Are you looking at reselling business ideas? You go to the right place. In this article, we will discuss reseller business ideas. Check this out!

What is Reselling Business?

Do you want to have extra income but don’t have any idea on what things you should do for it? You can be a reseller but what is a reseller? So a reseller is the one that buys products from the manufacturers or any other retailers and they will sell the product to their own customer.

Being a reseller is a good decision too if you don’t want to be confused with manufacturing products which are very suitable for the beginner. For your information, there are two ways to be a reseller: by selling in your store or becoming an online reseller.

But what does online reseller meaning? Online reseller means the one who sells the products that they bought through an online website or marketplace like Lazada, Shopee and other marketplace. Reseller for online business is ideal for beginners because you can do business with low costs and risks and you also might get a higher profit margin.

Reselling business will give many benefits as well as profit to your business but this only happens when you become a reseller products online in a good niche or marketplace. Some people said reseller is one type of dropshipping. For a successful business, you need to do the marketing strategies and also promote your business.

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Why Should You Start Reselling Business Now?

Are there any companies looking for resellers? Some companies are also looking for resellers which use marketing strategies. Usually food and beverages reseller business companies that keep looking for their reseller to help promote their business widely. Before we talk more about how to do online reselling, you need to know what are the benefits of becoming reseller products online. Here are the benefits for you.

Only Requires Small or No Investment

Reseller business only required a small investment or no investment at all which is different from usual business where you need to manufacture and develop your own products and invest on the materials and equipment.

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Start Your Business Right Away

You can start your business right away. You can try to find a good niche or marketplace as a medium to sell the things online. Don’t forget to make a reseller business plan and promote your business to help increase your sales.

Sell Many Variety of Products

You can try to sell many kinds and varieties of products at your ship. It doesn’t matter whether the products are related to each other or not. As long as the product is in high demand, you can sell it in your shop.

You are the Boss

When you become a reseller, you will be the boss of your store. You can decide what products you want to sell and set the margins on your own.

Offers Incredible Flexibility

You can operate your business products at any time and anywhere. All you need is gadgets and good internet connection. This means you will keep getting money even during a holiday.

Requires Less Time than a Conventional Online Business

You will get more time to spend because you don’t need to produce and manufacture the product on your own. You will spend more of your time doing marketing and promotion.

After you know the benefits of being a reseller, now you might be curious on how to be a good reseller. A good reseller should have a business plan and the reseller permit. This permit is used as legal documents to inform your customer that you are selling an authentic one. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the reseller permit  such as:

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  • Register your business – You need to register your business and have the business license first as one of the requirements.
  • Research state laws and regulations – You have to do some research about the law and regulation applied in the country where you want to take the products to sell.
  • Prepare all the application data – After you have known the requirements, you need to prepare all the requirements documents.
  • Get the resale permit – After you have all the data needed, you have to submit the documents and get your resale permit and in some countries regulation, you might need to pay the tax and associated fees.

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Reselling Business Ideas

Are you looking for reselling business ideas philippines? Here are the reselling business ideas for you.


The first business idea you can try is clothing reseller business. As we know fashion keeps changing and the global fashion market is predicted to increase into $ 40 billion. That’s why reselling a fashion product is a good decision.

But when you choose to resell the clothing products, you need to be up to date with the fashion products. You can try to watch Korean dramas because many people will look at the celebrities’ fashion there.

Beauty and Makeup Essentials

Beauty and makeup products are one of the recommended things you can sell because this products are growing right now. Since the products will be applied to the customers’ skin, you need to make sure that the product you sell is authentic one. You can also collaborate with the beauty influencer to promote your business and increase your sales.

Automobile Accessories

Automobile accessories can also be the reseller business ideas. You can try to sell the vehicle accessories such as audio system, wheel alloys, storage bags, car cover and protectors, audio systems, gear covers and seat covers and many more. You can also try to find other high demand products.


Who doesn’t love jewelry? Everyone loves jewelry, especially women. The jewelry demand is kept high even in the pandemic situation. You can try to sell jewelry products from earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.


Reseller is the one that buys products from the manufacturers and will sell the product to their own customer. Online business reseller is ideal for beginners because you can do business with low costs and risks. Beside that, you also might get a higher profit margin.

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