A similar holiday to Singles’ Day is observed every year on November 11th by single people, this is the Single Day in the Philippines. Many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, have adopted the day as a national holiday naming it National Single Day 2021. Historically, this is a significant day in the Philippines’ ecommerce industry.

People who have not yet found their ideal mate might commemorate the occasion by buying purchases for themselves on the internet. For this day, several ecommerce companies are offering attractive discounts to entice customers. 11.11 sales are the name given to ecommerce sales that occur on this day.

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11 Tips to Enjoy 11.11 Sale in the Philippines

If you are planning on purchasing a few items during the 11.11 deals, you should keep the following recommendations in mind to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. These suggestions are covered in further detail in the following portion of this article.

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Prepare Your Wish List

It’s a good idea to create a list of desired items before a sale starts. On November 11th, you may find special offers on a variety of items. From smart devices to small electronics, you’ll find a variety of things with reduced prices. You’ll get special deals on all kinds of clothes, accessories, beauty, and other products. 

As such, you must make a list of the products you are eager to get. By creating a list of things you need, you can avoid wasting time when you go shopping. You would not forget to buy the things on your list.

Take Advantage of Vouchers

The voucher codes are necessary for online buying. Besides the 11.11 sales, you will get promotional voucher codes. Check out discount codes for your favorite stores. If you want to use promo codes, save them to your phone. A few examples of such promotional codes are Lazada’s 11.11 sale promotions where shoppers can save money on purchases made from the online store.

Compare Prices

You may be able to find the same goods at several different internet retailers. In conjunction with the Shopee 11.11 sale 2020 deals, several online retailers provide a variety of discounts. Comparing the prices of similar products across multiple ecommerce stores will assist you in locating the best deal available.

Enjoy the Discounts

The majority of internet retailers provide generous referral bonuses or discounts. Through the use of recommendations, you can earn virtual coins. You can utilize the virtual currency to get additional savings when you check out from your shopping basket at the end of the transaction. In order to earn virtual coins before the 11.11 sales begin, you should recommend the online store application or website to your friends and family members.

Shop to the Fullest

Don’t stall and wait for the 12.12 sale, you will find incredible bargains on a variety of things during the 11.11 promotions. Because so many individuals opt to purchase things on this day, it is possible that some products will run out of supply. Consequently, you have a short period of time to make a purchasing decision. If you find a decent price on a product, you shouldn’t spend any time finalizing the purchase agreement.

Use Your E-Wallets

There are a variety of virtual wallets available. If you make your purchases using a virtual wallet, you may be able to receive additional discounts. As a result, before the 11.11 deals, make sure to check out the various virtual wallets.

Do Not Sleep on Big Deals

Discount hours may range from one ecommerce store to the next on different websites. The sale of electronic devices will take place at a predetermined time. Shopee Flash Deal and other platforms really drop prices! Grocery products will be sold at a different time than other merchandise. You must check the discount hours and make your purchases in accordance with those hours of availability.

Use Free Shipping

When it comes to 11.11 deals, you may find that several internet companies provide free shipping. This is an additional benefit that you may choose to take advantage of. When shopping during the 11.11 deals, you should look for stores that exclusively offer free delivery of the items you purchase.

Know the Return/Refund Policy

When purchasing a product, it is important to remember to check the return policy of the company. People do not read the return policy because they are so enthralled with the deal. When making an online purchase, the return policy is critical. The things that are returnable within 7 days after delivery are always the best choices to make.

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Try Out Games for Coins

A large number of online retailers host a variety of intriguing contests. Participating in such contests will allow you to gain a few vouchers, coupon codes, and other rewards. Using the Shopee or Lazada Voucher Code will allow you to save a significant amount of money.

Maximize Product Benefits

In the event that you purchase gadgets or appliances, you will require demonstration and installation services. You may be eligible for a free demo and installation with 11.11 purchases. You must locate an internet retailer that provides free installation and demonstration of the home appliances or furniture you wish to purchase.

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