Lazada Philippines has a lot of features and other things that you can make use of in order to attract more customers and in order to help your store succeed. One of these is the Lazada Voucher Program which allows you to set certain discounts on products, or as a buyer, get the most out of the deals presented to you. Read below to know more about the Lazada Vouchers that you can use. 

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What is Lazada Voucher Philippines?

Lazada Collectible Vouchers. Lazada-wide collectible voucher that will apply a rebate naturally on checkout. Item Page, Voucher Page, Mission Pages. Vouchers that are naturally applied to your request after you have chosen an installment method.

The voucher will be deducted from the measure of the thing that you will purchase. In case you couldn’t utilize it on your first request, it may in any case be legitimate on your next buy. There are additional promotions from Lazada where they give you a voucher or coupon.

Types of Vouchers in Lazada Philippines

There are many different types of vouchers that fall under 3 categories. 

Lazada Voucher

Lazada Collectible Vouchers
Lazada-wide collectible voucher that will apply a discount automatically on checkout.Can be found in Product Page, Voucher Page, Campaign Pages

Lazada Voucher Code
Lazada-wide code that will apply a discount on checkout upon entering code.Can be found in Campaign Pages, External Partners (e.g. Gcash, BDO, Citi, etc.)
Lazada Shipping Fee VoucherLazada-wide collectible voucher that will apply a discount on shipping fee on checkout. Can be found in Voucher Page, Campaign Pages

Payment Vouchers 

Payment Collectible Voucher
Collectible voucher that willapply a discount automaticallywhen you use the requiredpayment method.
Can be found in Voucher Page, Campaign Pages

Payment Voucher Code
Code that will apply discountwhen you use the requiredpayment method.Campaign Pages, External Partners (e.g. Gcash, BDO, Citi, etc.)
Payment Shipping Fee VoucherCollectible voucher that will apply a discount on shipping fee when you use the required payment method.Can be found in Voucher Page, Campaign Pages

Seller Vouchers

Seller-specific collectible
Seller Collectible Voucher voucher that will applyautomatically on checkout.Can be found in Product Page, Voucher Page, Campaign Pages, Seller Stores, Live Streams

Instant Promotion
Anew Promotion that customer can enjoy the discount with eligible payment method/ChannelThe discount automatically appears in the payment section once conditionsare met

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What Vouchers Can You Combine?

There is an ultimately clever way to maximize discounts on Lazada and that is to stack up on vouchers. You can combine up to 5 vouchers if they are all compatible together. 

Combo 1: Lazada Collectible + Seller Collectible + Shipping Voucher.

Combo 2: Instant OFF + Payment Collectible + Code (Platform or Payment Vouchers work)

Combo 3: Seller Collectible + Payment Collectible 

You can check the discounts already applied once you check your payment details.  Note that Seller Collectibles can only apply in one store but can be used per order. Instant OFF are those that are automatically applied in your orders as you checkout. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lazada Vouchers

How might I apply vouchers? 

Vouchers are consequently applied in your truck whenever conditions are met. Kinds of voucher codes like pay vouchers, special vouchers, and so on should be duplicated and entered in the voucher field. You can access it in the Cart and ‘Checkout’ page. 

How could | pick the voucher that will be utilized in my request? 

Make sure to change/pick the voucher Prior to putting in your request. You can at this point don’t alter the voucher on the off chance that you  have effectively submitted the request. 

Collectible vouchers are naturally applied once you meet the voucher agreements. In the event that you have both Lazada Seller vouchers, both can be applied in a similar request. On the off chance that you wish to change/pick the voucher applied to your request, kindly follow the means underneath: 

Stage 1: At the Checkout page, look down to the Vouchers segment under Subtotal. The limits applied to your  request will be recorded. 

Stage 2: Snap on Lazada/Merchant vouchers and pick the voucher you need to apply in your request, or eliminate the voucher from your request. Then, at that point, click Affirm. 

Can you utilize numerous vouchers? 

You can utilize Numerous VOUCHERS in a single request. If it’s not too much trouble, read our article on voucher stacking to realize which vouchers can be utilized together. 

Would I be able to utilize vouchers on Streak Deals and Cut It items? 

Indeed. Streak Deals and Slice It are probably the best arrangement in Lazada, however at that point, you can in any case utilize vouchers for things under this classification. 

Would I be able to in any case utilize the voucher I utilized on a dropped request? 

Our items are at their top of the line costs during a deal. The interest for these deal things is high, so on the off chance that you wish to drop your past orders, and yet again request with the voucher, we can’t ensure that the stock will be accessible. Relax, you can utilize the voucher for an alternate request until its expiry date. 

For what reason is my voucher not working? 

Vouchers may not be working in light of the fact that: 

  • The voucher is lapsed or the use is completely devoured. 
  • The voucher is for single use and was at that point burned-through. 
  • The voucher isn’t material to the thing to be requested. 

There are a few things being sold in Lazada that are not part of the voucher avoidance list. These things have “Voucher not Pertinent” identification presented to advise you that the thing isn’t essential for the exemption. 

The voucher doesn’t meet the accompanying conditions: 

  • For new clients ONLY
  • Exclusive to Lazada App
  • With minimum purchase
  • For specific payment method (Lazada Wallet)
  • The voucher code has erroneous spelling

For what reason can’t I gather a voucher? 

On the off chance that you can’t gather a voucher, it could be a result of the accompanying reasons: 

  • You are attempting to guarantee an all around completely gathered voucher – Venders set a particular number of collectible vouchers. In the event that the set number has been gathered, this message will show up. 
  • It very well may be a restricted voucher – Vouchers might be restricted to a solitary assortment for every client. On the off chance that you’ve as of now gathered a similar voucher, a blunder message will show up.

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