Finding a method to earn a living and achieve success in today’s world is extremely challenging, especially in times of economic uncertainty. However, with the advent of Ecommerce, this is no longer necessary. The online market has grown dramatically in recent years, and ecommerce sites like Lazada and Shopee have aided millions of people in their pursuit of financial independence. The Marketplace Seller is one of the most fundamental Lazada Seller Types.

For example, Lazada has grown to become one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the Philippines as a result of its broad features that make online transactions simple for both customers and sellers. One of these characteristics is the Lazada Philippines website. Hopefully, this post will assist you in better understanding this feature so that you, too, might potentially benefit from it and achieve commercial success.

What is Delivered by Seller in Lazada Philippines?

Seller Own Fleet (SOF), formerly known as Seller Own Vehicle (SOV), is a delivery option in Seller Centre (SC) that is designed exclusively for sellers who use their own vehicles to fulfill special delivery kinds or services.

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How to Qualify as Delivered by Seller?

The following are the aspects that were taken into account when authorizing the use of the Delivered by Seller option:

  • Lazada Fresh is a food delivery service (fresh and frozen goods) Customers who require customized shipping arrangements that are not provided by Lazada’s authorized Delivery Partners are eligible to apply (E.g. Live Plants etc.).
  • Sellers who provide value-added services to their customers (E.g. Installation Service) • Delivery kinds that fall outside of the service boundaries of LEL Delivery Partners (E.g. Super Bulky Sized Parcel Delivery).

How to Submit a Request as Delivered by Seller?

Applicants should submit an application through this form: Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before proceeding. Please keep in mind that we will consider your request on an individual basis and not on a blanket basis. Please anticipate receiving a phone call or email within the next two business days.

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What is the New Application Process for Delivered by Seller?

Please follow the instructions on this page to set up your Lazada store: Lazada Store Creation for new sellers. 

Store Creation Guidelines:

  • Register at to receive updates.
  • Don’t forget to read and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.
  • Then, using this form:, you can ask for geo-restriction for your DBS SKUs on your Lazada Store.
  • Please wait for an email from Lazada, which should arrive within 2 business days, with instructions on the following stages. Please follow up with PSC via chat if you have any questions.
  • Once the confirmation email is received, the request has been handled, and the SKUs can be set to DBS for LIVE status.
  • Get your business up and running! Deliver using your own fleet or through a third-party courier service.
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What are the Responsibilities of Delivered by Seller Category?

Order fulfillment will be the responsibility of DBS vendors throughout the full order fulfillment process, which should include the following:

  • Reliability: Make certain that what was promised to the consumer is accurate, whether it was in the product description page or through instant messaging.
  • Buyer care: Respond to consumer questions about delivery.
  • Buyer care: Buyers should be treated with the utmost courtesy. Assure that all orders are delivered to customers within a reasonable time frame (meeting the SOT SLA), and that all orders are delivered to buyers within the period promised or communicated to buyers.
  • Seller Center update: Ensure that the order status is updated in the appropriate manner.

Shipping Details for Delivered by Seller (DBS) Category

DBS Program vendors will have distinct rate cards per category to suit the various delivery arrangements of our sellers and to ensure that delivery prices are in line with industry norms, a win-win situation for both merchants and purchasers.

Use a partial shipping fee subsidy with no minimum spend to adjust the shipping fee if the total is less than the minimum spend. If the difference is larger than: remain with the rate card or include the difference in the item price. If you offer free delivery, you should run free shipping promotions. 

What will be the delivery guarantee that will be displayed to customers? On the product page for SKUs that are marked as Delivered by Seller, there will be no calculation of the delivery promise. It is recommended that sellers include a commitment to deliver within a specified time frame in their PDP specifications. Customers will be recommended to contact the Seller directly in order to obtain an anticipated delivery window.

FAQs and Order Fulfillment

You will get new orders on the Pending tab of your Seller Center Order Overview page, which is accessible via your Seller Center Order Overview page. – It should be noted that the Shipping Information for DBS is still listed as Dropshipping on the Pending tab. It will be delivered by the seller once you have clicked on the ‘Ready to Ship’ button.

When you’ve finished packing these orders, select ‘Ready to Ship’ from the drop-down menu. – It is critical for hybrid sellers to ‘extend’ the order by clicking on the ‘+’ button and then selecting ‘Ready to Ship’ from the drop-down menu. There is no requirement to print the airway bill.

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