Best product to sell in Shopee? During the pandemic outbreak, many folks need more extra income. one among them may be by selling on Shopee. Why must you sell on Shopee? And what are the foremost sold items in Shopee? Read this text for more explanations.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Know Best Product to Sell in Shopee

While having your own eCommerce store does have its merits, here are some known benefits of selling on a marketplace like Shopee and to know best selling products in Shopee Philippines.

There Is No Financial Burden

By using Shopee, you may be ready to start selling online immediately with no upfront cost. As compared, if you opt to run your own eCommerce store, you’ve got to get hold of the domain, hosting, and also the development of the web site (which are some things you’re not readily prepared for if you’re atiny low business).

Rich In Traffic

When you start an eCommerce store, you’ve got to create interest and traffic from scratch. Meanwhile, if you become a Shopee seller, not only does one get to ascertain your online store is free from charge but you furthermore might get to enjoy free traffic (which means you’ll immediately have a chance to create sales at the start of your launching).

You Don’t Have to Worry About Logistics

If you’ve got an eCommerce store, you have got to voluntarily pair up with certain logistics services to assist you within the delivery of your products. Meanwhile, as a Shopee seller, you simply should take your pick and so you’ll be able to have your product picked up or dropped off after you receive your first order.

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Free Live Streaming Platform

Live commerce or live streaming is currently the foremost popular thanks to market and sell products online. Even without Shopee, you’ll still participate during this trend.

What is the Best Item to Sell on Shopee?

Top selling items on Shopee 2022? Shopee’s growth during a virulent disease shows how e-commerce is flourishing. In 2020, about 47.33 million monthly visitors were recorded. This huge e-commerce company incorporates a global presence, but geographical area reported the foremost visitors.

With many promotions and discounts, you’ll be able to attract more customers to shop in your shop. Moreover the biggest attraction for sellers of Shopee is that it’s commission free. aside from that it also provides free shipping for the primary 5kg.

For those of you who are progressing to create a store in Shopee Philippines, here are the best selling items on Shopee Philippines.

Muji Humidifier

Top selling products in Shopee Philippines 2022? Muji humidifiers are preferred due to their calm results. It fills the air with a refreshing scent and causes you to feel good. Great for relieving stress and calming the mind and body. It also has an LED night light function. These Shopee products on sale have over 5.800 Muji humidifiers.

Xiaomi TV Box

Top selling items on Shopee 2022? Due to the outbreak of COVID, people were either banned or switched to remote work. During this era, sales of entertainment equipment accelerated. Xiaomi TV Box recorded a sales surplus at Shopee. In 2021 it clothed to be one among the highest selling products in Shopee Philippines.

BTO Group Buy Mat Mop

The goal of all homeowners is to search out the simplest thanks to keep evil insects and insects far from their property. This is often possible with a BTO group mat purchased in large quantities from Shopee. The matte effect attracted many buyers, and also the competitive price of free shipping attracted attention.

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Why Should You Sell On Shopee?

A record-breaking 80 million items were bought online within 24 hours during Shopee’s 2019 12.12 Shopping Festival. This top geographic region eCommerce platform had a powerful performance for the 11.11 Shopping Festival too, with 70 million items sold in 24 hours.

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How Can You Be a Successful Shopee Seller?

When it involves online selling, more isn’t always better. This suggests that if you sell many products, it doesn’t always equate to raised sales. Product selection is crucial within the quality of the leads and conversions that you’ll be going for in the longer term.

Even though the amount of products you may find in Shopee is limitless, you merely have to specialise in those that are considered to be competitive because these are those which will actually result in sales.

That highly recommends conducting research through Split Dragon to determine an inventory of your potential leading products. Obtaining this list are going to be a success in selecting which products you wish to dive into.

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What is the Best Product Category to Sell in Shopee?

Top selling items in Shopee 2022? This combination of special sale events and large purchase volumes has attracted online sellers around the region, knowing that every eCommerce Marketplace event represents a lucrative opportunity.

It is easier to sell nowadays too, due to Shopee Seller Centre’s numerous marketing tools top selling products online From Shop to cross-sell and increase basket size, Flash Deals to boost exposure, and My Vouchers for promotion and conversion) to assist grow businesses and boost sales revenues.

Home Appliance and Baby Products

Thanks to rapid urbanisation and growing affluence, we are seeing an increase in demand for baby products and housewares on Shopee. per research by Nielsen, 10% of households in geographical areas have children but a year old, and 13% with kids aged 1-2.

This means the region’s consumers are changing their lifestyles as they form families and build their own homes.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Southeast Asia has one in all the best rates of mobile usage worldwide, clocking in a median of three.6 hours per day.

Ways To Find The Best Products To Sell In Shopee

Below are some proven ways to identify the best products to sell on Shopee and how to sell products in Shopee Philippines 2022:

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Conduct Market Research

In finding the simplest products to sell in Shopee, that recommend doing marketing research. Split Dragon features a research tool exclusive for the Shopee platform wherein it allows you research certain data about the merchandise niches.

Find a Customer Pain Point & Connect It To a Product

Customer pain points are always worth listening to. What leads people to possess purchase intent is once they have a controversy that certain products are able to solve.

Capitalise On Popular Hobbies

Solving an issue or satisfying a desire isn’t the sole reason to form or introduce a profitable product. you may find that folks are quite willing to speculate in a very trade or hobby that they’re obsessed with.

People’s willingness to shop for items that they have for his or her hobbies is a superb qualifier for product selection.

Observe Early Trends

Brands that are considered market leaders usually gained their status not because they’re the simplest within the industry (although quality is additionally a factor) but because they were one in every of the pioneering brands of the market.


That’s all the foremost sold items in Shopee 2021. you’ll be able to try and sell one in all the products that are listed above. After all, you wish to place some promos or discounts to draw in more customers to your shop.

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