Are you intending to set up a street food business? You go to the right sites. Let’s read this article to get the tips for it!

What Is Street Food Business?

Street food business Philippines is one of the most famous businesses in the Philippines. Street food business is a business that sells food by using stalls. Many people love to go to street food because it is cheap, delicious and also served quickly.

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Based on the business owner’s perspective, street food business ideas are really a good option for those who have never run a business before because it can be set up with low cost. Beside that, the street food is cost-friendly for customers.

Benefits of Street Food Business

If you intend to set up a small street food business Philippines, you need to find out what business ideas you want to make. You can choose whether you want to use a street food stall or a food truck. But are you curious what benefits you will get? Here are the benefits for you.

  • Need low street food business capital.
  • Low risk.
  • Popular business.
  • Easy to set up and control.
  • Flexibility to work.

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How to Do a Street Food Business in the Philippines

Once you have found out the street food business ideas Philippines, you might be curious on how to start a street food business. Here are the steps you need to take to set up a street food business.

Decide Whether You Want to Franchise or Set Your Own Brand

The first thing you need to do when you want to set up a business is deciding whether you want to franchise or set your own brand. If you choose to franchise, you don’t need to confuse and think about the street food business names. You will also get the same menu and materials. You will be taught on how to create the franchise menu.

If you choose to set your own brand, you need to think about the brand name, products you want to offer and also the marketing strategies. You can choose whether you want to sell Pinoy street food or Korean street food. You need to make a Korean street food business plan if you choose to sell korean food.

Pick a Strategic Location

Another thing you need to consider is to pick a strategic location for your Pinoy street food business. You can choose the location where many people or your target market passed by. Your business might not run well when your business location is too far no matter how tasty the food you sell.

That’s why you need to find a strategic location. Strategic location means the place that many people pass by like schools, college, busy roads, offices and many more. Make sure you set your business location where many of your target market passed by.

Choose the Type of Street Foods You’re Going to Sell

After you find out your business location, you also need to decide what type of street food you want to sell in your business. You can choose whether you want to sell pinoy street food, korean food or western food. Make sure you sell a tasty one with the original recipe. You will need to prepare the food in the plastic cups, bowl and bags.

Find a Reliable Supplier

The important thing you need to search is suppliers. When you sell food, it means you need fresh ingredients for your business food everyday. That’s why finding a reliable and trusted supplier is a must. By finding a trusted supplier, you will get a guarantee that you will get fresh ingredients.

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Invest in the Right Equipment Any People

When you start a street food business, it doesn’t mean you only focus on the food and its recipe. There are several pieces of equipment you need to have and prepare like a stove, bowl, cup, grilling and many more. 

Remember don’t look at the cheap product only but you need to look at the product’s quality because when you choose the cheap products, it might not last long. So it is better to buy a good quality product even if it is a bit pricey.

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Make a Delicious Sauce

When you choose to sell street food, you need to create tasty food as well as its sauce. In the Philippines, sauce is an important thing that you may not miss out on. You can also create a new variation of sauces that is different from others.

Recommended Street Food Business You Can Try

Street food business profit is quite high but it depends on the food you sell. Here are the recommended street food business menus you can try. 


Isaw is one of the famous foods in the Philippines that consists of chicken or pork which is grilled using charcoal. The isaw taste is smoky and sweet with vinegar sauce which is perfect for an afternoon snack.


Ukoy is a classic food in the Philippines that is made from bean sprouts, shrimp mixed with orange batter. This ukoy is really ideal with sweet vinegar sauce.

Kwek Kwek

One of the popular street foods is kwek kwek. Kwek kwek is a deep fried egg covered with orange batter. There are other variations of kwek kwek that are also known as Filipino corn dogs. You can eat this kwek kwek by dipping it in vinegar sauce with chopped garlic and chili.

Helmet, Adidas, And Betamax

Helmet, adidas and betamax is street food that is made from chicken feet, head and also coagulated with chicken blood. Many people love this food.


Another famous Philippines street food is mango on stick. Usually the seller uses fresh Indian mangoes with the seeds removed. After that, the mango will be served with a salty sweet shrimp paste or known as bagoong in the philippines. This food is really suitable for a summer snack.

Chicken Balls, Fish Balls and Squid Balls 

No one can refuse chicken balls, fish balls and squid balls. They are the all time favorite street food Philippines. There are two ways to serve it. You can choose to boil it or fry it. You can combine it by using Manong’s sauce.


Street food business ideas are really a good option for those who have never run a business before because it can be set up with low cost. Beside that, the street food is cost-friendly for customers. Don’t forget to use the marketing strategies so that your sales will increase.

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