Are you intending to be a Lazada seller and curious about how much commission does Lazada charge for each seller? Actually it will depend on what type of seller you are. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s check this article out!

Payment Cycle

Are you curious about the Lazada payment fee calculation? Before we talk more about the calculation. Let’s discuss Lazada first. Lazada is one of the leading marketplace in the Philippines where you can sell many product categories. When you become a Lazada seller, your business might be more visible.

The question is who can sell things in Lazada? Actually all people can sell things in  Lazada but they need to fulfill the requirements first. Here are the requirements you need to fulfill such as:

  • Has a business license
  • Has a payoneer card that is registered as an enterprise.
  • The registered email and phone number
  • Has e-commerce sales experience

The other question is how Lazada pay seller? So there is a payment cycle in Lazada which means the order’s payment will be paid when the status is delivered or in the other word, the seller will be paid once their buyer has received the order. 

This payment cycle period covers in a week starting from Monday until Sunday and the payment will be made next Thursday via bank account so that you need to make sure that you have registered your bank account number in the Lazada app.

For the Lazada’s microseller, the first payout will be paid up to three weeks after the first account statement generated in the Lazada seller center. This is because there is verification needed before the payment is released to the buyer.

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Charges and Other Fees

If you want to be a Lazada seller, you might be curious on how much does Lazada charge sellers Philippines and whether there is a Lazada commission fee. And the answer is yes, there is a Lazada commission rate 2022. The Lazada commission fee Philippines 2022 rate range is from 4% to 8%. 

You might also be curious about Lazada fees for sellers. Is it free to sell in Lazada? For your information, there is a setup fee when selling things in Lazada. Not only set up fees and  Lazada commission fee 2022, some sellers also pay an advertising fee to promote their business and to stay competitive.

Here are the common charges that might occur on a regular delivery order you need to know such as:

  • Item price credit – a price that seller sst for an item.
  • Payment fee – the cost which calculated based on how many products does buyer buy.
  • Shipping Fee – the cost that occurs due to the product shipment from seller to buyer which is calculated based on how the destination is and also the package dimension.
  • Commission – the amount of money that seller need to pay but this is only available for Lazmall seller only.

When you offer promotion to your products, here are several charges that seller might get such as:

  • Promotional charges voucher – this is discounts that provided by Lazada seller for their buyer.
  • Promotional charges of Flexi Combo – This charge will only be available for bundled items.

Here are the charges that might occurs when buyer use the discount voucher such as:

  • Shipping fee voucher (by Lazada) – The shipping fee voucher that are distributed by Lazada.
  • Auto Shipping fee subsidy (by Lazada) – The shipping fee that subsidy by Lazada.

If you lost your package that has been paid, here are the charges that might occurs, such as:

  • Lost claim – the paid payment that has been tagged as lost.
  • Payment fee correction the undercharge – the fee that charges to pay the buyer lost claim.

Beside the charges that might occurs as mentioned above, there is still additional fee for microsellers such as:

  • COPP fee admin fee – the charge is 1% based on the item sales or credit.
  • COOP One-time membership fee – one time charges fee with the amount of Php100 .which deducted at the first sellers payout.
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Statement of Account Generation

If you are confused on how to print your Lazada commission account, you can go directly to the Lazada seller center but this is only available for corporate sellers. For your information, your Lazada fees statement can only be generated in the Seller Center when you have delivered the orders. Here is how to get the statement.

  • Step 1 –  Go to your Lazada account.
  • Step 2 – Then, you need to go to Lazada seller center.
  • Step 3 – After that, click on Finance.
  • Step 4 – Choose account statement.
  • Step 5 – The last step is select the payout initiated.

For other sellers besides the corporate seller, your Lazada fulfillment fee statement will be sent directly to your email before the payout schedule.

New LazMall Commission Rate

Are you curious about Lazada commission fee Philippines 2022? There are new Lazmall commission rates which are  effective from october 7,2021. For the category of electronics, the new rate is 2% and for the category of FMCG is 3%.

You can get advantages in this Lazmall new commission rate such as help to expand your assortment and invest in the Lazada tools that drive traffic, sales and also loyalty. Here are things you need to do to help your business in Lazada.

  • Add new items or brands in Lazada Mall – upload new offerings or and new brand.
  • Invest in sponsored solution – boost your products and drive million of buyers on Lazada to your item.
  • Join Free Shipping max and cashback program – to ensure conversion and sales by offering Lazada voucher Philippines that partially subsidized by Lazada.
  • Join Lowest Price Guarantee – Reprice your items and offer your lowest price to attract penny pitching buyers.
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Who doesn’t know about Lazada e-commerce. Lazada is one of the leading e-commerce companies where you can sell many kinds of products. To be a Lazada seller, you need to create your account and there is also a fee you need to pay such as commission fee, set up fee, etc.

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