Shopee seller rules? Vendors should list their products on Shopee online so as to draw in the eye of the big number of holiday makers (21.26 million monthly) who come to the positioning, which ranks it first among e-commerce sites within the Philippines.

Aside from that, Shopee is the hottest marketplace in the geographic region and Taiwan. Having an intensive understanding of Shopee sales is yet one more compelling reason to try to to so.

As a byproduct, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are among the countries within which it functions as an outcome. except for that, it’s some similarities to the eBay business model, which allows market participants to contact and house each other directly.

Marketing on Shopee, beyond all else, unveils a brand new moment of your time for bridge vendors from China and urban centres to connect with customers in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

In addition to selling goods on its global market, Shopee derives money from fee income, service charges on its website, performance level, and fee-based payment systems. Investments like finance, delivery, and merchandise search are made possible through the implementation of essential interactions.

In this article you’ll get many information about Shopee seller training and Shopee pre order policy. So, you don’t need worry to start selling at Shopee Philippines.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling on Shopee

Shopee delivery rules? You want to create a friendly and positive community here at Shopee! Our Community Rules function a tenet for all buyers and sellers to preserve a secure environment for shopping and selling on-the-go. bear these do’s and don’ts when using our platform. By using Shopee, you conform to our Terms of Service found here.

The Do’s

Sell, Not Advertise

Shopee PH is intended as a venue to help transactions between buyers and sellers, and not a platform for advertisements. you must only list products that you just are assuming to sell on Shopee. Here are some samples of advertising:

  • Adding a link on your product page that ends up in a separate website.
  • Any text in your product description and/or photos informing buyers to succeed in you via other platforms like Whatsapp or Facebook. (We understand the requirement for buyers and sellers to speak with each other. The Chat Now function in Shopee provides a straightforward way for both parties to connect!)

Make your listing shine

No buyer is going to be curious about a list that has poor quality photos. Flaunt your photography skills and build some quality shots.

Aside from that, be honest! Give your product an accurate and detailed description. Nobody likes a nasty surprise when it involves making a buying deal. Being truthful will increase your chances of obtaining positive ratings and reviews from your buyers.

Be respectful

You want to foster a secure environment for people to enjoy mobile shopping. Keep your content clean and suitable for everybody. This implies no vulgar language, hate messages, or spam.

As a community in Shopee, we urge all users to treat one another with kindness and respect. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, follow the rules here to confirm smooth transactions for everyone!

The Don’ts

Posting services

Shopee does not allow users to list services on the platform.

Counterfeit & imitation products

Only genuine products may be listed on Shopee. Please bear in mind that counterfeit products are prohibited. Shopee reserves the correct to report and delete any listing of a counterfeit nature.

Transactions outside Shopee

Directing transactions outside Shopee or asking the customer to pay through means outside the Shopee platform is prohibited.

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What are the Requirements to be a Shopee seller?

The requirements for starting a web business on Shopee Philippines depends on the vendor type. If you wish to grasp the way to become a Shopee seller hub within the Philippines, you’ll first have to show proof that your business is registered with appropriate government agencies:

  • BIR Certificate of Registration (Form 2303).
  • Mayor’s permit.
  • DTI/SEC business registration certificate.
  • Registered official shop logo.
  • Collection receipt and invoice.
  • For brand owners: Trademark/IP certification.
  • For official distributors: Official distribution licence/ authorization from the particular brand.

Why is a Seller Banned in Shopee?

How to contact sellers on Shopee? Get acquainted with Shopee’s rules and regulations on listing products and fulfilling orders. Start with listing limits for brand spanking new sellers and pre-order listing guidelines.

Then, note of things to avoid within the lessons on listing violations, prohibited listings, counterfeit items, IP rights, and spam listings. Lastly, understanding our fulfilment policy will facilitate your ship your orders better.

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How to Make a Shopee Seller Account?

If you’re thinking about starting an online business, then you should know how to sell in Shopee if you want to reach more customers. We have laid out the steps below to guide you through the process. But, first you need to create Shopee seller account. 

Sign Up for a Shopee Account

Create a Shopee seller account? Download the Shopee mobile app on your phone via the App Store or Google Play Store. you’ll also sign on on

Complete your shop profile on the mobile app or log in to the Shopee Seller Centre at Click on “Shop Settings” and fill out the specified fields regarding your shop. Don’t forget to verify your mobile number. Without a verified mobile number, you won’t be able to get your products seen by potential customers.

Set Your Pickup Address 

In the “Me” tab, tap on “Account Settings” and so “My Addresses.” Supply the specified information and so toggle “Set As a Pickup Address.” Tap “Submit.”

Create Your Product Listing 

Now you’re able to add and upload your products to your shop. But before you are doing, confirm that your products don’t seem to be among Shopee’s prohibited items (e.g., medicines, stolen goods, used cosmetics, etc.).

To upload your products, click “My Shop” > “Add New Products.” Next, upload your product images. for each product listing, you’ll be able to upload a maximum of nine photos.

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Set Up Your Shipping Options 

If you’re a replacement Shopee seller, you wish to line up and enable your shipping options by selecting “My Shipping” under “My Shop”. Next, toggle on the available shipping options. Shipping options that you just don’t select are aloof from the list of shipping options in your shop. Click “Save.”

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