Lazada is the Philippines’ leading online shopping platform and the third largest in Southeast Asia. With over 300 million Stock Keep Units (SKU) across all shopping categories, this platform serves as a one-stop shop for the majority of online shoppers’ needs. Before you start selling online, learn about the Lazada seller requirements you must meet and the terms you must agree to, in this article.

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Can Individual Sell on Lazada?

Individuals can sell on Lazada, but will require different Lazada seller requirements Philippines. Sellers must attach a valid government-issued photo ID, TIN, Driver’s License, SSS, and Passport are all acceptable forms of identification. Individuals who choose the other option are not wrong, but they may face payment issues.

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Individual Seller

If you are an individual seller Lazada, you must complete the following two (2) steps:

Verify or Upload in Your Seller Center Account

In your Lazada Seller Center Account, verify or upload the following:

  1. Confirm/update your company, warehouse, and return address. IMPORTANT: Keep your address up to date because it will be used by Lazada’s couriers for pick-ups and returns.
  2. Attach a valid government-issued photo ID. TIN, Driver’s License, SSS, and Passport are all acceptable forms of identification.
  1. Enter your bank information document Lazada Philippines. Check that your Lazada seller Account Name matches the name in the ID you uploaded. Noncompliance will result in a hold on the payout. Go to My Accounts > Profile > Bank Account to get started. How to find seller ID in Lazada also can be found in Seller Account.
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Comply with the Online Micro Sellers Marketing Cooperative’s Requirements

Comply with the Online Micro Sellers Marketing Cooperative’s requirements. Important: In order to continue selling on Lazada, all individual sellers must join the COOP and obey the COOP Lazada seller agreement:

  1. Finish the Pre-Membership Education (PMES) course.
    1. This must be completed within one (1) year of becoming a seller.
    2. Most online PMES are scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  2. Complete the Membership Form and upload the required documents. This should be completed within one month of becoming a seller. Your store will be deactivated if you do not comply. The following information will be required:
    1. Proof of Citizenship (valid ID with Philippine citizenship or any valid ID plus birth/baptismal/marital certificate). IMPORTANT: Only natural-born or naturalized Filipino citizens can join any Philippines cooperative.
    2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
    3. A personal photograph (ID-type).
  3. Pay the Membership Fee and the Required Minimum Capital Share.
    1. Payment is divided into two parts:
      1. Php 100.00 deducted automatically from the first payout.
      2. Upon validation of your submitted Membership Form, the initial capital share (Php 100) will be automatically deducted from your payout.
    2. This Share Capital represents the member’s ownership and capital contribution in the cooperative, and it is required in all coops. Actively increasing your Share Capital can assist the Cooperative in providing more dependable services and benefits.

Corporate Seller

If you are a Corporate Seller, please update or upload the following information in your Seller Center:

  1. Confirm/update your company, warehouse, and return address.

IMPORTANT: Always keep your address up to date, as Lazada’s couriers will use it for pick-ups and returns.

  1. Enter your Company Registration Number.
  2. Include a copy of your BIR Form 2303 in your upload (Certificate of Registration).
  3. Enter your banking information. Check that your Account Name corresponds to the name on the business forms. Noncompliance will result in a hold on the payout.

Go to My Accounts > Profile > Bank Account to get started.

LazMall Seller (Application)

Please follow the steps below if you want to become a LazMall Seller:

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Confirm/Update Your Company, Warehouse, and Return Address

Important: Always keep your address up to date, as Lazada’s couriers will use it for pick-ups and returns. To confirm or update address, go to My Accounts > Profile > General > Business Information > Address. To change Warehouse/Return Address, go to My Accounts > Profile > General > Warehouse/Return Address.

Complete The Four-Part Application Outlined

Complete the four-part application outlined such as, brand information, marketing materials, corporate information, and bank information. After doing Lazada seller login, navigate to My Accounts > My Profile > Brands.

Brand information is information on your relationship with the brand (whether owner or distributor). Some fields that you should fill in are brand name, profile link, main category, estimated number of products you will sell, relationship with the brand, and trademark certificate if owner of the brand or authorization letter if distributor.

Marketing materials are showcases of your marketing materials that will act like your storefront. There are 4 required materials, such as:

  1. Square logo with a solid color background, less than 75Kb, and 120x120px size (1:1)
  2. Long logo with white background, less than 75Kb, and 700x350px size (2:1)
  3. Square banner for background to the square logo, with graphic or lifestyle images only, less than 75Kb, and 600x600px size (1:1)
  4. Long search banner, can use brand’s most current key visuals, less than 500Kb, and 1360x480px size withvisible are 1188 x 300 px size.

Corporate information is information about your business registration. Some fields you should fill in such as trade name indicated in BIR 2303, TIN number of the registered business, name of whom the business is registered to, and upload the BIR 2303 of the registered business.

Bank information is bank details of the corporation and that Lazada will issue the payout to. You should fill in account name that matches trade name in BIR 2303, bank that hosts the account, international bank code, and any document provided by your bank that certifies that the account number registered is owned by the business i.e. Bank certificate, statement of account, passbook.


Online selling has never been easier for anyone looking to start a business. If you want to make money through online selling, becoming a seller on Lazada is the first and most important step. When combined with high-quality inventory and a customer-focused attitude, becoming a seller on Lazada can be a lucrative business.

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