Shopee launched a new program called Brand Membership Shopee in order to help brands capture more growth online and enable brands on Shopee Mall to build deeper connections with potential and existing customers and convert them into valuable lifetime customers.

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What exactly is a brand membership of Shopee? Are there any rewards or benefits that one can claim after becoming a member? How to register and become a part of Shopee Brand Membership? Here we’re going to get you your desired answer, so make sure you don’t stop scrolling through!

What is Brand Membership Shopee?

According to Shopee, the Brand Membership program is a customer management and retention tool which will enable brands on Shopee Mall to maintain and gain loyal customers. This tool has been available across seven service areas of Shopee that include, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Quoting from Martin Yu, the Director at Shopee Philippines, he says “with consumers now spending a larger part of their shopping journey online, we want to empower brands with more ways to capture their customers at every touchpoint.” Thus, the Shopee Brand Membership program is launched.

The main idea of this program is actually to give brands more control in cultivating their customer relationships on Shopee. Brands can customize their own membership programs for customers, this include the welcome gift, number of membership tiers, and brand loyalty points awarded to members for every purchase.

Members of this program can accumulate points based on their spending or purchase at the Mall shop and exchange for rewards. Rewards as mentioned includes shop-specific benefits such as exclusive free gifts, vouchers, up to the discretion of the Mall shop. Some shops also offer bonus points for new signups members and these points are valid for 12 months counted from the date they’re earned.

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Not only that, vouchers gained from Shopee Mall Brand Membership can also be stacked with other Shopee vouchers which offer more savings and at the same time, helps in promoting more sales further to brands.

In Addition to Shopee customer retention, this membership program will provide brands with an effective way to identify and manage different customer segments through an understanding of their profiles, purchasing habits, and preferences. Hence, brands can create personalised experiences from time to time as well as running more campaigns in the future.

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Is Shopee Brand Membership Free?

Joining the program itself doesn’t require any registration fee. As long as you have a Shopee account, then you’re eligible for becoming a member. However, you need to make a purchase if you want to upgrade your tier levels.

For basic tiers, there will be no expiry date to the validity of its tier. For the subsequent tiers, you have to fulfil the spending amount criteria that has been set by each brand. Upon qualification for non-Basic tiers, the tiers status will be valid for 12 months from the date of being qualified.

When the 12 months validity is due, there’s two possibilities:

  • You will retain the tier status for another 12 months if your spending amount for the last 12 months is sufficient; or
  • You’ll be downgraded to the tier you qualify for if your spending amount spent in the last 12 months is insufficient to keep the current tier status.

Note that brand membership points earned per dollar spent may vary across different Mall shops as it’s each Mall prerogative right to decide how many points a dollar costs. Also, Brand Memberships are independent for other Shopee reward programs such as Shopee Rewards, Mum’s Club, etcetera.

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How Do I Become a Member of Shopee?

You can join any Brand Membership program as a Basic tier member by doing the following steps:

  • Launch your Shopee app and go to “Me” tab;
  • Look for “Shopee Rewards” and tap on it;
  • Choose “Brand Membership”, browse and select your desired brand;
  • Fill in “Your Information” and click on the agreements of Term and Conditions;
  • Click “Join” and you’ve successfully become a member of the respective brands you register for.

How Do I Earn Brand Membership Points?

After joining a membership program of Shopee, your other concern may be asking about “how do i earn points”? As we have stated above, to earn brand membership points the main thing you have to do is purchase from the Shopee Mall shop which offers the membership program. Some of them do offer bonus points for new sign ups so you can look for that one if you wish for extra points.

Points will be automatically added to your Brand Membership account once you successfully complete an order from the Mall shop. If there’s a case where the order is cancelled, refunded, or returned, the points won’t be valid and won’t be accumulated to your current point.

All these points, same as the non-Basic above tiers, are valid for 12 months starting from the day the points were earned on. You can also review your current Brand Memberships tiers as well as the benefits by following this steps:

  • Go to “Shop” tab on a Shopee Mall shop page;
  • Click on “View My Brand Membership”, then select tier;
  • Swipe up the tier card in order to view benefits of subsequents tier;
  • You can also view records of your points accumulation and history of usage by selecting your point balance in and tap “Point History”.

For additional information, know that points accumulated under a Brand Membership programme are non transferable so only the member who earns the point can use it within the mall shop where the points were earned.

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If you choose to quit the Brand Membership programme, all of your accumulated points as well as the spending and earned tier will be forfeited. Also, any subsequent signups on the same Mall shop will be considered as new applications.

So are you ready to sign for the Brand Membership program and start earning the juicy discount offers? Or you are inspired to sign up to become one of the brands that offer benefits and discounts to every Shopee user? It’s a good dream that you need to keep fighting for if you want to start your own business and have your own brand.

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