The rapid development of information technology has brought new effects that have never been imagined before. E-commerce can be a golden area for some people who want to enter the world of online business.

Another great deal of help for the e-commerce site is providing easy payments. Some of them are Lazada loans from Lazada, and SPayLater from Shopee.So how do you determine which one of Lazada loans vs Shopee SPaylater is better for you? 

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What is Lazada ?

Lazada is an online shopping center that offers a wide range of products ranging from electronics, books, fashion, children’s toys, baby equipment, travel and sports equipment. Lazada was founded in 2012 and is one of the branches of the online retail network in Southeast Asia.

Lazada Philippines offers easy payment using Lazada loans. Lazada loans offer shoppers an alternative method of payment for their online purchases, be it for equipment or groceries. Lazada has partnered with accredited wireless service providers to enable this feature.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is an application that is engaged in buying and selling online and can be accessed easily by using a smartphone. Shopee comes in the form of an application that makes it easy for users to shop online without having to use a computer. But just using your smartphone, Shopee will offer a variety of fashion products to products for daily needs.

Shopee has spread to various countries in the Southeast Asia Region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Shopee Philippines provides easy payments for its users through the Shopee Paylater or SPayLater features. This feature is similar to a credit card, where users can shop without having to pay first. The payment will be totaled in the form of a bill for a month.

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Lazada Loans VS Shopee SPayLater

After knowing what Lazada vs Shopee is, let’s discuss the payment method provided by each of them. 

Lazada Loan allows buyers to buy now and pay later with simple fees minus credit card requirements. You can apply for a loan directly through the Lazada website or app and have your application approved the same day. Once approved, you can use the loan amount to purchase items from Lazada or pay your bills within the app.

Shopee Paylater is a payment method provided by Shopee in addition to bank transfers and ShopeePay. Users can also buy goods with just one click without having to bother paying first.

Users will be given a limit in a certain amount that can be used for shopping. The amount of the limit is in accordance with the user’s monthly salary information.

But which one is better between Lazada Loans and Shopee SPayLater? Below is a breakdown of online shopping credits for both platforms, from application process to loan payment, so you can assess which platform best suits your online shopping needs. Here is the SPayLater review and Lazada loan review.

How and Where to Use

Shopee’s SPayLater Philippines grants you credit credits for your purchases on Shopee with a payment period of up to 3 months. However, not all Shopee merchants accept SPayLater, so make sure the merchant you are purchasing from accepts SPayLater before picking up your items. 

Lazada’s loans, however, are not granted by Lazada itself. Instead, Lazada works with several financial technology (fintech) companies that provide loans to Lazada. Some of these loan partners make loans in the form of Lazada loans, while others allow you to pay back part of the total loan amount. You can use your credits to buy at any Lazada store.


Shopee works with merchants who would accept SPayLater as a form of payment, so Shopee partners only with certain merchants. Lazada loan partner does lazada have 7 partners. While Lazada has a total of 7 Lazada partners who offer online shopping credits.

Application Process

Shopee is more convenient because the loan is already integrated into the Shopee application. 

In order to use Shopee’s SPayLater, you must pre-qualify before applying. You can pre-qualify if your monthly Shopee purchase is more than 2,000 or if you have made between 10 and 25 full purchases in the last 6 months. 

Once you’ve qualified, you’ll need to activate SPayLater by submitting a photo of your government-issued ID, a selfie, and the application form. Your request will be reviewed within the next 24 hours. 

As soon as your SPayLater has been approved and activated, you will receive a notification that your SPayLater account has been activated and you have the right to borrow an amount of XX. 

Loans from Lazada will take longer as you will be redirected to the website or mobile app of the selected merchant. Anyone can apply for a Lazada loan from their accredited credit partners.

Requirements may vary from one Lazada loan partner to another, but the documents that are often required include valid identification and proof of invoice. Then submit the required documents and fill out the application form on the partner application portal or in the app. 

Since some of these member loans are in the form of Lazada credits, you should make sure you have an activated Lazada wallet.

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Interest Rate

Shopee SPayLater interest rate offers loans with an interest rate of 1-5% per transaction. While Lazada loan Interest rates usually start at 5% depending on the occasion. So be sure to check the interest rate before you apply.

Repayment Schemes

Loan providers ensure convenience in paying your loans by providing various payment options. 

Paying your Lazada loans can vary, depending on the loan provider. 

For Shopee’s SPayLater, you may pay your monthly dues through Shopeepay,, GCash, partner banks and other over-the-counter payments.

Late Payment Interest Late

Late payments always have penalties and fees. Therefore, it is imperative that you take note of the details you need for your payments. Some loan providers schedule payments in monthly installments, while others are set to bi-monthly payments (the monthly amount is divided into two payment dates). 

Late payments for Shopee SPayLater have a late payment interest of 2.5% to 5%; while default rates and lacing rates vary by loan provider. Some have a fixed amount, while others collect a percentage of your loan every day the payment is late. 

So, depending on your financial situation and online shopping habits, choose the loan provider that best meets your needs.


Lazada Loan Philippines are great if you are under 21 and want more flexibility in your credit loans. However, if you are more interested in interest rates and ease of use, choose Shopee. You just have to make sure you meet the purchase volume requirement in order to qualify.

Shopee works with merchants who would accept SPayLater as a form of payment. Lazada loan partner does lazada have 7 partners who offer online shopping credits. 

Each of them have disadvantages and advantages. From the comparison explained above, you can choose which one is more suitable for your needs.

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