How to use coins in Lazada? Before that you need to know what Lazada is. One of the challenges of being a Lazada seller is running out of the way to push and grow your business (due to the templated nature of marketplaces). While there’s no absolute resolution to the current issue, it helps to become constantly conscious of activities that Lazada hosts for sellers.

These events include rewards that may help boost your branding and product visibility. Because of the limited knowledge about these programs, engaging in these events gives you a position from the mass sellers once you acquire these rewards. Among these seller rewards programs is Lazada Seller Coins. Learn more about it as you read on.

Can I Use Lazada Coins to Purchase?

Lazada could be a leading eCommerce platform in geographical area, basically the Amazon of South-East Asia. This platform is hospitable to international sellers who want to tap into the markets of Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

You can find Lazada by buying each site, and customize your products, product descriptions, shipping times, and costs for patrons in each country.

You can start with selling on Lazada within the Philippines or Singapore, as an example, before you gain more experience and march on to open a Lazada store in Thailand or Vietnam.

Lazada is made to make it easy for eCommerce businesses in China, Hong Kong, the US, and Europe to begin selling in geographical areas. One of the foremost attractive features is the Lazada international fulfilment centre, located in Hong Kong.

You can send all of your products to the Lazada centre in an exceedingly bulk shipment, and so leave it to Lazada to handle all the logistics. No must accommodate shipping, returns, or lost items the Lazada centre manages it all for you!

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You can manage multiple Lazada stores in several countries from one account. All you wish to try and do is log in to the Lazada seller centre and choose which store to look at.

Currently, Lazada doesn’t charge sellers any monthly or fixed charges unlike Amazon does. meaning you’ll create and run a Lazada account and begin selling products with no setup fees or regular monthly charges.

You must pay a 2% payment fee, and a cross-border sales commission fee of between 1% and 4%, anytime you create a purchase. The rates do vary betting on whether you’re based inside or outside of geographical region.

One of Lazada’s outstanding features is the convenient payment methods: customers will pay not only by mastercard, but also by COD (cash on delivery), helloPay, BDO instalments and Lazada wallet which might even be topped up at 7-Eleven stores!

The thing is, online payments aren’t as common in geographic areas as within the West, so Lazada made a sensible move of offering the answer that worked for the local customers.

When it involves withdrawing money from the platform, Lazada makes it easy. They’ve partnered with Payoneer so you’ll be able to manage cross-border payments without a fuss and at an occasional cost. In fact, you’ve got to join up for a Payoneer card so as to use Lazada.

Can I use my Lazada coins to purchase them? If there’s a coin reward system for buyers, Lazada also has the identical reasonable reward system for sellers. But rather than exchanging the coins for Lazada products, sellers get to receive tools which will help them to further grow their business. As an example, if you receive enough seller coins, you’ll be able to redeem a brand new store template as an award.

They are great rewards that you just can redeem for prizes or discounts when purchasing. In addition, one Lazada coin is comparable to a P1 discounted price. The coins amounting to P1 are available from the Coins Tree Game and Mission Centre.

As you collect more coins, the higher the discounts you’ll be able to get. So if you have collected many coins, you will be able to purchase a Lazada item for free. Moreover, Lazada coins may be redeemed for other vouchers and freebies.

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How to Use Coins That You Have Collected?

If you’ve collected enough coins, you’ll redeem freebies and discount vouchers. Also, you’ll even pay with Lazada coins to wallet  to get items for free. So if you wish to assert your rewards, here are the steps on the way to use them.

  • Launch the Lazada app on your smartphone.
  • On the upper a part of the house screen, click “Coins” or swipe right.
  • Scroll down and appearance for the “Redeem Rewards” section.
  • Choose your preferred reward, or click “See All” for more options.
  • Once you choose a bequest, proceed to redeem your coins.
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Collected coins are often redeemed when testing. However, products with the coin option can only be discounted during checkouts. Furthermore, the coin option during checkouts might not be available if coins aren’t sufficient.

  • Go to the “Coin” page, and choose the item you favour to get.
  • Select the item with a coin value that matches together with your coin balance.
  • Once you’re on the merchandise page, click “Add to Cart”.
  • Then, your Lazada coin is deducted from the full amount.
  • Also, you’ll be able to choose to not use the Lazada coin by swiping left the redeem options.
  • Afterward, click “Place order” to redeem your Lazada coins.

How do I convert Lazada coins to cash? Here’s a few easy steps to use the coins: Step 1: Head over to the ‘Coins’ section on the main page of your Lazada app. You can also click on the “Coins & Rewards” icon on the homepage. Step 2: Scroll all the way down until you see ‘Redeem Rewards’ page to start browsing for rewards.

Click on “”Coins & Rewards””

How to check coins in Lazada? In beginner level challenges, you’ll get exclusive shop layout modules and access to your Lazada CEM feature. The rewards get even better as you progress towards advanced challenges.

After you’ve redeemed any of the given rewards, it’ll be saved on your My Rewards page just besides the My Coins tab.

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Redeem Rewards

How to earn coins in Lazada? The rewards centre is largely the page where you get to decide on the rewards that you just want to redeem. you’ll access this by clicking on the See All Redeemable Rewards link on your My Coins and Rewards dashboard.

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