Who doesn’t know Shopee? Shopee is a marketplace platform that connects buyers with sellers. You can find many things you need in shopee such as stationery, clothings, home appliances, gadgets and so on. But sometimes you can be addicted to an online shop and that is why some people want to delete their shopee account. So how to Delete Account Shopee? 

In this article, we will discuss how to deactivate shopee seller account, how to delete shopee account without phone number, how to delete shopee account without logging in and how to delete shopee account. Are you ready? Let’s read this article for more information.

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What Happens If I Delete My Shopee Account?

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How to delete an account in shopee and what might happen if I delete a shopee account might be the question you keep wondering.  After you delete your account in shopee, you are not able to log in to shopee anymore. Shopee account deletion is permanent and irreversible. After the deletion is successful, you will not be able to login and view your previous purchase history in shopee. 

You might get rejected from shopee if you want to create a new shopee account in the future so you need to make sure whether you don’t want to use your shopee account again or not. Before you delete your shopee account, you also have to make sure that you have completed all your orders. Once you have no pending purchases or sales in shopee, you can delete your account in a few steps. 

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How Do I Delete My Shopee Account On My Laptop?

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How to delete my shopee account and how to delete a shopee seller account? It’s actually the same on how to delete shopee account singapore and how to delete shopee account. 

Here are the step on how to delete shopee account using PC:

  • Log in to your shopee account
  • Click in the Me, then choose account setting
  • Click on request account deletion at the bottom of the page
  • Then click on proceed
  • After that, you will receive a verification code to your registered phone number in your shopee account. Enter the verification code you receive and click continue.
  • Write the reason why you want to delete your shopee account
  • After that, you need to agree all the terms and conditions to proceed
  • Then click submit to confirm
  • Account deletion is instantaneous and you will be redirected back to the Home page after the deletion is successful.

Why Can’t I Delete My Shopee Account?

For some people the deletion might not be successful. There are some reasons why you can’t delete your shopee account.

Your Account Is Limited. 

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There are several reason for account limitation such as Fake order creation,Voucher abuse,Subsidy and rebates abuse, Scams, Continuously repeated upload of products with listing violations, Copied other sellers’ listings, Account security compromised, Directing transactions outside of Shopee, Unpaid SPayLater billings.

Use of any unauthorized third party software, emulator, APK file, unofficial app version, bot or other similar hardware and Misuse of Shopee log.

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Your Mobile Phone Number Has Been Used Too Many Times To Register For Shopee Accounts

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If you can’t delete your shopee account due to this reason, you have to contact Shopee customer service representatives and explain why this phone number has been used multiple times to register for Shopee accounts, The reason behind your current account deletion request and If there is anything else we can do to meet your needs rather than deleting this account.

Your Account Has Uncompleted Orders.

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You have to ensure that you have completed all your orders in shopee, including the ones that are still in process or under dispute, before you can request for account deletion. Please note that for both sellers and buyers, a transaction is only considered complete once the money for that transaction has been paid out.

You Still Have Balance In Your Shopee Pay

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You can only request for account deletion once all your withdrawals are complete. Please make sure that you already withdraw your entire Shopee Wallet balance to your bank account.

You Still Have Your Shopee Coins Balance

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Before you request for shopee account deletion, you have to make sure that you have used all your shopee coins and there are no more shopee coins left.

How To Delete a Bank Account In Shopee?

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Are you curious on how to delete a bank account in shopee? Before you can delete or make any correction to your registered bank account details, you need to add the new bank account first. Here are the steps to delete your bank account in shopee.

From Shopee App:

  • Access the Seller Wallet page via My Shop on Shopee App.
  • Select the Settings icon and select My Bank Account.
  • Select the account to be deleted. 
  • Tap the ellipsis button, then choose Delete. Click Yes to confirm.
  • Input OTP sent to your registered mobile number for verification, then tap Continue. 

From Seller Centre:

  • Select the My Balance page via the Seller Centre sidebar menu. 
  • Verify your login password for security.
  • Select account to be deleted under My Bank Account section. 
  • Click Delete, then Confirm.
  • Input OTP sent to your registered mobile number for verification, then tap Continue.

How Do I Clear My Shopee History?

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Here are the steps you need to take to clear your shopee history:

  • Go to Me tab and Tap “Settings or Gear Icon”
  • Tap “About”.
  • Click Clear Cache. 

Can I Have Two Accounts In Shopee?

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You can have more than one account in shopee but to register those accounts you need two different usernames and email addresses. Beside that, you also can log in and use the same Shopee account across multiple devices. All the details of your account, including liked products, comments, and purchase history will remain unchanged.


Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms which offer a lot of things to buy. If you don’t want to use a shopee account again, you might be wondering how to delete a shopee shop or how to deactivate a shopee account. Don’t worry because you can delete your shopee account from shopee account setting.

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