Many people are curious why COD not available Lazada? Do you want to get the answer to the question? Let’s read this article to get more information about it.

How Does COD/POD Work?

Have you ever heard about COD Lazada? COD Lazada or usually known as cash on delivery is one of Lazada payment methods that allow buyers to pay their order when the order has been delivered and received by the buyer. 

You might be curious on how COD works? For your information, not all items in Lazada can be paid in the COD payment method. Only the items with the price of below Php 3000 can be paid using cash on delivery items in Lazada. 

Customers will be able to check the availability of the COD payment method in the PDP page or in the checkout page. If the customer’s location is not reachable, the cash on delivery payment method will not be able to and the page will be grayed out.

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Cash On Delivery For Delivered By Seller Items

There are 4 delivery options in Lazada and one of the delivery options is delivered by seller Lazada. This means the Lazada seller will be the one who delivers the package on their own to you. The seller will need to pack the customer order first based on Lazada packaging guidelines.

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Benefits Of Cash On Delivery

Do you know what is Non COD meaning? Lazada non COD means you can’t pay your order when it arrives but you need to pay before the order has been packed. Here are the benefit of cash on delivery

  • Lowered cost. By using the COD payment, you might get lowered transaction fees.
  • Get more exposure and boost up your sales. 
  • You might get discount vouchers that might increase your product visibility.
  • Increase buyer confidence
  • There is no additional delivery charges for COD.
  • One of seller protection for any lost and cancelation
  • Help to grow and expand business


Here are 4 mechanics in Lazada you need to know 

  • Automatic debit from non COD payments – all cash on delivery transaction will be debited automatically and the payment will be directed 
  • Commission structure – The commission structure will be based on what type of sellers you are like LazMall, Non LazMall or COOP
  • Security Deposit – For a safety of Lazada no more cash on delivery, security deposit will ensure the customer financial balance
  • Optional – You can choose the service if you want to

How To Get Started

How to order in Lazada COD? Here are how to get started 

  • Go to Lazada website and choose cash on delivery
  • Then you need to enable the cash on delivery payment method by clicking yes and remember you need to fill in the data needed
  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions. Once you have read carefully, you need to tick the box that state you are agree with all the terms and condition
  • After that, you need to wait for minimum 48 hours for COD to be turned on

How To Know If Orders Are Cash On Delivery

Why cash on delivery is not available in Lazada? Your cash on delivery might not be available if you do not meet all the terms and conditions. If you want to know whether your orders are available for cash on delivery payment or not, you can go and find the payment method in the order overview.

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How To Fulfill Orders Using Cash On Delivery

Here are the guidelines on how to fulfill orders using cash on delivery for seller

  • Seller can use their own deliver service and collect the payments on cash once the buyer received the order
  • Seller also able to use the third party logistics and might be charged for extra cash handling, round trip and purchase service

Delivery Guidelines For Cash On Delivery

Here are the delivery guidelines for cash on delivery you need to know such as:

  • Contact buyer to confirm their address and existence. Don’t forget to inform that you are going to deliver their package
  • Establish the delivery procedure such as confirm customers address, deliver package, pick up, wait for buyer for sign the delivery proof
  • Make sure to do physical distancing
  • Disinfect the cash paid by buyer
  • Don’t forget to use mask and sanitize your hands

Payout Details

Here are the things you might find out in the payout details such as:

  • Payout – payout is made in every Thursday when the order has been delivered
  • Commission fee – The commission fee will be based on what type of seller you are
  • Security deposit – security deposit will be deducted from the usual payment 

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Here are some of frequently asked question about Lazada you need to know

Order Fulfillment And Logistics

Here are some frequently asked question about order fulfillment and logistics you need to know such as

Can I use my own logistics for the package delivery?

Answer : Absolutely yes, sellers are allowed to use their own logistics to deliver the customers orders.

Who will pay If there is a cash handling charge when using third party logistics? 

Answer : Seller will be the one who pays any charges that might occur when delivering products to buyers.

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Shipping Fee

How much is the shipping fee? The shipping fee varies because it depends on how big your package is and how far the destination is. You might be curious on how much the Lazada free shipping fee is? For your information, the shipping fee for Lazada Fresh is 200 Pesos and you can choose the payment method you want whether you want the COD or non COD payment.

What If COD Not Available Lazada

If you can’t use the COD payment method, there are 2 possibilities such as you don’t meet the COD terms and conditions or your destination is not reachable. If the reason is that, you have to pay in another payment method.


COD or cash on delivery is one of Lazada’s payment methods. When you use this payment method, you will pay your package in cash when it has arrived at your address.

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