Popular Followed is a report from the Trending Store that Ginee summarizes from the Marketplace and is currently only available for the Shopee Marketplace and also this report menu can only be seen by Ginee users who have subscribed, Currently the menu is further divided into 3, namely:

1. Top Selling Store

On this menu you can follow the best-selling shops through Ginee so you can find out information about the stores you follow such as, number of products, product prices, likes, and the start of the store.

* You need to know that if you follow a Trending Store through Ginee, you can only see the updated information from the store through Ginee.

* For updates from the best-selling Data Stores, updates are carried out every day with a maximum of updated data, namely 1 day before.


2. Bestsellers Products

On the bestselling sales menu, you can see the order of the store based on product sales, here you can also follow the store through Ginee so you can find out updates from the store based on product prices, number of products, likes and also the beginning of the store.

3. Following

In the Following you can see details of the Stores and products that you have previously Followed through Ginee such as an Overview Graph for the sale of the Store or product.

Overview of the Stores to follow.

Overview of the products to be followed:

on the Overview menu, you can view detailed information about the store / product, such as Daily Sales Value, Daily Sales, Monthly Sales Value, Monthly Sales (Qty), Ratings, Cumulative Comments, Accumulated Likes.

* Currently, Ginee has the following restrictions:

1. Maximum stores that can be followed: 5

2. Maximum products that can be followed: 20