Is it safe to use a credit card in Lazada? There are 3 payment methods in Lazada Philippines and one of them is using a Credit Card.

The Lazada Group is a Singapore-based multinational technology company built to mimic Amazon’s business model in Southeast Asia and capitalize on the retailer’s weak regional presence.

Lazada is one of many eCommerce giants that have been able to diversify its revenue streams.

The company earns money on the Lazada Marketplace by charging a 1 to 4% sales charge and offering groceries delivery subscriptions and other services.

Lazada entered the Southeast Asian market in 2012. The company wanted to present a Lazada business model similar to Amazon’s while capitalizing on the company’s limited presence in the region. They accomplished everything they set out to do after just six years and much more.

Payment Method in Lazada

The Lazada has managed to penetrate Southeast Asia’s promising eCommerce market and is the biggest marketplace. One of the reasons is the wide range of payment solutions offered.

Local and international sellers alike have no issues getting paid on the platform, no matter if you’re a local or cross-border seller.

Here are 3 payment methods that you can use in Lazada.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

The option for buyers to use cash on delivery has opened Southeast Asian eCommerce markets completely. Now, you have access to millions of new buyers that wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of Lazada’s services.

Not to forget, COD brings confidence in buyers as they don’t have to prepay for products where there might be unforeseen issues.

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Credit Card

Even if COD brings many benefits to buyers, pre-payment is still a preferred option and used by 45% of Lazada shoppers.

How to use credit card in lazada? Using a credit card or local ATM card is relieving as you won’t need to worry whether you have enough cash when your delivery arrives. It just feels good to know that the payment is already made.

Worth mentioning is that not all sellers offer COD as a payment option as well.

Lazada accepts all major credit cards supported by VISA and Mastercard. Your card information will be protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

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Lazada E-Wallet

So far, the E-Wallet is available in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The interface is very neat and allows shoppers to top up the wallet with an amount equal to around USD 1,000.

Here are the benefits of using Lazada E-Wallet :

  • It’s fast and convenient
  • It allows one-click payments
  • Instant cash back for returns (1-2 days)
  • No risk of missing out during flash sales
  • Get instant access to rebates
  • Protected payments with the wallet

Is It Safe to Use a Credit Card in Lazada?

Is lazada safe? Your security is important to Lazada and they take it very seriously. Every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. They do not retain your credit card information after your order is completed. It is submitted directly to Lazada banks/

How to add credit card in Lazada philippines? If you are using a Credit Card which is not under your name, please ensure that you get the consent of the Credit Card holder as Lazada validates these types of transactions by calling the primary Account Holder.

Several Ways to Secure Online Shopping With Credit Cards

Some people are afraid of using credit cards in Lazada and asking how to remove credit card from lazada. Actually it is safe to use a credit card in Lazada if you know how to secure it. Here are some tips on how you can secure online shopping identity when using your credit card for online shopping.

Purchased Only From Trusted Sites

Lazada, Shopee, OLX, Carousell, Zalora,,, MetroDeal, and other shopping websites all have their secured payment schemes. Trusted sites ensure that your credit card details are not compromised.

When visiting an e-commerce site, enter its URL in the address bar instead of clicking a link from your e-mail and hoping you’ll be redirected to the right location. Don’t key in your credit card details unless you’re sure that the site is secure. Its URL must start with “https://” rather than HTTP. 

This means that the site transfers data via a secure connection. It’s also wise to look for a lock icon in the address bar before the URL or at the bottom of the page and for the seal of approval of reliable online security firms like McAfee, TRUSTe, or VeriSign.

Do Not Save Your Credit Card Details

While the convenience of one-click checkout during online shopping seems tempting, allowing sites to save your credit card information in their database makes it more prone to getting stolen. 

If you can’t let go of such convenience, make sure to use a powerful password for the site you entrust your credit card details to. Also, when your computer asks if you want it to “remember” your site password, click “no”.

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Use Your Credit Card Company’s Protection Service

Most banks nowadays have credit card protection programs that provide their clients with a secure and safe online shopping experience. 

Some credit card companies offer an additional layer of protection by requiring you to enter a unique password or PIN (it will be issued to you by the credit card company) proving your identity before the transaction will be processed. 

There are also companies that allow you to make an online purchase using a temporary credit card number, so your real card number will never be revealed and put at risk.

Regularly Scrutinize Your Credit Card Statements

Most of the time, you’ll only find out that you’ve been a victim of identity theft if you notice an unfamiliar charge on your credit card statement. This is why it is necessary to check your credit card statement at least every week. 

If you discover any unusual cost in your account, contact your bank or card provider right away to thwart any activity made by the thief using your card. Most credit card companies give clients a period of 30 to 60 days to dispute a charge. They also have some kind of automatic protection, provided that the scam is reported quickly.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords should be changed regularly, but this doesn’t happen especially if you have a lot of online accounts to manage. If you think you are falling into a lazy trap of updates, make sure you have a very strong one, in the first place. Remember, an easy log on for you is also a convenient log on for hackers.

Strong passwords do not follow a pattern and should include characters, upper case, lower case, and information that should not be directly related to you like a surname, middle name, or birthdays.


How safe lazada is? Peace of mind can never be bought, so if you don’t want to have sleepless nights thinking about that significant amount charged on you due to credit card scams, take these precautions every time you’re doing some online shopping spree.

Lazada credit card payment review. It pays to go for credit card companies that offer excellent protection services not only for online shopping but also when you’re filing for a dispute.

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