Shopee pre order shipping strives to make a secure environment where both sellers and buyers can harmoniously transact with one another. With that, Shopee has established a system which will prevent bones of contention within the future in terms of platform usage.

Shopee listing violations are categorised into three divisions namely prohibited listings, counterfeit and infringement, also as spam. Here there is a lot information about pre order policy and pre order meaning in selling Shopee.

How does Pre-Order Shopee Works?

Shopee defines pre-order listings as listings that take an extended time for order preparation where Days to pre order ships in 30 days Shopee.

Such items are typically customised items, items that need special handling, or items that are shipped from overseas. That expects sellers to take care of an occasional percentage (less than 20% of total active listings) of pre-order listings. Sellers who exceed this rate will face penalties.

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How Long Does Shopee Pre-Order Take?

For software and video games your pre order Shopee is going to be shipped as soon as it’s available for release. Using ground shipping, you must receive your software or computer game order within 3–5 business days of its release (in rare cases, it’s going to take up to 10 days).

Duplicated listings or spam consult with two or more separate product listings that have little to no differences between them. Shopee prohibits sellers from engaging in spam listings. this can be Shopee’s way of maintaining a positive experience for all buyers.

Shopee is ready to try to do so by ensuring that no single seller dominates the merchandise search results because of duplicate or spam listings. Sellers with spam listings will incur penalty points and can have their accounts potentially frozen or suspended.

What is a Pre-Order Listing?

Pre-order listings incorporate products that need longer Days to Ship, typically 7 days or more. These products are usually customised items or items that need special handling.

Pre order in Shopee means pre-order listings as listings that take an extended time for order preparation where Days to Ship is about 7 or more days. Such items are typically customised items or items that need special handling.

A pre order, or preorder, is the act of buying a product that has not yet been released or produced. Pre ordering could be a valuable sales tool that allows you to charge customers a deposit or full payment to order products.

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How do I Find my Pre-Order Listing on Shopee?

You can see your pre-order listing percentage on the Account Health page in Seller Centre, under the Listing Violations category. Alternatively, you’ll visit the My Products page in Seller Centre to determine the pre-order listing percentage that’s updated hourly.

This refers to a situation when a seller increases a product price before a promotion or discount as an endeavour to spice up sales without having to reduce the initial price of the merchandise.

Exaggerated discounts that don’t have any real value on the buyer’s end are considered to be price manipulation and thus don’t seem to be allowed in Shopee.

Misleading discounts makes buyers want sellers to practise dishonesty and deceit towards them. This creates an error for customers. This may end in fewer people eager to buy products on Shopee.

To discourage sellers from engaging in such behaviour, sellers will incur penalty points upon committing this offence.

The Shopee team creates an everyday schedule for monitoring all the products that sellers list on the platform. they’re able to track misleading discounts through the sellers’ promotional price and historical price log.

Shopee makes a promise to buyers that each one’s products on the platform are authentic. With that, the team prohibits sellers from selling counterfeit products in Shopee. The consequence of selling counterfeit items is product deletion.

How do I Calculate the Days to Ship?

For ready stock products, orders must be fulfilled within 2 days to fall within the DTS estimations. Products that are pre-ordered must be fulfilled within 7-30 days to fall within the DTS estimations.

Standard shipping time within the US generally takes anywhere between 3-5 business days, reckoning on where you’re sending to.

Delivery time may range from 4 to 18 calendar days, betting on the origin and placement of your order (local or overseas), the logistics partner, and when your order was picked up by them. This calculation excludes public holidays and therefore the logistics partner’s non-working days.

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What Products Are Prohibited In Shopee?

Shopee pre order violation encompasses a separate rule on prohibited and restricted products counting on which country you’re located in. It’s the duty of sellers to make sure that each one of the products listed in their online store fits the local law likewise because of the Shopee policy in one’s location.

Price spam is an offence that sits under spam listings. Some sellers purposely give items an especially low or high price. The aim is sometimes to extend views without the intention of really selling the merchandise for that price.

The system will ban or delete items with price spams. Sellers who engage in such an offence, on the opposite hand, will incur penalty points.

Price spam is an act of deceiving and misleading customers. This can be something that Shopee is strongly against.

Sellers can include add-ons for one listing within the kind of variations. In this sense, the value of the merchandise can change counting on which variations the buyers choose.

If a seller chooses to incorporate an add-on to the variations, the value of the variation should reflect the most product in addition because the add-on. Meanwhile, here is an across the board listing violation guide when it involves Shopee.

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Listing Advertisements

Shopee strongly prohibits listing advertisements. The sole products you’ll be able to list on Shopee are those that you simply will sell within the platform. Your product listings shouldn’t contain links to other websites and selling platforms. And you’ll avoid from Shopee pre order cancel.

Examples of Listings That Are Not Allowed On Shopee:

Sellers should only use the photos and outline of the listing to supply information about the merchandise. The listing mustn’t contain information on a way to contact them or any third-party for the acquisition of a product.

Switched Listings

A switched listing may be a variety of an existing product listing that has been edited to sell another product. Some sellers usually try this to keep up previous positive reviews for a replacement product that they require to sell.

How Does Shopee Identify Switched Listings?

These are some of the things the Shopee team looks into when looking for switched listings:

  • Product title.
  • Product images.
  • Price.
  • Product description.
  • Category.
  • Product attributes.

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