Shopee is an online shopping site that is quite popular in the Philippines. This can not be separated from the various features and discounts provided when shopping at Shopee. Shopee also often hold flash sales. 

Shopee Flash sales are held in the context of promotions held by online shops at Shopee or from Shopee itself. Flash sales held by sellers are usually held at certain moments such as Fashion Sale Day, Skincare Sale Day, and others. So that is why many people are interested in shopping at Shopee. 

Lots of shops selling on Shopee with various categories ranging from Beauty, Electronics, Home Appliances and many others.

It turns out that there are still many, especially new Shopee users, who are still confused about how to shop at Shopee. Then, how to buy in Shopee? How to shop at Shopee is not difficult, especially for those of you who have never used this marketplace. 

How to shop at Shopee through an application on a cellphone is quite easy. For those of you who want to shop at Shopee for the first time and still don’t know how to order/order items at Shopee, the following will explain the steps.

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How to Register to Shopee Philippines as Buyers? 

Before you can start shopping, make sure you have registered an account on Shopee. First of all, you need to download the Shopee Philippines APK from the Play Store or App Store. After that, open the Shopee App, then go to the “Me” tab and click on the “Sign Up” button. 

The next step is you can choose to sign up with a phone number, or use third party accounts such as email, Facebook, or Apple. If you choose to sign up using your phone number, you will get the verification code. Enter the verification code and click “Next”. Remember to not share your verification code to anyone to avoid fraud. 

Next, enter your password. Please create a password that contains at least 8-16 characters, one uppercase and one lowercase letter. After all is done, click on ‘Sign Up’.

You can also sign up with a third party account. By clicking on any of the available third party accounts, you will be able to create a Shopee account respectively. However, because you have not binded any phone number to this account, you will not be able to make a purchase yet hence Shopee strongly suggests you add your phone number to this account. 

After all is done, then you have successfully registered an account in Shopee Philippines. 

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How to Buy in Shopee Philippines?

After you have registered an account in Shopee Philippines, you are ready to buy in Shopee Philippines. Here are the steps you can follow on how to use Shopee to buy products. 

Find Products

Find the products that you want. You can browse through Shopee categories/sub-categories or use the search bar to find your favorite products. You also can check Shopee items for sale that are usually on the front page and marked with “Flash Deal”, etc.

Click on Product

Then, you can click on the product you want to see the details. On the product details page, you can either tap “Chat Now”, “Add to Cart”, or “Buy Now”. Here are the explanations for each of them. 

  • “Chat Now” to discuss or make an offer with the seller or
  • “Add to Cart” to place the selected item on your shopping Shopee cart or
  • “Buy Now” to place an order directly.

Chat the Seller

“Chat now” feature allows you to send a personal message to the seller directly. If you need more help with product details, product variety, and product reviews, you may chat with a seller to get an answer right away.

One of the great functions within the chat feature is “Make Offer”. This is for buyers who would like to offer a different price for the item.

Buy the Product

From the product detail page, tap “Buy Now”. If a variation is available, choose one and indicate your preferred quantity. Once confirmed, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart. Select the products you want and then click the “Check out” button in the Shopping Cart.

Set Delivery Address

On the “Checkout” page, make sure to select your preferred “Delivery Address”. Your order will be delivered to your “Delivery Address” that you choose. If your delivery address is still in the wrong address, you can change it in Account Setting.

Choose Shipping Courier

Still in the Shopee checkout page, choose a shipping courier for your order. How to order in Shopee free shipping? Check the available shipping courier which is suitable for the free shipping, then choose it. Your order will be delivered using the shipping courier that you choose here. 

Choose Payment Method

Lastly, how to purchase from Shopee? You can choose your desired payment method in the “Payment Option”, then purchase according to the method you choose. Once everything is set, tap “Place Order” and you’re all done. That’s all you need to do about how to order in Shopee. So easy, right?


Shopee is an online shopping site that is quite popular in the Philippines. But for those of you who are still new to Shopee, how to order Shopee products? Here are steps on how to shop in Shopee. First you need to register an account first in Shopee Philippines. Then find products that you want through Shopee categories/sub-categories or use the search bar to find your favorite products. 

Click on the product that you want, and click “Buy Now”. You also can chat with the seller by clicking “Check Now”. Then click on the “Checkout” and select your preferred “Delivery Address”, check the available shipping courier, and choose your desired payment method. Tap “Place Order” and you are all done.

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