Before shipping, Lazada helps to split or divide your products based on weight. This feature is called the Order Package Split in Lazada Philippines. This allows sellers to not organize and manage the orders well. It also helps delivery services to sort their deliveries better.

This feature comes with many benefits for both the sellers and the buyers. If you’re wondering about how to sell products in Lazada when the orders come in big bulks or huge quantities, then Lazaa has got you covered with the Order Package Split feature. 

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What is the Order Package Split in Lazada?​​

Orders placed after May 20, 2021 will be automatically split or divided into smaller parcels depending on Weight of the Item by the system (if more than 20kg). Now you can bundle your orders without manually splitting them if they don’t all fit into one parcel.

This will help all Lazada sellers to organize their orders or parcels out for shipping better. This also contributes to helping sorting centers and couriers to better fix the quantity or volume that they will send out for delivery in the day. 

Benefits of Using Order Package Split in Lazada

There are 4 main benefits of the Order Package Split feature in Lazada Philippines. 

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Reduce Number of Bulky Parcels

By reducing the number of bulky parcels, our fast freight shipping partners can deliver more goods more quickly, resulting in a better customer experience.

Reduce Shipping Fee Discrepancy

The order is divided systematically in accordance with the automatic package split logic, and the buyer is required to pay the correct shipping fee for the number of parcels that were generated.

Enhance Traceability of Parcels 

Each parcel of an order will be shipped with its own air waybill, which will allow you to trace the parcel during its route.

Promote Wholesaling

As a result of the package split function, an increase in the number of goods sold per category will be possible, hence enabling wholesale.

How are the Orders Split by Lazada?

What are the divisions? A buyer who purchases many things from a single vendor will have his or her order divided into multiple parcels whenever the total combined weight of the items reaches 20kg, as determined by the system. Listed below are a few scenarios. You will also notice a difference in the delivery charge after the split has been completed. 

How to Process Split Orders?

Print the order’s documentation, including the air waybill. Once the document has been printed, you will be able to see the multiple pages.Distinct tracking numbers and AWBs were assigned to different packages. Please keep in mind that the package split will only be visible after the packing list and air waybill have been produced. It will continue in its current form.

Select the To Ship option from the drop-down menu. Pack and organize the consignment in accordance with the tracking numbers provided. Once the packages are ready to be handed over, you will need to update the status of each one. Please keep in mind that there may be occasions where the packages are delivered by different couriers.

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Prepare your orders in accordance with the guidelines. Make sure to not pack all of the orders into a single tracking number and to only ship packages with one tracking number per shipment to the associated air waybill number. Stay away from providing erroneous order progress updates, which often results in cancellations.

Always check the product’s weight to be sure it’s accurate. Please do not place multiple air waybills on a single box to avoid rejection from the airline if the package size on your product page represents the right package size. partners in transportation and logistics

FAQs About the Order Split 

  • If the order was split, will the parcels arrive at the same time?
    • It is possible that parcels may arrive at different times, but you and your buyer will be able to track these parcels independently using the logistic status available on Seller Center and buyer app. Also, details of the air waybill should be correct to ensure that the parcels get delivered to the buyer.
  • For cash-on-delivery transactions, will the buyer need to pay for the entire order even if only one of the parcels arrived?
    • Payment will only be required for each parcel received.
  • Can I choose the logistics partner for each of the packages?
    • It is the system that automatically selects the courier assigned for the handover or delivery of each package.
  • Will shipping fees be cheaper because of the package split feature?
    • The shipping fee is based on the weight of each parcel created. Hence, the sum of the shipping fees of the split parcels may be lower or higher than the total shipping fee before the actual split (see scenarios above). Nonetheless, the package split feature ensures that accurate shipping fee is paid.
  • Will the buyer be informed that the order has been split?
    • Upon checkout, the buyer will see the total shipping fee for all of the parcels. Once the order is fulfilled by the seller and ready for handover to courier, the buyer will be able to see that there are several parcels created and he/she can track each parcel independently.

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