Accurate Online System Authorization Process

Accurate authorization can be done in 3 steps below:
1. Click the [Add Integration] menu, after entering the authorization page, and select [Accurate Online]
  2. Learn the authorization guidance process, and use the Accurate account/password to log in to Accurate
  3. Select the database that requires authorization. You can select multiple databases at once, and click Authorize now to complete authorization.
  4. You can see information on the accounting system that has been officially linked on the In the Accounting Configuration list [Integration – Store List]

Accurate Configuration Settings

  1. Once the authorization is complete, be sure to complete the basic settings in [Configuration Management] to ensure that Accurate services can be used normally
  Configuration Menu
  There are two ways to enter the configuration menu:
  A. Go to the [Settings] menu and click [Accounting Configuration] to go to the [Configuration Management] page
  B. Go to [Integration] menu – [Store List], see [Accounting Configuration] and click [Configuration Management]

  Operation Description

  A. Unbound Warehouse
  For unbound Accurate warehouses, you cannot perform any operations. Be sure to bind the warehouse first
 Warehouse Binding: Once bound, it support for synchronization of existing Master Product in Ginee warehouse to Accurate warehouse, and push outbound order list as well as stock synchronization.
  PS: Only supports bound warehouses and the binding between Ginee & Accurate warehouses is one-on-one binding.
  B. Bound Warehouse
  Support for performing operations “Unbind,” “Product Synchronization” and “Pull Stock”
  • Unbind: Once the warehouse bond relationship is removed, the Product Master / outbound list / stock in Ginee’s warehouse will not be connected to Accurate, and for the information that has been sent to Accurate will not be deleted.
  • Product Synchronization: Supports to push Master Products in Ginee warehouse to Accurate warehouse. Dipush products do not support for repeated push. This information can be found in the menu [Warehouse – Accurate Warehouse – Product Information]
  • Pull Stock: Pull Accurate warehouse stock to Ginee, and directly update Ginee stock, please operate carefully

  Accurate Product Synchronization (Ginee → Accurate)

  1. Click “Product Sync” in “Configuration Management”
  2. Master Product made in Ginee and sent to Accurate’s warehouse. If there is a binding relationship between the Ginee warehouse and the Accurate warehouse, then the corresponding Master Product will be pushed to Accurate
  Master Product Data Mapping Relationships
  Take a Note!
  1. Ginee only distributes products that are not in Accurate
  2. Accurate products only support one variant, if you have multiple variants, make sure to manage them in Ginee
  3. Accurate API has many limitations and does not support product images
Master Products in Ginee
Accurate Product
Product Name
Item Name
Master SKU
Item Code
Product Image
Available Stock
Qty On Hand
Default price
Default Sales Price

  Push Stock Record

 Go to the [Warehouse – Warehouse Accurate – Push Stock Record] menu to view all Master Product records sent to the warehouse, and support “re-push” operations for failed products dipush.

Accurate Order Synchronization (Ginee → Accurate)

Ginee Order
Accurate Order
Waiting Payment
Create Sales Order, lock stock + 1
Create Sales Order, lock stock + 1
Ready To Ship
Create Sales Order, lock stock + 1
Create Sales Order, lock stock + 1
Create Sales Invoice, lock stock -1, warehouse stock -1
Sales Order Closed
Channel does not support processing of returned products
If you have an order returned, please set it up directly in Accurate system
– (no info)

Push Order Record

Accurate Sync Synchronization (Accurate → Ginee)

Support to withdraw Accurate warehouse stock to Ginee