An entirely new mobile global marketplace in the Philippines, where the budol for Filipinos is real because they can now find quick, convenient, and much more safe options for their shopping habits. Shopee, a free app that lets users buy and sell on their mobile devices. Online shopping Philippines was made easy with Shopee. 

When comparing Shopee to rivals like Lazada, one thing to remember is the Shopee Guarantee. It gives customers peace of mind when making online transactions by protecting them from shady vendors and fake or subpar goods.

Basically, Shopee Guarantee retains payment for sellers and only releases it after the buyer acknowledges that the order has arrived in excellent condition, as per the terms and conditions. The buyer has the option to request a refund through the Shopee app if the item is found to be defective. Shopee will extend the Shopee Guarantee period by three days if purchasers have not yet received their products. This extension is free of charge.

Shopee Guarantee not only safeguards clients from fraudulent transactions, but it also simplifies the process of buying and selling online. Until the Buyer certifies that the order has been successfully received, it protects users by delaying payment to Sellers. The payment will be sent to the Seller once the Buyer has approved the order.

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Is it Free to Extend Shopee Guarantee?

Yes, it is free to extend the Shopee guarantee. This is important because the Shopee guarantee is one of the very distinct and defining features of Shopee so expecting it to be free is important. However, you can only extend the Shopee guarantee once. So don’t forget to make the most of this feature to really up your shopping experience on the platform.

How Long Can I Extend Shopee Guarantee and What Happens When I Do?

Shopee allows you to extend your Shopee Guarantee period for an extra 3 days. When you extend the Shopee Guarantee the privileges and benefits of the Shopee Guarantee apply throughout the additional extended period of time. That period, however, cannot be extended any more or less than that three-day period. However should your case be particularly unique, you may contact Shopee customer service for further guidance.

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How can I extend the Shopee guarantee in the Philippines?

As mentioned earlier, the extension is a one-time feature that allows customers to extend the Shopee Guarantee by an additional 3 days for any item they place. Only one use of this feature is permitted per order. When an item is shipped to a buyer’s local address, but cannot be delivered during the Shopee Guarantee Period due to public holidays or weekends, this option may be used.

All funds will be kept from the seller until the matter is resolved and all funds have been delivered. If the buyer receives a damaged or incorrectly stated item, they are entitled to a refund.

It’s important to know that your purchase is covered by the Shopee Guarantee, and you can check this information on your Order Detail Page, as shown in the screenshot below. If you want to accept an order, pick “To Accept” from the drop-down menu next to “To Receive” in the “Me” menu.

You have the option of adding an extra three days to the Shopee Guarantee period. Shopee’s guarantee can be extended by visiting the following page for further information.

Step 1: From the “Me” drop-down option, select “To Receive.”

Step 2: From the “To Receive” menu on the left, select the order for which you want to extend your Shopee Guarantee.

On the Order Details page, click “Extend Shopee Guarantee” to complete Step 3.

After completing Step 4, a notice regarding your Shopee Guarantee will show in the Order Details page.

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Is the Shopee Guarantee Safe?

In order to keep online purchasing and selling secure and simple, Shopee Guarantee protects both customers and sellers from fraudulent transactions. Users are protected since the payment to Sellers is withheld until the Buyer confirms receipt. So since it is a feature endorsed and put in place exactly by Shopee themselves it is guaranteed to be safe and secure for you and all your shopping services on the platform. 

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