SKU in Shopee is important. SKU stands for stock keeping unit which consist of unique alphanumeric, that provide information on the most important characteristics of a product such as price, color, style, brand, gender, type, and size. SKU is used to internally track your Shopee business’ inventory. Is there any SKU limit Shopee? Are you curious about SKU Shopee and how to get your SKU in Shopee? This article will help you to know more about it. Let’s check these out.

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What Does It Mean By SKU In Shopee?

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What is the parent SKU in Shopee? SKU stands for stock keeping unit. This parent SKU meaning is the code consisting of letters and numbers that identify characteristics about each product such as manufacturer, brand, style, color and size. 

Shopee issue their own SKU codes  for specific goods and services. You might also find there are two different SKUs, even two sellers selling the same item. This is one of the parent SKU example. You can use this SKU to identify and track your inventory or stock. By using this SKU, you can count your inventory quickly and more accurately.

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What Is Parent SKU In Shopee And The Difference Between Parent SKU And SKU?

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Have you ever seen SKU and parent SKU in Shopee? You might be confused about its difference. SKU Shopee is a unique identification code of each item that you have. It allows you to easily identify where your product is in your own warehouse. While parent SKU groups the same items of different size variations together. It usually follows the Seller SKU with the smallest size.

Seller SKU meaning is a scannable barcode, most often seen printed on product labels in a retail store. The label allows vendors to automatically track the movement of inventory.  However, Parent SKU is the identification code that you assign to a listing for your own reference to manage your shop.

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Why SKU Is Important In Shopee?

SKU numbers are important because they will help you and ensure your inventory is accurately tracked, and help you pinpoint when exactly to order new products so your merchandise never goes out of stock.

Here are the benefits of using SKU for your shop

Stock Replenishment

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As the SKU numbers signify the products that you have, the stock can be easily tracked during an inventory check. By using SKU, you would know which of your products need to be reordered again.

Increased Revenue

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SKU numbers allow you to recognize which products are being sold quickly. You can track your products by locating the stock that’s needed to be reordered and analyze which goods are popular and ones that stay in the shop for a long time.

Increased Gross Margins

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Ordering the correct stock is essential as you need to ensure your expenses are not higher than your profit. SKUs help you with this matter since you are keeping track of your products and you would know the items you currently have. Your gross margins will increase when you have a well managed inventory.

Increased Efficiency

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As you know, SKU helps you to keep track of your products and improve the way you organize your business.This makes your store run smoothly as everything has been categorized through the SKUs numbering system and the arrangement of products will be according to these numbers.

How Do I Get A SKU On Shopee?

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SKU is a stock keeping unit which is usually used in warehouses, retail stores, catalogs, retailers and product fulfilment centers which can help you to monitor your product’s stock. You can make your own SKU in Shopee by following these steps:

  • Go to seller center
  • Select my products 
  • Click edit on the specific product
  • Select others to fill in your product SKU. 
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How To Create SKU In Shopee?

The SKU is composed of an alphanumeric combination of eight to twelve characters. How is the SKU in the Shopee example? If you sell apple juice in medium size which is packed in an 89-ounce plastic bottle, you can create your SKU using something like this APP-JU-MED-89. There is no set way to create a SKU. You can create them as you want. Just make SKU that you understand because it will help your stocking.

Here are tips on how to use SKU in Shopee 

Start SKU Numbers With A Top Level Identifier

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You can start to create your SKU with a top level identifier which can make it easier to manage your stock. Just say you sell shoes with different colors and sizes and your shoes name is Belle. You can create your SKU like this 

  • Belle, color (black), size (6) = BE-BK-6
  • Belle, color (red), size (7) = BE-R-7

BE for the shoes name Belle, then followed by the color and the last is size. It is common that the first two or three digits or characters for any SKU number describe a top level identifier. If you sell in multiple stores, you can use include numbers for different locations. This makes it easier for you to distinguish each branch and the stock available.

Use The Middle Numbers To Assign Unique Identifiers

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You can assign the middle section of the numbers with specific features like the colour, size, item type and also subcategory which describe your products. These features will make sense during your inventory checks as everything is arranged accordingly.

Finish SKU with A Sequential Number

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The final step in creating SKU is to have a numbering system, like 001, 002, 003 or any number that represents the number of your products. You can insert these final steps by adding the supplier product number or any number that indicates your product’s differences. This SKU is to ease your staff to track or reorder for the coming month.


SKU stands for stock keeping unit which consists of alphanumerics that can help you to monitor and manage your Shopee product’s stock. There is no fixed way to create a SKU. You can create them as you want. If you want to find parent SKU Shopee example, you can find them on Google.

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