Are you confused on how to add variants on Shopify? You go to the right sites. In this article, we will discuss how to add your product variants on Shopify.

What Are Variants?

There might be variants in the product you sell like the color, size etc. As a business owner, you are allowed to create your product variation in Shopify. Shopify allows their sellers to add up more than 100 product variants in their product listing but before we discuss how to add more than 100 variants on Shopify, you need to know what variant is. 

So variants are the selection of the product that the seller sells. As we know, in one product, there might be several types of size and color. So to know what size and color that buyer wants to buy, the seller needs to add the product variant. For your information, sellers are allowed to add up to 100 variants for each product and 3 customized options. 

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Besides that, you are allowed to edit the price and also other adjustments like shipping options and inventory for each product variant. The product variations vary and it depends on the product they sell. Some products like clothes have the available size or colors but other products might not have that too.

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Considerations for Adding Variants

You might be curious on how to add color swatches in Shopify. Since there are many product variations you can add like the product colors, materials, sizes and price, you can add up the variations and option limits by using a third-party app from the Shopify App Store if you have more than 3 product options and 100 variants.

If that happens, you need to customize your code to extract the line item properties and if you want to save other specialized information regarding how to add variants on Shopify, then you need to use metafields to help you add custom fields to your variant details pages. You can also use the free Shopify theme like dawn to add any references to your product variant.

If your store has around 50,000 or more variants, you can use CSV file import to help you upload the product variants. With this application, you can add more than 1,000 variants just in a day before the limit has reached. Once you have reached the limit, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can add other variants by using CSV file import. 

Add Variants While You’re Creating a Product

How to add more than 3 variants on Shopify? Here are the steps you need to take to know how to create products on Shopify: 

  • Log in to your Shopify admin page and go to the product section.
  • Choose Add product page.
  • Find the Variants section and click Add variant.
  • In this section, you need to name your product options such as weight, color, size and so on. Remember to add commas if you want to separate the option values.
  • Then if your product has more than one variant, you need to click add to input the other product’s option.
  • Once you have done adding your new product options, you need to import the variants which you can see on the product information page. 
  • After you have done all the mentioned steps above, you are ready to sell your products by clicking the save button to finish the steps.
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Add Options to an Existing Product

If you are curious on how to add different prices on Shopify for your existing products, here are the steps you need to take for it:

  • Log in to your Shopify account and go to the admin page.
  • Select product and go to the All product section.
  • Navigate to the variant section and click add variant.
  • Then you need to fill in all the required product variants and option values information there.
  • Click save if you have done.

Add a Variant by Duplicating an Existing Variant

After you know how to show product variants in Shopify, now it is the time to add a variant by duplicating an existing variant. By using the duplicating variants method, you will not have to enter the product’s details again which will save more of your time. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  • Go to your Shopify account and choose the product section on your Shopify admin page and select all products.
  • Choose the product that you want to add new variants to.
  • Look at the product information page and choose the variant section and click the variant that you want to duplicate.
  • Edit one of the data information so that you can make a duplicate. It is because Shopify will not allow you to save any duplicates with no differences.
  • Once you have finished the process, click save.
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Add Several Variants at Once by Using a Bulk Action

How to add custom options on Shopify? Actually the way how to add custom options on Shopify is the same as how to add pictures to variants on Shopify. If you have many product variants, you can use bulk action to help you add your massive variants faster. Here is how to do it:

  • Login to your Shopify account and go to the product section.
  • Select all products in the left side menu on the  Shopify admin page.
  • Select  the product that you want to create the additional variants.
  • Find the Variants section on the product information page and choose the variants you want to copy and duplicate.
  • Enter the new variant value that you want to create and choose the information from the existing variants.
  • Select duplicate to copy the data.
  • Click save once it is done.


There might be product variations when you are selling things. Inserting the product category and variation is important so that you can know which products that your buyer wants to buy. You can add up to 100 variations on Shopify by taking the steps above. You need to do market search too because it will help you to increase your sales.

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