Shopee is one of the leading ecommerce platforms where you can sell many things there. Can we sell the top 10 best-selling products in the Philippines 2019 again in 2021? The answer is no, you need to find the best product to sell online in the Philippines so that your sales will increase. Are you curious about the top 10 products to sell online in the Philippines? Let’s check these out!

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Why You Need Top Product Trends To Sell Online In Shopee?

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Shopee is one of the popular leading ecommerce platforms in SouthEast Asia  that connects buyers with sellers. Shopee’s popularity means a higher opportunity for sellers to make money. Even the small seller will get notice while selling their products in Shopee.

Shopee provides an exciting opportunity for sellers to make money from their large user base of buyers. And the Shopee platform also comes with a large number of features that help sellers sell more and more products. That’s why there are many seller in Shopee and why should they start a business in Shopee open platform.

Since there are so many sellers in Shopee, that’s why you need to find a unique and best product to sell online in the Philippines. By selling top selling products online, it can help you to attract customer and boost up your sales. 

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How To Find Top Products In The Philippines?

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You might confused what to sell online Philippines 2021. Actually you can sell many things in Shopee but you need to find the best items to sell online Philippines. Try to find and create the most profitable products to sell online. 

Don’t sell top-selling products in Philippines 2020 again in 2021 because it is already out of date. That’s why you need to see the condition and find what is the hype or booming in your country right now and you can sell the merchandise.

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What Products Are In Demand Right Now In The Philippines That You Can Sell In Shopee?

Finding the best product to sell in the Philippines is not easy. The best selling products in the Philippines 2019 might not work if you sell them in 2021. That’s why you need to create products that can increase your sales. what are the top 10 products in the Philippines? Here are the demand Products In The Philippines


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In this pandemic, many people stay at home and do some workouts to keep them healthy. So that dumbbells and other work out appliances are on trend right now. You can try to sell dumbbells and other work out appliances since there’s high levels of buyer intent in those searching for dumbbells in the Philippines.


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Appliances are a high-ticket item in the Philippines. If you choose to sell the appliances, don’t forget to make a campaign and get testimonials which can help prospects overcome the initial trust barrier.


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Skincare is a must for women. Filipino consumers are expected to spend over $2 billion on skincare products by 2027. You can try to sell skincare since it is a high demand product throughout the year.


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Many entrepreneurs are starting a new brand in shoes or the footwear category nowadays. If you choose to manufacture shoes, you need to make your target market whether you manufacture shoes for millennial athletes, comfortable footwear for seniors or others.

Video Games

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Many people buy video games nowadays for home entertainment due to this pandemic situation. You can try to sell the PS5, the new Xbox, as well as accessories, games, and app store cards. 

Kids Toys

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As kids spend more time at home due to school closures, parents must think of creative ways to keep them engaged and be able to concentrate on their own work, too. Often this involves purchasing more toys and games to distract children and spark their creative spirit.

Home Improvement

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If you choose to hold a home improvement store, you can sell many things such as gardening, kitchen, and amateur carpentry tools. Interest for tools among Filipinos is very high throughout the year, as evidenced by Google Trends.

Home Office

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Due to pandemic-forced lockdowns, many people asked to work from home which means they need to set their own office at home. That’s why selling a home office is perfect nowadays. You can sell things like desks, chairs, monitors, and other peripherals.


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Many Filipinos are coffee addicted and they have many active interests in the drink all year round. You can sell different types of coffee so that the consumer can choose the variant you offer.


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Jewelry has approximately 15,000 monthly searches in the Philippines. While all these searches may not be driven by higher buyer intent, there’s definitely an opportunity to capture some of this traffic and drive awareness of your store.

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Tips Selling On Shopee And Become Successful

Here are the tips for becoming successful Shopee seller

Choose Your Shopee Username

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You have to choose your shop’s username. Create a name that will describe your business products so that the buyer will remember your shop name easily. For your information, you only can make your username once and are not allowed to change it later. So, find the right username for your business account.

Pay Attention To Your Shop Appearance 

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Shop appearance is also important to attract the buyers. Most buyers often judge ecommerce shops on how their online stores look. The things that you need to do to make your shop’s look great and attractive is to post an attractive and high quality of your products’ photos or videos to create an attractive appearance. Give what the buyers are looking at.

Knows Your Shopee Badge

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Your Shopee badge can help you to boost up your sales because buyers usually will compare the products and buy from the shop with a good Shopee badge. They will feel safer when buying a product from a well – known shop. The consumer also looks at the shop’s appearance before deciding to buy a product.

Create The Items To Sell Online Philippines

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To be a successful Shopee seller, it’s not only about your Shopee account. The most important thing is your products. You have to find and create the best products to be sold in your shop. Try to sell unique products which can make you different from other shops. You can try to find the top selling products in Philippines 2021 for your reference.


Since there are so many sellers in Shopee, you have to find and create products which are different from others. Try to follow the trend to create new hype products.

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