Digital goods Shopee see any goods that are delivered, stored and employed in electronic format. Selling these sorts of goods are shipped through email or download from the web.

Shopee has been considered one amongst the foremost known online marketplaces within the Philippines.

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You can buy and sell any items within the online shop, whether it’s women’s or men’s apparel, kitchen utensils, home decors, entertainment items, sports and travel, health and private care, appliances, mobile accessories, makeup, and fragrances then way more.

Utilising Shopee can facilitate your sell your digital goods in a very convenient way.

Examples Of Digital Goods Sold On Shopee

Digital goods include but aren’t limited to the subsequent items:

  • Ebooks
  • Audio Files or Audiobooks
  • Credits or Digital Currency
  • Game Accounts
  • E- load
  • Designs (Logo design, 3D Models and VR/AR templates)
  • Graphics & Digital Arts
  • Software Copies of Games, Movies, and Installers
  • Advertisements
  • Video Contents
  • Writing Contents

How To Sell Digital Goods Shopee In The Philippines

How to sell digital goods in Shopee Philippines? Here some steps for you how to sell digital goods Shopee in the Philippines: 

1. Ensure That Your Number Is Verified

How to sell ebooks on Shopee? Before you begin selling, you’ll have to make sure that your number is verified with Shopee. After ensuring that your number is verified, Shopee requires a seller to test if the merchandise they’re trying to sell isn’t under the prohibited items. After this process, you’ll then receive an email on the way to founding your shop.

2. Tap “My Shop” Under The Me Tab; Afterward, Tap “Add New Product” In My Shop

The next step, you wish to tap my shop then move to tap add new product in my shop page.

3. Upload Good Quality Photos Of The Items That You Want To Sell

Shopee digital voucher? Here some tips for next steps:

  • Tap Camera if you wish to require an image of an item.
  • Tap Photos if you wish to settle on an existing photo of an item from your stored images in an exceedingly gallery.
  • Tap Instagram if you would like to require a photograph from your account on Instagram.
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4. Fill In The Details Of Your Digital Products

Make certain to fill within the product details, including the product’s name, description of the merchandise, category, stock, price and variation. After filling within the necessary information, tap “Submit,” and your product is now listed on Shopee.

Is Selling Digital Goods A Good Idea On Shopee In The Philippines?

What are digital goods in Lazada? Selling digital goods on a platform like Shopee is very lucrative and hassle-free. Thanks to these benefits and lots of others, selling digital goods is often a superb idea for your business.

After rummaging through the way to sell digital goods in Shopee, you will have some additional questions on how good selling on Shopee is. Therefore have covered the foremost areas below.


Non SSL Shopee Philippines? Shopee was ready to provide their target markets another version in terms of offering their products.

Even though Lazada was called the highest one (1) in terms of e-commerce when Shopee entered the market by the late month of 2015, they may place third within the overall standing within the e-commerce industry. Shopee offered various products, meeting the meticulous and detailed needs and desires of their target market.

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Shopee also offers rebates to draw in its customers to get more. Shopee coins are earned once a successful purchase and delivery are confirmed.

Buyer’s Protection

A notable feature that offers Shopee a bonus over other online stores is its Shopee Guarantee. It offers customer security over their purchases, protecting them against fraudulent sellers and faux or defective items.

Selling Digital Products In The Philippines: Pros

Listing products on Shopee? Here some the pros reason if you selling digital products in the Philippines:

  • Since you’re offering digital goods, you may not have a controversy paying additional space for storing costs.
  • Unlike the other goods, maintaining the amount of remaining items won’t be an issue for you.
  • Digital products don’t have any tangible items, as customers will purchase items in downloads. Consequently, it automatically eliminates the requirement to cater to shipping hassles.
  • Once an order has been placed for your digital product, you simply must share a link or file with the customer. The customer will then receive the merchandise on download; hence it results from a second delivery.
  • Once you have created your digital line of merchandise, it won’t cost you to sell online. you’ll not face problems of incurring additional costs, like rent and supplies of things. Hence, you’ll make over 100% of the sale amount.
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Selling Digital Products In The Philippines: Cons

Here some the pros reason if you selling digital products in the Philippines:

  • When selling digital products online, it’s necessary to confirm that the server you’re using is up and running, always. If your server is down, your buyer will have to wait until the system is up. Therefore, the concept of selling digital products would require enormous server maintenance costs for choosing high bandwidth.
  • Selling digital goods is providing an honest source of income. Hence many are jumping into the business. As there’s a rise in competition for selling digital goods, business owners list their products at very cheap possible prices to realise more advantage.

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Why Choose Shopee?

Technology is really an excellent advantage for each person in a very business. It’s also beneficial for consumers who seek convenient yet cost-friendly finds. That’s why e-commerce is a wonderful opportunity and avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs and avid but busy shopaholics.

For Shopee, although there have been some limitations and challenges, it still maintained its position through its innovations and is usually improving through the years because it is the leading e-commerce player within the Philippines and Southeast Asia as a whole.

As they create an enormous name for his or her industry, they ought to always attempt to continue with the changes and systematically seek them rationally. If they successfully do so, in no time, they might possibly be the number one e-commerce player within the Philippines and hopefully in the entire Asia.

How To Sell Digital Goods On Shopee: Take Away

How to sell digital goods in Lazada? Here some tips for you how to sell digital goods on Shopee:

  • Selling digital goods within the Philippines is often a really lucrative business as costs remain low throughout.
  • Shopee features a list of prohibited digital items, and it’s recommended to review these before selling your item.
  • Indeed it’s possible to sell digital items on Shopee.
  • It’s always possible to sell ebooks on Shopee Philippines.
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Shopee banned products? Shopee payment options have more methods than Lazada, though. Shopee customers pay for his or her online purchases through online banking, over-the-counter bank deposits,, remittance centres and payment centres.

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