When you are setting up and running a business, you need to follow the business trends but do you know what is business trends? Business trends are businesses that are set up based on the things happening in society nowadays. Do you want to know more about business trends in the Philippines? In this article, we will discuss the happening business trends in the Philippines. Let’s check this article out!

12 Happening Business Trends Right Now

Nowadays the business trend has changes. These changes will depend on consumers’ habits and also what things are booming in the society. The changes usually in global shift and all of need to follow and adapt with the trends accordingly. 

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What are business trends? So, business trends Philippines is the things happening in the Philippines that the business owners adopt in their business. For example, nowadays people are doing online shopping. Many people refuse to go to market especially in the pandemic situation, you can follow the trend by selling your product online and offer a free delivery.

Are you curious about the business trends Philippines 2022? Here are the business trends examples for you.

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Sustainable Operation

The first industry trends example is sustainable operation. Sustainability means the ability to maintain at a certain level. This means you need to set up a business that is having sustainable operation. You need to set up a business that can survive in the long term. When you ignore the business sustainability, your business will not run well


Optimisation is important when running a business. The optimisation can help to decentralize your business data. By optimizing your business, you can reach your business goals easily.

Go Green

A new trend nowadays to minimize global warming is to use green products. By offering a go green products can help to add value to your business like staff, local communities and also board members.

Stay Agile

Making your business to stay agile is a new trend nowadays especially in the pandemic situation. You have to restructure your business supply chain and also your production move. It helps to lead the positive array to your business products and services. Besides that, it increases the customer satisfaction.

Embrace Virtual Reality

Another business trends 2022 is embracing virtual reality in their product. No one can predict what virtual reality will be and what is the effect for business. Virtual reality is popular nowadays and definitely the things you need to offer in your business products and services.

Lead with Science

All things in your business must be led together with science. No matter what business you are running, using science in your business will help your business development. You have to create an innovative solution to lead your business into the success road.

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The Balance between Human Workers and Intelligent Robots

Another trends for 2022 business is the balance between Human workers and intelligent robots. As we know, artificial intelligence or AI is increasing nowadays. One of the AI examples you can see nowadays is capable robots.

You can see many robots that are used in the restaurant that help to deliver your order. Since artificial intelligence has increased, many people are questioning how to keep the balance between humans and machines. Will humans be replaced by machines? Even though machines are really helpful and affect all industries, we must keep the balance between AI and humans too.

Flatter Organizations

Organization has been structured and hierarchical. As a leader, you need to have agile staff as well as its structures because it helps your business to reorganize properly. Besides that, it is important to have flatter organizations too. It helps your business organization to be more flexible when working.


Another business trend nowadays is product and brand authenticity. Customers are looking for brands and products authenticity. This brands and products will help you keep human connection since people like to use branded things that is authentic. The authentic product with a famous brand will gain profit because there are usually brand lovers. Besides that, this authenticity brings a connection between brand owner and customer.

Purposeful Business

Besides the authentic brand and product, your business needs to be purposeful and meaningful. Don’t keep chasing the profit, you need to create useful products with a meaningful purpose. A meaning purpose means your business and its product need the strong vision and mission that make your products different from others. 

Co-opetition and Integration

Co-opetition and integration also have been a business trend nowadays. Since the business has never been integrated, having a co-opetition and integration in business is really a good job because it will help your business to solve any problems or challenges that you might face while running a business.

When you keeping to stay far and not integrated with organization or partnership, it might harm your business. To solve any problems, you need to be integrated and corporate with others organizations because it will be the one that gives you information by sharing their data and other information.

New Forms of Funding

Funding is important when you are running a business. In these new business trends, the way people handle their finances is also changing. The new systems, mechanisms and platforms have been sprung up between investors and the business owners. This new form of funding is driven and decentralized by the financial movement nowadays. 

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When you are setting up and running a business, you need to follow what things are happening in the society so that your business will be more up to date. You can try to do market research to find out the business idea and what things are booming in your nation. Once you have found out the trending business ideas, you can try to write it in the business plan. It will help to lead your business success. 

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