What is Carousell? Carousell is a C2C marketplace that enables people to either purchase or sell goods and services via its website and app.

Carousell makes money from advertising on its platform as well as listing fees. The company operates on a marketplace business model.

Carousell founder? Founded in 2012, Carousell has grown to become the leading classifieds platform in Southeast Asia. It is currently being valued at $1.1 billion.

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What is Carousell Philippines?

What is a Carousell app? Carousell is an online marketplace that allows users to both buy and sell a variety of different items. Customers can choose from multiple categories, such as:

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Cars and Property
  • Home and Living
  • Hobbies and Games
  • Jobs and Services

Using Carousell is as simple as it gets. First, users either visit the Carousell Philippines website or download any of its mobile apps (available on Android and iOS devices). Afterwards, you register on the platform by connecting your Facebook account or entering the necessary personal details (including name, phone number, email and password).

What is Carousell Philippines? Users can then list the articles they intend to sell by uploading a photo, description as well as adding a category and their desired price. Customers who are interested in purchasing the product or service can then make an offer directly on the platform. Items can, furthermore, be put on a wish list.

Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, then a purchase can either be conducted within the platform or outside (example in cash when meeting up in person).

In some cases, Carousell culture even offers buyer protection to secure customers and their money. Additionally, the platform also provides customers with the ability to review sellers, which further increases trust.

Carousell is available in a variety of countries, including Malaysia, Carousell Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and even Canada.

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How Do You Use Carousell?

Carousell features makes money from brands and sellers advertising on its platform as well as listing fees.

Carousell careers operates on a marketplace business model in which it connects sellers with buyers. As the intermediary, it then takes care of the product recommendation as well as payment facilitation.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those revenue streams in the section below.

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How to Buy From Carousell?

To buy an item, simply select the listing you’re interested in, followed by the “Chat” button.

In your chat conversation with a Carouseller, you can now start asking the seller more questions about the item, request for more photos and more details of how the deal will proceed.

As Carousell is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect, users are free to decide on the kind of arrangements that they prefer or suits them best. Here are a few suggestions on how to carry out deals:

  • Meet-up and cash on delivery
  • Bank transfer and mailing

Once details of the deal have been confirmed and agreed upon by both users, proceed to make an offer for the item.

To make an offer, simply perform the steps outlined below:

  • In the chat with the seller, select “Make Offer”
  • Then, select the price and enter the price agreed upon (if it’s not the stated price)
  • Select “Make Offer”
  • Select “Submit Offer” to confirm and you’re done.

How to Make Payment and Arrange a Delivery on Carousell

Carousell is primarily a platform to allow buyers and sellers to connect through buying and selling that provide the opportunity for both our buyers and sellers to come to an agreement as to which payment method would be most suitable for both parties.

As such, the payment method will be decided by buyers and sellers themselves. The following are suggested methods to make payment:

  • Cash on delivery or Meet-up
  • Bank transfer

How to Leave Feedback for Another User on Carousell

Leaving reviews for one another is one of the best ways that can help each other. Praise a fellow Carouseller for an exceptional experience or let them know if there are ways to improve. Help our community by sharing your experience with others.

Here are the steps to leaving a review:

  • If you’re a Buyer, select ‘Make Offer’
  • If you’re a Seller, select ‘Accept Offer’ 
  • Thereafter, you should see a ‘Leave Review’ button

Both buyers and sellers have 14 days to leave a review. After 14 days, you will no longer be able to leave a review for that transaction.

You may edit your review before it’s published. Your review will not be published until the other party leaves theirs or until 14 days have passed. Once published, reviews cannot be edited or deleted. 

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Helpful Tips for Managing Chats and Feedback on Carousell

When you’ve completed your Carousell deal, don’t forget to exchange feedback.

Accumulating feedback isn’t just important for sellers. It’s crucial for buyers too. Having more positive feedback shows that you are a sincere and trustworthy buyer.

For Carousellers, the number of positive feedback directly influences their decision to sell to a user. Carousellers love to deal with buyers with a good track record. They will also be more agreeable to terms of transaction proposed by these buyers.

So remember to exchange feedback. This is the best way to build up your reputation within the Carousell community.

  • To leave feedback, first return to your chat with the seller.
  • Tap on ‘Leave feedback for ….” button below the name of the item you bought.
  • You can rate your experience with the seller by selecting ‘Positive’, ‘Neutral’ or ‘Negative’. Leave some comments as well to elaborate on your feedback.

Tips to Sell Online on Carousell

You can have the most beautiful product photo, a compelling product description or the best price in the second hand market, but you might fail to sell your item if you don’t make any effort to promote them.

Carousell app allows you to share and promote your listings quickly and straightforwardly. Here are 4 of the suggestions:

  • Leverage on Social Media and Social Messaging
  • Cross-post to Facebook groups and online forums
  • Share to relevant groups on Carousell
  • Boost your listing to the top with a Bump

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People are naturally friends with others that share common interests, hobbies and even tastes. With that said, don’t you think your friends will be the best promoter of the secondhand things you’re selling?

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