Every month, Shopee holds their most awaited sale, these are the famous 8.8 sale, 9.9 sale, 10.10 sale, and so on. The anticipation for these sales every month allows online shoppers to prepare a list of things that they intend to buy in order to take advantage of Shopee flash sale and Shopee flash deals. 

As an online store owner, now that you know about everyone preparing for their shopping sprees, what are you going to do? You should be prepared too. You should be strategic about managing your online business in order to make the most out of flash sales and be a store that customers always look forward to.

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What You Should Know About Shopee’s Mega Sales

Contrary to popular belief, Shopee’s monthly mega sales actually do not just last a day. For example, the Shopee 8.8 sale didn’t just happen on the day of 8.8, it lasted for about two weeks after 8.8. So by now you’re probably asking yourself “when is  shopee 9.9 sale then?”, don’t worry because Shopee sale schedule 2021 Philippines has got you covered. Shopee 9.9 twice sounds nice, but what more if we look at Shopee 9.9 every day. 

This year’s 9.9 mega sale began last August 19 and will end with a bang on September 9. On August 19 they offered free shipping with a minimum spending of ₱0, followed by sales on bags, sports wear, makeup, kids’ toys, shoes, home appliances, and more. On the big 9.9 day, they will offer ₱1 deals, free shipping, and 20% cashback for Shopee Pay users. Sounds like a lot of festivities for businessmen like you to take note of. 

5 Business Strategies You Need for Shopee’s 9.9 Sale

Being a smart online entrepreneur is better than simply being an entrepreneur. With these 6 Business Strategies, be better equipped to face the upcoming mega sale in the Philippines brought to us by shopee, and bring your online shop to the top of the ladder. 

Don’t Just Focus on Sales, Focus on Growth

Online merchants are always as eager as any Shopee shopaholic to stay informed about each Shopee sale schedule. This is because during these sitewide sales, their product sales can drastically increase. However, to make the most of these sales you shouldn’t just focus on making sure your products sell well and are profitable. With the right mindset, these mega sales can potentially lead to exponential growth for your online store on Shopee.

By going beyond the benefit of just generating more product sales, we can see that participating in these events can lead to better exposure for your store and engagement with potential customers who will have your store in mind even after the mega sale. By keeping this in mind, you can improve more than just your sales but also your store’s trajectory towards long-term growth.

Know Your Competition and Strive to Stand out

As the Shopee 9.9 gets closer and closer, almost every shopaholic’s shopee wallet is being topped-up, ready to be emptied the moment the sale finally arrives. With that though, your online store probably isn’t the only one getting ready to cater to the consumer’s needs and wants. That begs the question of what you can do to make your store outdo and outperform the competition and make the most of the unique mega shopping philippines event.

So to outdo your competition, you need to have a good understanding of your products and their place in the Shopee marketplace. You need to check if other stores are selling the same product or an alternative product and how your product would fare when compared to theirs. Put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer and ask yourself “What would make my products truly stand out.”

With these insights and perspectives in mind, set out to really make sure that your store really stands out. Whether it be through improving your prices, diversifying your products, or even improving your marketing, by making your store particularly unique you’ll always have an edge over your competitors.

Market, Market, Market

We mentioned earlier that one of the advantages in participating in these mega sales is that it provides great exposure for your products and your store, but then why stop there? If you’re already going to make your products temporarily more affordable then make sure as many people know about it as possible.

Utilize social media and even paid online advertisements in order to really spread the word of your promos. In that way, you really make the most of the sale by giving your store maximum exposure to draw in all those potential customers.

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Understand the Trends

Minutes before the 9.9 sale begins, countless consumers will have their screens ready on the Shopee login in order to buy to their heart’s content. To take advantage of all these shopaholics, you’ll need to do a bit more than just tweak your store on the Shopee seller center. You’ll want to try and introduce new products that you’re sure will catch the attention of all those potential customers. To do so, you simply need to understand the trends.

Before the sale, go on different online platforms and try to identify products that seem to be especially in demand. Once you identify these trending products, see how you can introduce them to the Shopee Marketplace in a way that really stands out. Once you’ve got that covered, there’ll be no doubt that you’ll be reeling in new customers to your store in no time.

Curate Customer Experience

As an online seller, you don’t just want to have one time sales. You’ll want to have a base of loyal customers who’ll provide your store with recurring revenue. So to keep your customers wanting to come back with new purchases, you’ll want to provide for them the best shopping experience possible on the platform.

By taking the extra step of curating your customers’ experience, not only will they leave your store with stellar reviews but they’ll want to consistently come back and purchase their orders from you. This particular improvement is something you can implement even before 9.9 happens. So don’t just wait for the Shopee next sale 2021, always try to treat your customers right.

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