee: 

  • Go to the vendor Centre and choose My Shipment.
  • Click on Arrange Shipment.
  • Choose the i will be able to Arrange Pickup option.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Arrange a pick-up schedule by selecting a date and time interval.
  • Add remarks for the logistics provider (if any).
  • Check if your pick-up address is correct, or click on Change to update.
  • Click on Arrange Pickup.

Drop Off

Here some steps for you on how to drop off in Shopee:

  • Go to the vendor Centre and choose My Shipment.
  • Click on Arrange Shipment.
  • Choose the i will be able to Drop Off option.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Note down the tracking number.
  • Refer to the list to seek out the closest drop-off point.
  • Print out the Air Waybill.

Basics of Shipping Your Orders

How to arrange shipment in Shopee? Buyers love and expect low cost and fast shipping once they shop online. While Shopee partners with major carriers to produce the best-in-class delivery services to our buyers, we also encourage our sellers to ship out the products promptly and accurately.

Standard delivery Shopee is like increasing your sales and supplying an excellent customer experience by following our shipping best practices. start by setting your shipping options and therefore the weight and dimension of your products.

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How Do I Prepare for My First Order?

Shopee shipping option unsupported if you see the error messages, “This product does not support the selected shipping option” or “No available shipping option” during checkout, it could be due to an incomplete or invalid delivery address or that the delivery area is out of range.

How to ship via Shopee checkout: 

  • Step 1: Go to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling. 
  • Step 2: Choose My Products or Add New Product depending on where you want to set the shipping fee. 
  • Step 3: Tap Shipping Fee. 
  • Step 4: Input the accurate dimensions (size/weight).

Here some tips for you on how to prepare for your first order in Shopee:

  • Keep track of your shipments
  • Save time with hassle free shipping arrangements
  • Build trust and improve customer satisfaction by keeping them informed
  • Take advantage of standard delivery Shopee free shipping
  • Avoid unexpected shipping fees for you and your shoppers
  • Increase your sales by providing incentive to buy with you
  • Provide a wonderful shopping experience by shipping out orders before the shipping deadline

How to Print the Pick List and Pack List Before Arranging Shipment?

Here some steps for you on how to print the pick list and pack list before arranging shipment:

  • Go to the vendor Centre and click on My Shipment.
  • Click on Mass Ship.
  • Click on Download Shipment Documents.
  • Select the products you wish to organise.
  • Under the “Mass Download” section, select the shipping documents you want to download and print.
  • Click on Download Selected Documents.
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How Do I Become a Shopee Partner? 

In addition, you propose that you simply have the subsequent equipment for this collaboration: Laptop with barcode scanner, printer, and surveillance. If you’re interested, please fill out this online form. Please have the subsequent items ready:

  • Take a photograph.
  • A copy of the land title or a lease agreement.
  • A permit to work a business.
  • DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).
  • A billing statement with the address of the drop-off place thereon is included.
  • Photo of a blank Official Receipt (optional).
  • Form BIR 2303 – Certificate of Registration (optional)
  • The name of the checking account to which the cash are credited

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Shopee delivery tracking allows you to track a Shopee parcel using Shopee tracking, a service that is integrated into the Shopee phone app and can also be accessed via the website. 

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